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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thaitanium - Ta Leung feat Nara

Thaitanium - Thailand's Most Wanted

Thaitanium is a Thai-American hip hop group and one of Thailand's most popular hip hop acts. Thaitanium or, "Thaitay" as they are commonly known as by their fans, consists of 3 Thai rappers: Khan, Way and Day. To this date they have released 6 albums. AA (2000), Thai Riders (2002), Province 77 OST (2003), Resisting Against da System (2004), Thailand's Most Wanted (2006) and Flipside (2008). Thaitanium also hosted the first ever, Asian Hip Hop Festival in Bangkok, last month in October.

Ta Leung (ทะลึ่ง in Thai) is a club-banger hit from Thaitanium. Although this song is 2 years old, it is still one of the most popular rap songs in Thai hip hop clubs right now. The term Ta Leung in Thai means that you are naughty, in a sexual kind of way. In the context of the music video, you will see that every time one of the rappers from Thaitanium tries to advance at a girl, she starts waving her finger and says "Ta Leung". That is how the term is used in Thailand. This song is on their Thailand's Most Wanted Album.