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Saturday, November 15, 2008

YG Family - We are YG Family

YG Family - Famillenium

YG Family is a Korean hip hop rap group consisting of all the members in the YG Entertainment label. The song, 우리는 YG Family (pronounced Oori Nun YG Family) , or in English "We are YG Family" is the first single off the Famillenium album released in 1999. This song features the rappers 1TYM, Jinusean, Perry, and Yang Goon, the founder of YG Entertainment.

I remember seeing this music video sometime back in the year 2000 and I thought, wow, this must be Asian gangsta rap that I'm seeing right now. Back in the year 2000, Asian rap and Asian hip hop was something new. In all honesty though, I thought this was the coolest music video ever. And today though, it still is, to some degree of course. I mean, how more gangsta can this music video get? There's plenty of guns, shooting and killing people and even a gun shootout with the police! Haha. And then add matrix-like special effects to the mix and you have a hit song. Usually the Korean media is extra conservative when it comes to displaying mature subject matter such as this. I am surprised that they allowed this music video to be shown and let this song to be on the music charts. Nevertheless, this is a classic Korean rap song.


Faceplant said...

YG Family are freakin brilliant! The video looks very expensive and I thought that Matrix style slow motion bit was really cool. The whole style was a bit Matrixesque but then again the Matrix style was all stolen from Ghost in the Shell so who knows.
The group themselves and the music made me think of the Wu-Tang Clan.