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Friday, July 31, 2009

Misnomer(s) performing Woohoo for Dollar Van Demos

The Misnomers(s), a hip hop duo comprised of two Korean sisters: Knewdles (Kickin' New Elevation When Daily Life Expects Sobs) the MC and SoS (Sister on Strings) the violinist. This is a video of the Misnomer(s) performing their song Woohoo for Dollar Van Demos. Dollar Van Demos showcases undiscovered performers inside a Brooklyn dollar van (share ride) with real passengers. The Misnomer(s) will be debuting a video soon called Bombshell.

If any of you guys want to perform for Dollar Van Demos, contact Joe at

Misnomer(s)' MySpace:
Dollar Van Demos' MySpace:

Pikaso - Goin Back to Cali

Pikaso - So Fresh

Goin Back to Cali is a track from Pikaso's upcoming album So Fresh. After moving to Manila, BAY AREA native, Pikaso went back home to touch base with family and friends while directing a few videos for BAY AREA artists. The song pretty much sums up the whole trip. Check out the clothing worn in the video, TURF. Designed and owned by Pikaso.

Koz - If I Could feat. Mateo

Koz - If I Could

Koz is a Filipino-American from Los Angeles, California. Here's a track from Koz called If I Could featuring Mateo. This track takes a look back and wonders what if you could change certain events in hip hop and change world tragedies. If I Could is from Koz's upcoming album An Offer You Can't Refuse.

Koz's latest released album The Remix is free for download in his MySpace page.

DOWNLOAD: Koz - If I Could

Koz's MySpace:

sci - week 52: the beginning


sci has finished his 52 week project with his grand finale called the beginning. Props to sci for completing his project!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Foul-Mouthed Chinese Uncle

This is a video of some Chinese uncle in Hong Kong running, jumping, pointing and cussing at someone on the Hong Kong tram. It looks like he was provoked by one of the tram passengers.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Drunken Tiger - Monster (Korean Version)

Drunken Tiger - Feel gHood Muzik

Tiger JK from Drunken Tiger has just debuted his music video for Monster (Korean Version). The music video looks epic!! Monster is from Drunken Tiger's latest album Feel gHook Muzik.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Drunken Tiger - 난 널 원해 (I Want You) Live performance @ SBS Radio

Here's a video clip of Drunken Tiger doing a live performance of 난 널 원해 (I Want You) for SBS Radio in Korea. This was when DJ Shine was still part of Drunken Tiger. Dayyyyyum.... DJ Shine and Tiger JK had really great chemistry together.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Jackie Chain - Alabama Dodgers

Jackie Chain

Jackie Chain has released another street single. This one is dedicated to all you hustlers out there hustlin' and dodgin' on the streets. This track is called Alabama Dodgers (hahaha get it?).

DOWNLOAD: Jackie Chain - Alabama Dodgers

Kato - T.I.M.E. Vol. 1 mixtape

Kato - T.I.M.E. Vol.1 front cover

Kato - T.I.M.E. Vol.1 back cover

Kato is a Korean-American hip hop producer and rapper that is originally from the suburbs of Virgina (not to be confused with the Chinese rapper Kato from Chicago, Illinois) and is now residing in Atlanta, Georgia.

Kato's latest mixtape is called T.I.M.E. Vol.1 (This is My Everything). The album features previously released, unreleased and remixes with features of Above Ave., Mike Petrone, Dumbfoundead, Lil' Scrappy, Mic Masters, Mojo Swagger. Kato produced all 19 tracks and only dropped a single verse throughout the whole mixtape.


01.) Intro (feat. Nima Haddadi)
02.) Mic Masters – Landslide (Produced by Kato)
03.) Grady – Everybody Hatin’ (Produced by Kato)
04.) Mike Petrone – Crank It (feat. Lil Scrappy & Iam) (Produced by Kato)
05.) Kanye West – Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Kato Remix)
06.) Above Ave. – Don’t Be Hard On Yourself (Produced by Kato)
07.) Adrift Da Belle – Real Song (Produced by Kato)
08.) Tommy Lee Soul – Go (feat. Kato) (Produced by Kato)
09.) Cheesecake Charger (feat. A’Leus) (Interlude)
10.) A’Leus – I Got (Produced by Kato)
11.) Dumbfoundead – Rapper-O’s (Produced by Kato)
12.) Adult Film Stars – The Joint (Produced by Kato)
13.) Mojo Swagger – Holla (Kato Remix)
14.) T.I.M.E. (Interlude)
15.) Mic Masters – Easy Come Easy Go (Produced by Kato)
16.) Mack Jones (Poe Mack & Case Jones) – Mack Jones Shit (Produced by Kato)
17.) Slick Audio – Action (Produced by Kato)
18.) Thirsty Fish – Party Snatchers (Produced by Kato)
19.) Mic Masters – Hot ‘N Cold (Kato Remix)

Download: Kato - T.I.M.E. Vol.1

Check out Kato's websites:

Supreme Team - Supermagic

Supreme Team - Supreme Team Guide to Excellent Adventure

Supreme Team is a Korean rap group consisting of Simon Domonic and E-Sens. They have just released their debut mini-album called Supreme Team Guide To Excellent Adventure. (Dude!) The album cover of Supreme Team Guide to Excellent Adventure looks strikingly similar to the movie poster for Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure with the pose and telephone booth and all. I loved that movie!!!!!!

The first single of Supreme Team Guide to Excellent Adventure is Supermagic, a dance/party-type song. The music video for this song is based on a house party setting. There's some interesting characters that were invited to the party such as a Michael Jackson (RIP) impersonator, Spongebob Squarepants, Toucan Sam, and an astronaut (wtf?). Dynamic Duo also made a cameo appearance.

Turbulence Productions - Beyond, Beyond

Beyond, Beyond promotional poster

Turbulence Productions from the Philippines have released a music video for an inspirational spoken word poem written and directed by Dominic Nuesa called Beyond, Beyond. The poem is in both English and Tagalog and it gives an introspective perspective on what human hands can do. Most importantly, the poem reminds us that human hands have the ability to reach "beyond" for a better tomorrow.

Beyond, Beyond
written by Dominic Nuesa for Turbulence Productions 2009

What these hands can do?

They write, they scratch, they push, they spray,
These hands, they grabbed the night and shook the day
We took the way that we considered sacred
With these hands we shared music, we used it to break bread

What these hands can do? We reach beyond, beyond, beyond

Nakadikit kami sa lupa, Subalit
Walang sing taas ng kamay na nagbabalak makamit ang langit

We reached for air, we clasp them in prayer,
We use it to point that there is life to be found there (you, you and you)
As soon as we drop them we pick up rhymes
And we pick up mics, and we pick up vinyl, we pick up people who've fallen downhill

What these hands can do?
umaangkas sa kasaysayan, kumukumpas ng walang humpay
Nagtatanim ng musika, namimitas ng tagumpay

A heart bursting handshake
Two palms under a pouring cascade
A palm covering what was once a blank face (No need to translate)
Erase the cosmetics, dip these hands in waters and finger paint across the face of deserts
The result is nothing less than epic (Itong lupang kay ganda!)
And these hinges in my fingers, connect like constellations
These struggles in my knuckles, wade through constant graces
And we embrace, every door that was opened for us
Every verse, every chorus, we embrace the smallest applauses
When behind it is a colossus of a heart, beating in the process
Such is our blessing, these hands can polish sawdust

What these hands can do? We reach beyond, beyond...

Kami'y naglalakbay gamit ang palad at kamay
sa dagat ng bawat pahina daliri ang tulay
umaangkas sa kasaysayan, kumukumpas ng walang humpay
Sumasakay sa panahon, sarili ang tulay

...beyond, beyond, beyond...

Kami'y naglalakbay gamit ang palad at kamay
sa dagat ng bawat pahina daliri ang tulay
umaangkas sa kasaysayan, kumukumpas ng walang humpay
Sumasakay sa panahon, sarili ang tulay


Beyond, Beyond is also available for MP3 download.

DOWNLOAD: Turbulence Productions - Beyond, Beyond

Sunday, July 26, 2009

sci - week 51: uninvited [produced by sci of Jersey Boys Music]

sci has released his 51st song of the year called uninvited. This track samples Alanis Morissette's Uninvited.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Sleepy - No No No

No No No is a rap song by Sleepy that's dedicated to his haters. The instrumental samples the classic reggae song You Don't Love Me (No, No, No) by Dawn Penn

Sleepy is a Khmer rapper that was born in Ohio and raised California and Philadelphia. He now resides in Philadelphia.

Sleepy's MySpace website:

Korean Politicians Fight in Parliament

All hell broke lose in South Korea's parliament on wednesday, July 22. They were fighting over media reform. LOL @ 1:43-1:56!!! Hahahaha!!

Lon presents... SPLAT! The Mixtape

At last, Brown Biscuit Music has released their mixtape. Lon, Konfuzed and the rest of Brown Biscuit family has been in the Philippine underground hiphop scene for quite some time now.

You must listen to the song “Makabago (Modern),” “Kami’y Nandito Na (We are already here)” and also one of my favorite songs is the “Kickpad.” This mixtape is worth to be collected and be shared with your friends. Free download of the album is available. Just listen and enjoy their music. It’s Brown Biscuit Music!

Track listing:
1. Kami'y nandito na- Konfuzed and Lon
2. Sand on my feet - Lon
3. Sa aking pagdating - Konfuzed
4. Mga higante - Drymouth and Lon
5. Sisikat din ang araw - Konfuzed
6. You can make it - Konfuzed, Lon and Valerie
7. Kickpad - Lon and Konfuzed (listen here)
8. Didn't want to - Lon
9. Makabago - Konfuzed and Lon (listen here)
10. Get it back - Drymouth and Lon
11. Killing me softly - Valerie and Lon
12. The bittermelon parody - Lon

For download, please visit:
For more info, please check:

For more on Brown Biscuit Music, please visit:
Brown Biscuit Music:

Posted by madshock (Founder/CEO, Blogger of Madshock is blogging from the Philippines. Props to Royal of Asian Rap Worldwide for giving me the opportunity to share what is happening in the Philippine Hiphop Scene. Thanks.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ndeesaster - I Got The Feeling


Ndeesaster is a rapper from Jakarta, Indonesia. She has been rapping for over 6 years in the Indonesian hip hop scene and has been performing in a lot of venues for many events. Ndeesaster has done several TV gigs as well. She collaborated with both artists from Indonesia as well as international artists. Ndeesaster has plans to release an album soon. Currently she has done two compilation albums and soon another one that will be out in late 2009 called Hiphop United with other Indonesian hip hop artists.

Here's a track from Ndeesaster called Got The Feeling that's available for download.

DOWNLOAD/LISTEN: Ndeesaster - Got The Feeling

Ndeesaster's ReverbNation music player:


Ndeesaster's websites:

Shin-B - Sampler Mix


Shin-B is a female rapper from Los Angeles, California. The name Shin-B means "mystery" in Korean. Shin-B has been performing all over the United States for the last 8 years. In 2006, she went to Korea and worked on music extensively for a year while on tour. She was also on MBC Music Camp Radio as a music guest. Shin-B has been featured on the Los Angeles Times for her rap music on a two-page interview color photo spread in the main section. Currently, Shin-B is working on her mixtape album with KRS-One's former DJ and Supernatural's current DJ, Silent John. It will also feature collaborations with Dumbfoundead and Lyricks. Shin-B also conducts hip hop workshops for UCLA, on the side. Just recently, she conducted one workshop that featured the famous actor, George Takei who is well-known for his role as "Hikaru Sulu" from Star Trek: The Original Series.

Here's a 6-minute sampler mix of a number of songs from Shin-B.

DOWNLOAD: Shin-B Sampler Mix

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

MC Hotdog - 我愛 Yes Girl (I Love Yes Girl) feat Ma Nian Xian

MC Hotdog - 我愛 Yes Girl

我愛 Yes Girl (I Love Yes Girl) is MC Hotdog's latest single featuring Ma Nian Xian from the indie rock band Sticky Rice. The song 我愛 Yes Girl is about Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), which is like PMS, only worse. PMDD is PMS symptoms multiplied by 100x.

I personally find this song is very, very strange. The girl in music video is really cute, but I wouldn't like to associate her with crazy hormonal mood swings (although Lord knows they are inevitable sometimes) accompanied by cramping between the legs. This song gets a big fat "WTF?!" from me.

Roscoe Umali at Latino 96.3 FM

Here is Roscoe UUUUUMali at Latino 96.3 FM chillin with Sandra and promoting his single Never Fallin'.

Vote For ND In The Lil Jon "I Do" Rap Contest


ND from San Francisco, California is participating in Lil John's I Do rap contest and he needs your votes. Here's an email that he sent me:

The contest is sponsored by Lil Jon and, and is a competition open to all rappers. The object is to rap over Lil Jon's newest song "I Do." The top 20 contestants (based on text votes) will go on to be personally judged by Lil Jon himself, from which a winner will receive exclusive promo from Lil Jon and other prizes.

My entry:

Official contest page:

How to vote:
Text "Loud 1512" to 41411. Voting is FREE, however, standard text messaging rates will apply.
Contest voting ends on July 31st. One vote per phone number. Oh yeah, I'm the only Asian in the contest. :D

So if you guys like ND's entry and want to support him, by all means, go ahead and VOTE!

SUNSET BLVD: TV Series with Lil Wayne, Pharrell & T-Pain

This is a new TV series called SUNSET BLVD, named after the famous street that stretches throughout Los Angeles county in California. SUNSET BLVD is a docu-drama that follows the life of Yonie, a Hollywood music video casting director that does the hiring of video vixens that you see shaking their booties in rap videos. SUNSET BLVD also features cameo appearances from Lil Wayne, Pharrell, T-Pain and other hip hop stars. If guys remember Karrine Steffans a.k.a. "Superhead" and her scandalous tell-all-book Confessions of a Video Vixen, SUNSET BLVD is following a similar route. Only this time, this an exposé of what the casting director of these video vixens has to go through. Ha ha!

Check out the SUNSET BLVD website at:

Video of the total solar eclipse of July 22, 2009

Just in case you guys missed it, this was the total solar eclipse that millions of people witnessed all across Asia on Wednesday morning. The solar eclipse lasted a total of 6 minutes and 39 seconds. This is the longest solar eclipse of the century.

Gloc-9 performs Upuan live for FMCC Souljahs' 1st Anniversary

This is a clip of Gloc-9 performing his single Upuan for the FMCC Souljahs' 1st anniversary at the Aseana Powerstation mall in Pasay City, Philippines. FMCC is the late Francis Magalona's clothing line and it stands for "Francis Magalona Clothing Co.". The FMCC Souljahs are a worldwide fan club that celebrates Francis M's music and the FMCC clothing line which often features the 3 stars and a sun symbol from the Filipino national flag. Gloc-9 himself was a very close associate of Francis M and he is often quoted in saying that Francis M was his biggest influence in music.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gloc-9 - Upuan feat. Jeazelle of Zelle

Gloc-9 Matrikula

The fastest rapper from the Philippines, Gloc-9 has released his long awaited 4th album entitled Matrikula which means "tuition fee". Matrikula is a follow-up album to his 3rd album Diploma.

The first single from Matrikula is a politically-charged song called Upuan which features Jeazelle from the alternative-pop-rock band Zelle. The word Upuan means "chair" or "seat". In this song, Gloc-9 is rapping about the corrupt political situation in the Philippines, where there is an enormous income disparity between the Filipino government and the destitute citizens of the Philippines and the government has not done anything to reform or alleviate the situation.

LISTEN: Gloc-9 - Upuan feat. Jeazelle of Zelle

The music video for Upuan has already premiered on June 29 but I could not find it uploaded anywhere on the internet.... so here's a teaser of the music video that I'll post here for now and I'll post the music video for Upuan when someone finally uploads it.

As you can see in the video, there's a lot of symbolism in it. I can't wait to see the actual video!

sci - bonus: fuck it up [remix] (feat. The Madison Ave. Boys)

this is a bonus track that sci released after attending the Madison Ave. Boys’ video shoot for their latest single Fuck It Up.

sci - week 50: adversity [produced by Jersey Boys Music]

sci has released his 50th track of the year. This track is called adversity and the theme of adversity is about the many different types of challenges people face. The underlying message in adversity is that you are not alone and you are not the only person in the world facing adversities. Everyone has been through challenges or is currently facing a challenge. How you tackle that challenge is up to you.

Monday, July 20, 2009

One Year Anniversary Post

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday Asian Rap Worldwide!
Happy Birthday to you!

What's up readership! Today is a glorious day! The sun is shining brilliantly and the heavenly angels cheerfully gather with us today as we celebrate the first anniversary of Asian Rap Worldwide! And since we are all gathered here online, I have an endless supply of e-cake for everyone! Take your pick! There's 4 different types. Heck, eat all of them! I have the ability to multiply these e-cakes again and again quite similarly to how our good Lord multiplied those 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes to feed the multitudes.

mmmmmmmm..... e-caaaake *droolz*

Oh and if you haven't figured out yet, you can't eat these e-cakes that are on your computer screen (don't even think about licking it!). Even if you had it in real-life, you couldn't eat them either. Lol, These e-cakes are actually USB drives hahahaha...well its really the thought that counts isn't it? >:>


To all the Asian rappers on the grind: This blog is dedicated to you who are doing their thing to represent the Asian hip hop movement. I made this site for you guys so you can get some real exposure! Some of you are mad talented and you do us very proud!!!! I want to also give a big shoutout to all the rappers who reached out and got in touch and sent me their songs. I really appreciated it, in a real way!

Mike: Thanks for introducing me to blogging. This site would not be possible without you help.

The Staff @ AZNraps: You guys started the movement and were a huge source of information on the early Asian American rap scene. Gotta give credit where credit is due.

Madshock of Rapista: Thanks a whole bunch for helping me understand how to work blog templates and introducing me to the rappers Pinoy rap scene!

GT of a-Tunes: Your blog rocks. Thanks for some of the Asian American rap updates. You inspire me to put more thought into my writing. Congratulations on being one of the newest bloggers for MTV Iggy.

The various K-pop blogs in the blogger-sphere: There's too many of you guys to name but I want to thank you guys for exchanging links and giving news updates on some of my favorite Korean rappers. I hope you guys liked my wonderful report about the Wonder Girls concert in Vancouver.

And finally, the readership of Asian Rap Worldwide: I appreciate you guys coming to the site and supporting the worldwide Asian hip hop movement!! I have plans to further expand the site into something more interactive in the future. Stay tuned!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Far East Movement - Work (Daft RMX)

Far East Movement - Flavored Animal Droppings

Work is a track by the Far East Movement which is about livin' la vida loca and balancing it with work. As I always say: All work and no play makes Jack--- err I mean Royal a dull blogger. This version of Work is a remixed version where they rap over Daft Punk's Da Funk. Work (Daft RMX) is from the Far East Movement's mixtape album Flavored Animal Droppings.

LISTEN: Far East Movement - Work (Daft RMX)

Chinx N Prestege - Summer Time Feat. Dave Soul

Here's a track by Chinx N Prestege from Toronto, Ontario in celebration of summer time.

Dumbfoundead - She Don’t Care (Live Performance)

Dumbfoundead - Fun With Dumb

MTV IGGY has released this video of Dumbfoundead doing a live performance for She Don’t Care for the Far East Movement and Epik High's Map the Soul Tour. The song is about a girl who, even though seems to be out of Dumbfoundead's leauge, takes a liking to him despite all the negatives in his life. She Don't Care can be found on Dumbfoundead's latest album release Fun With Dumb.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

D-coy - Katulad Ko feat. Artstrong & Luke Mejares

DJ Buddah - One Hood, One Nation: Tha Compilation

Here's the music for the single Katulad Ko by D-Coy featuring Artstrong & Luke Mejares. The term "katulad ko" means "no one like me" in Tagalog and so the song Katulad Ko is about how your girl will never find anyone else like you so there's no need to look for anyone else. Katulad Ko can be found in both DJ Buddah's (not to be confused with DJAYBUDDAH from Bangkok Invaders) compilation album One Hood, One Nation: Tha Compilation and D-Coy's Wika album. Check out the music video!

Mc Dash aka Mighty Joe Young, Deleet and Pikaso - Fresh Professionals feat. Nump

MC Dash, Pikaso & Nump

Here's a Philippines-to-California collaboration by MC Dash aka Mighty Joe Young, Deleet and Pikaso with Nump. The track is called Fresh Professionals.

DOWNLOAD/LISTEN: Mc Dash aka Mighty Joe Young, Deleet and Pikaso - Fresh Professionals feat. Nump

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mos Def rapping on the streets of Osaka, Japan

Mos Def - The Ecstatic

Here are some clips of Mos Def doing some a-cappella raps of songs from his new album The Ecstatic in the streets of Osaka, Japan.

Casa Bey:

The Embassy:


I haven't checked out Mos Def's The Estatic yet but after watching those a-cappella clips, I'm a believer!!

Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko say sayonara to Canada

Emperor Akihito in Japan
source: Vancouver Sun

Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko of Japan have finished their historical 12-day tour of Canada. This was a rare treat for many Canadians, especially Japanese-Canadians who got see the royal couple live in person. This was Emperor Akihito's second trip to Canada as he first visited the country in 1953 when he was then Crown Prince of Japan. The emperor and empress have now landed and are now doing a tour of Hawaii.

Here's a close-up video clip of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko at the Mackenzie King Estate in Gatineau, Quebec, on July 4th:

Monday, July 13, 2009

sci - week 49: one more for michael

sci's 49th track of the year is another song dedicated to Michael Jackson called one more for michael. The instrumental used for this song is Michael Jackson's Off The Wall.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

XL Middleton - Single feat. Clinton Wayne

XL Middleton - Middle Class Blues

XL Middleton has leaked out his first single called Single featuring Clinton Wayne from his new upcoming album Middle Class Blues. This is a chill laid-back track dedicated to the ladies.

XL Middleton is a Japanese-Hawaiian rapper and producer from Pasadena, California. He has worked with some big names out in the west coast such as Crooked I, Cashis, Young Keno, and Suga Free.

DOWNLOAD: XL Middleton - Single feat. Clinton Wayne

Check out XL Middleton's websites:

Friday, July 10, 2009

Jin endorses Vita Lemon Tea

Jin's VITA Lemon Tea billboard @ Causeway Bay

Jin's new Lemon bling-bling, Pic 1

Jin's new Lemon bling-bling, Pic 2

(shoutouts to for the pics)

For all you guys wondering what is Jin doing nowadays and what is he up to-- well... Jin has a new a endorsement for Vita Lemon Tea! Looks like Vita is trying to use hip hop to advertise their lemon tea just like Coca-cola company used hip hop to advertise Sprite. Vita Lemon tea is quite a popular iced lemon tea in Hong Kong and its been around forever. Heck, I even remember a lot of the Chinese kids back in my elementary school days would be drinking this brand of lemon tea during lunch time. Not me though, my parents always got me apple juice for lunch instead hahaha. Most of you North Americans who will watch the commercial below will be culture-shocked. Yeah its a bit corny and cheesy but that's how they do in Hong Kong haha. Actually, quite a lot of things in Hong Kong's media are cheesy and corny. And I don't say this to purposely offend any of you guys who come from Hong Kong but it is what it is. And furthermore, this is commercial is a reflection on how the mainstream in Hong Kong perceives hip hop culture. It looks like Hong Kong hip hop has a lot of work to do and has a looooooong ways to go!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Malaysian MC - Ya'll Just Don't Know

Malaysian MC is telling you guys, Y'all Just Don't Know! HAHAHAHA!!

sci - week 48: billie jean ‘09

sci has released his 48th song of the year for his 52 week project. For this week, sci has done a tribute to the late Michael Jackson and rapped over the instrumental of Michael Billie Jean. This song is called billie jean ‘09. Check this one out guys!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

m-flo celebrates their 10th Anniversary!

m-flo's new album cover??

Japanese hip hop group m-flo, comprising of Verbal as the rapper and Taku as the producer, celebrates their 10th anniversary today. Looking back at their history the group has divided m-flo's music into two different eras. The first era was the Tripod Era (1999-2002), when Lisa was part of the group. The second era was their Loves Era, (2003-2008) when they have collaborated with many popular Japanese artists.

Today, on their 10th anniversary, m-flo has released this video on YouTube:

Okay so...

  1. Topic 1. They released a what? Whatever it is, it is now available its online. For the first time ever! (Forgive my lack of Japanese comprehension but I think its referring to the m-flo music videos now available on YouTube. Can someone who speaks Japanese please fill me in on this? TIA)
  2. Topic 2. m-flo's Tribute album featuring many Japanese artists will be on sale on 9/16
  3. Topic 3. The fans can vote on what songs should be on m-flo's best album. The voting period is starts today and ends on 8/15.

Vote here:

Schoolboy Duke - Nobody Remix

Schoolboy Duke

Check out this rap remix of the Wonder Girls' Nobody by a Korean-American rapper named Schoolboy Duke.

Born in Los Angeles, California, SchoolBoy Duke got his rap moniker from him always wearing a black Jansport backpack and people started to call him "schoolboy". The "Duke" part of his name stands for "Droppin’ Uncommon Knowledge Everywhere". Schoolboy Duke is currently working on his debut album which features remixes and original Schoolboy songs. School Boy Duke currently lives in San Diego.

DOWNLOAD/LISTEN: Schoolboy Duke - Nobody Remix

Check out Schoolboy Duke's websites:

Royal @ The Wonder Girls Concert in Vancouver 6/30

The Wonder Girls

This blog post is dedicated to all the people that "accidentally" came to this blog through the tons and tons of K-Pop-related sites I'm linked with. To be honest, I'm not too fond of K-pop myself. Well.... okay I'll admit. I've had my But for the record, this blog is about Asian hip hop, not K-pop, not J-pop or Asian R&B. Don't get it twisted, I support Asian artists trying to make it in the music industry, but if it has nothing to do with hip hop or rap, there's no place for it here. However, if they have a song that includes some sort of rapping in it, you just might, just miiiiiight see it here. But if there isn't rapping in it, it will take a miracle for me to blog about it.

Well kids, today is your lucky day because your miracle has! Yaaay! So let me tell you a story. So the Korean pop group, the Wonder Girls have been touring all across North America promoting their music. On June 30th, the day the Wonder Girls were going to do their second concert in Vancouver's GM Place, yours truly decided to go to their concert on a hum-bug immediately after grocery shopping at the T&T supermarket on Keefer St, which was pretty much close to GM place anyways. So I found some scalpers selling tickets and skillfully haggled my way to get some nosebleed-section tickets, for a fraction of the price I might add! Luckily I had my Canucks cap on that day and so when I got inside GM place I proceeded to wear my cap even tighter in fears of someone recognizing me and saying: "OMG!! Hey, isn't that Royal from ASIAN RAP WORLDWIDE?! I love his site! What is he doing here? I thought he likes Asian hip hop, and not Asian pop!" Yeah so when the Wonder Girls were finally got on stage after an hour or so was I cheering for them, clapping for them and doing wolf-whistles and having a blast. Gotta show my Asian sisters that came all the way from Korea some moral support right? And also, isn't it fun to live someone else's dream of seeing the Wonder Girls live in concert and then start bragging to them that you saw them live in concert and that they didn't? Hahaha, I think so. Anyways the Wonder Girls only performed two songs: Tell Me and Nobody. And that was pretty much it.

So I took some pictures and videos with my cellphone from the nosebleed-section but there were blurry as heck because all I had with me was my cellphone with a 1-mega-pixel-or-so-camera. In other words, I didn't come prepared because I went there all on a hum-bug. Don't believe me? Hahaha. Fine. I will post them, for comedic purposes of course. The first video is an excerpt of the Wonder Girls performing Tell Me. The last video is an excerpt of them performing Nobody.

Disclaimer: There is tons feedback coming off from my cellphone's microphone. It sounds similiar to nails on a chalkboard. And you can't see much anyways! But this proves I was there! Watch at your own risk! LOL

If your ears are bleeding from the feedback, hey curiosity killed the cat. I also took some pics too. I couldn't even make out who's in it. Hahaha!! I am the WORST Wonder Girls fan (if I'm even considered a fan of the Wonder Girls), everrrrr. PERIOD. Here are the pics:

The Wonder Girls doing some sort dance for Tell Me or for Nobody

Either that is one of the Wonder Girls (don't know who), or its an angelic presence with a shimmering white aura that I have caught on camera.

Obviously there are better videos on YouTube and better pictures of the concert in the die-hard Wonder Girls fan blogs. But yeah... thought I'd share my little adventure with you guys. For the record, I have not gone to the dark-side and have become K-Pop-fanatic, I'm still hip hop all day. Rest assured, this blog will stay hip hop!! YEAAAAH!!! So..... this post was for the K-Pop fans. Hahaha. Thank you, come again.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Loud people riding Hong Kong's MTR train

Some brave soldier from Hong Kong has posted this video about two years ago. This video clip takes place in Hong Kong's MTR train. In this video, the people are having a loud-talking contest on their cellphones while taking public transportation. The star of this clip is the old and creepy-looking Chinese uncle wearing the black Playboy t-shirt. Not only is he the loudest of them all, he is also boasting about his exploits in the brothels of mainland China right in public.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Loon talks about Islam on AlJazeera English

Remember Loon? Loon from Bad Boy? Yeah, that's him up there! The last thing I heard about him, a long time ago, was that he was beefin' with Mase and Dipset. Now flash-forward to the present, Loon is now a devout Muslim and has a totally different outlook on life. Born as Chauncey Lamont Hawkins, he has changed his name to Amir Junaid Muhadith after embracing Islam. In the interview with AlJazeera, Loon talked about his experiences in rap game, why he left and how he came to Islam. The news anchor tried to get Loon to spit 16 bars, but Loon wasn't prepared for it.

Loon has also done a more in-depth interview with In the interview (approx. 1 hr 30 mins), Loon tells his story about coming up in the rap game, about his dealings Mase, P. Diddy and the music industry. One of the things Loon said in the interview was that the "Harlem World" concept was originally his and it was Mase that stole it from him. Among other things, Loon says he co-wrote 52 published songs. Many of these songs were written for P. Diddy. And then finally in the interview, Loon tells how he was lead to embrace Islam during his tour in Dubai in December 2008. The Loon in this interview sounds very different from the old Loon. Check out the interview:

DOWNLOAD/LISTEN: Loon's interview with

Freestyle Battle - Dirtbag Dan vs Soul Khan

For you guys who love watching freestyle battles as much as I do, this battle is one you can't miss! In this battle, Dirtbag Dan takes on Soul Khan in a "Battle of the Beards" for Battle of the Bay 4. There were tonnes of beard jokes and racist jokes that made me Laugh Out Loud for reals! This is one of the most hilarious and entertaining battles I have ever watched!! Dirtbag Dan took the win in 3 rounds. It was a really close battle. Even though Dirtbag Dan won that battle, I don't think Soul Khan lost at all. Khan's punch-lines were killer and he's witty as heck. And just for kicks, Dirtbag Dan and Soul Khan did an overtime and they both killed it again. This is definitely A CLASSIC BATTLE!


Freestyle Battle - Al P. vs Thousand

In this freestyle battle, Al P. takes on Thousand for Grind Time South's Broward Beatdown. It seemed like Al P. lost his composure, forgot his lines and caught a case of Tourette's syndrome instead. Thousand takes the win in this battle.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Pruane2Forever Squashes his Beef with 50 Cent

has offically squashed his internet beef with 50 Cent and is now 50 Cent's new "Secret Weapon". Props to 50 for reaching out and flying Pruane over to NYC. LOl @ the G G G G-Unit at 0:50.

Pics of Tiger JK and T with their son Jordan

Tiger JK and Jordan, Pic 1

Tiger JK and Jordan, Pic 2

(Shout outs to for the pics!)

These pictures of Tiger JK and his 1 year-old son Jordan are album jacket inserts from the latest Drunken Tiger album: Feel gHood Muzik: The 8th Wonder.

Also, check out these pics taken in March earlier this year of Tiger JK, T (aka Tasha, aka Yoon Mi Rae) and their son Jordan all wearing traditional Korean garbs in celebrating Jordan's first birthday:

Tiger JK, T and Jordan @ Jordan's 1st birthday, Pic 1

Tiger JK, T and Jordan @ Jordan's 1st birthday, Pic 2

Tiger JK, T and Jordan @ Jordan's 1st birthday, Pic 3

Jordan looks a lot like his mommy eh? :P

Happy 4th of July!!

4th of July Fireworks

I wanna wish all my AZNs and American friends south of the border a very happy 4th of July!! For those of you that are planning to get a lil tipsy, please DRINK RESPONSIBLY and BE SAFE!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Adonis - freestyle over Move instrumental


Here's a freestyle by Adonis over the instrumental of Move by Mims. Its a little more violent than Adonis' usual work. This track is basically a "bring on the hate" kind of song.

MastaMic & The Justice Family interview on HK Live!

Here is an interview with Hong Kong's Freestyle King Mastamic and his crew The Justice Family on HK Live!. The Justice Family is comprised of the rap duo Justice Leauge (MastaMic and Big Sammy) and 3 DJs: DJ FatB, DJ Moka and Tedman. In the interview, MastaMic said that the hip hop market in Hong Kong is very small right now simply because the locals in Hong Kong do not understand hip hop music. Their perception of hip hop is that it is meant to be comical or light-hearted type of music. When talking about his goals or plans for the future, MastaMic said one of his goals is to help further develop the Chinese hip hop scene and spread it across Asia.


"Ah Phat" from 24Herbs

Ah Phat from the Hong Kong rap group 24Herbs posted some videos of him getting his ear pierced and getting a really cool Iron Man tattoo on his leg. In these videos you get to see Ah Phat wincing in pain. He calls these videos: "HOW TO MAKE YOURSELF AS PAIN AS HELL!". Yes, Phat. Beauty is pain. The more painful, the more beautiful it is.

The piercing:

The tattooing:

Epik High - Remixing the Human Soul at the Map Lab

Epik High has released a little teaser video of their studio recording sessions at their "Map Lab" for their new upcoming album Remixing the Human Soul. Remixing the Human Soul will be a remix album of Epik High's hit songs. The remixes will be done by 3 DJs from Planet Shiver: Friz, DH Style and Philtre.

Dumbfoundead interviews Tablo from Epik High

After completing his Map The Soul tour in the United States, Tablo from Epik High did an interview with Dumbfoundead on behalf of The Urban Decadance right in Dumbfoundead's crib. It's a real short interview and the duration is about 6 and a half minutes. Its really interesting to see both Tablo and Dumbfoundead mesh together in this interview because on one hand, they are both Koreans who share the love of hip hop, but on the other hand they are shaped by two completely different cultures and different music scenes. When asked about the Korean music industry, Tablo said that that there isn't much diversity of music genres and everything is basically pop music. To top that off, Tablo was saying that because the way the Korean media is structured, it leaves no room for underground rap artists to get any media attention. Tablo also said that he was working on some tracks in Dumbfoundead's crib (collaboration track, hint hint).

You can read the article about Tablo's interview on The Urban Decadence blog here.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

UPDATE: I fixed the font color!!!

To the faithful readers of this blog:

I apologize for doing this really late, but hey, better late than never right? So........I finally fixed the font color!! We can all actually read what I blog now!! Hahahah.... Maybe this will attract some new readers. Tell all your friends its safe to come to this site now!

Okay.... I gotta go to sleep now. Its 4:53 AM in Vancouver.... Bye!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Hong Kong's 12th Anniversary of Return to Chinese Rule

Today also marks the 12th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China. Since 2003, the citizens of Hong Kong have been using July 1st as a day for mass protest about many various issues concerning the city, such as education, freedom of speech and the demand for universal suffrage. Universal suffrage would allow the people of Hong Kong to to elect their representatives and the chief executive. The current Beijing-appointed chief executive of Hong Kong, Donald Tsang, says that universal suffrage in 2017 would be best for Hong Kong, however the protesters are demanding universal suffrage by 2012.

Canada Day clubbing event

Here is a clip of Canadian-Asian girls showing how they celebrate their country's birthday, Asian style of course.

Happy Humiliation....Errr I mean-- Canada Day!

The Canadian Flag

Chinese Head Tax Certificate

Today many Canadians are celebrating Canada Day which commemorates the anniversary of July 1, 1867, the day that Canada officially became a country. Canada is now officially 142 years old. However for many Chinese-Canadians, today marks the 86th anniversary of what they call "Humiliation Day" which began on July 1, 1923 when the Canadian government implemented a discriminatory act called the Chinese Immigration Act. This act was implemented in order to put a stop to Chinese immigration except under special circumstances. The Chinese Immigration Act was a replacement for the Chinese head tax implemented on Chinese immigrants from 1885 to 1923. The Chinese also consider the Chinese Immigration Act the "Chinese Exclusion Act" because as a result of the act, it had separated many Chinese immigrants from their families. These racist laws were abolished in 1947 and it was 59 years later in 2006, that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper publicly apologized to the Chinese community for the racist laws and issued a compensation of $20,000 CDN to any remaining survivors or spouses. According to the Head Tax Families Society of Canada (HTFSC), only 500 surviving Chinese that paid the Chinese head tax were compensated. That is quite a minuscule amount compared to the whopping number of 80,000 Chinese immigrants that paid the head tax in the years 1885 to 1923. Many of the first-generation sons and daughters who were direct victims of the Chinese head tax, did not receive any compensation simply because their fathers and/or mothers did not live up to 2006. They are still actively seeking compensation to this day.