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Sunday, November 30, 2008

m-flo - Been So Long

m-flo - Planet Shining

m-flo is a unique band which combines Japanese pop with hip hop and R&B. The original band members were Verbal the rapper, Lisa who provided the vocals and DJ Taku who provided the instrumental beats. Verbal is a Zainichi (which means he is an ethnic Korean that lives in Japan), Lisa is of Japanese and Afro-Colombian descent and DJ Taku is Japanese. In 2002, Lisa has left m-flo to pursue her solo career. After Lisa's departure, m-flo began its m-flo loves.... series which is a collaboration series with popular Japanese and Korean singers. m-flo has released 5 albums up to date: Planet Shining (2000), Expo Expo (2001), Astromantic (2004), Beat Space Nine (2005) and Cosmic Color (2007).

Been So Long is one of the earlier hit songs from m-flo. This song is about the pain that is that comes with broken relationship. Been So Long is from m-flo's debut album Planet Shining.


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