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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jin - Dor Jea (Thank You)

Corrina, Jin and Jaeson Ma with some fans

Jin the MC has a new song called Dor Jea (Chinese: 多謝), which means Thank You in English. In this song, Jin raps about being thankful for his life. Featured in this song is Jaeson Ma, who is also an Asian rapper himself from the rap group Namesake and Corrina, who is singing the chorus. Dor Jea is a promotion for the award-winning movie Bella, which is a movie that deals with the issue of abortion. The lyrics of Dor Jea can be found on the Bella Hong Kong website.

You can also watch the live version of Dor Jea with Jin, Corinna and Jaeson Ma. This live performance was held at the Hong Kong premiere of Bella at HK Time Square.

Dor Jea can be downloded for free at


Anonymous said...

This song is really nice, it's been on playback on my player for the past 2 days. The chorus is soothing and relaxing, but this song sends a powerful message. If you've always been a fan of Jin's music, this is one song you cannot afford to miss.