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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

MC Hotdog - Mr. Almost

MC Hotdog - Mr Almost

Taiwanese rapper, MC Hotdog has released his 5th album on October 2008. His new album called 差不多先生 (pronounced: Cha Bu Duo Xiang Sheng), translated in English as Mr. Almost. This album was one of the most anticipated Chinese hip hop albums in Taiwan and also China.

Track Listing

01. 我瘋了 (I’m Crazy)
02. 差不多先生 (Mr. Almost)
03. 我哈你 (My Honey)
04. 海洋 (Ocean)
05. 謝謝啞虎 (Thanks Yahoo)
06. 瞎王之王 (Blind King Of Kings)
07. 毒 (Poison)
08. 請拍手 (Please Clap)
09. 怎麼能夠 (How Can)
10. 他們覺得 (They Feel That)

Mr. Almost, is the title track is MC Hotdog's album. In this song, MC Hotdog uses the phrase 差不多 in almost every line. The term "差不多" (pronounced: cha bu duo) can be translated to English as "good enough". This line of thinking has plagued the Chinese people where they would compromise their effort or quality in whatever they do just because it is "good enough". The name 差不多先生 or "Mr. Almost" was first used by a 20th century Chinese philosopher name of Hu Shi who wrote a story to discourage the Chinese about this line of thinking. MC Hotdog's song Mr. Almost is a tribute to Hu Shi's work, and MC Hotdog addresses the very same issue and mentality that is still affecting the Chinese people today. Mr. Almost is satirical song about a life that revolves around the "good enough" mentality and therefore cuts corners in almost anything and everything just to get things over with to the point where it becomes ridiculous. There is also a funny line where MC Hotdog says he had "good enough" sex many times using a "good enough" position.


Anonymous said...

Great review and the first I've seen in English regarding the connection with Hu Shi's criticism of Chinese mentality. MC Hotdog continues to keep it real, in my opinion, and this follows the tradition of Bo Yang's "Ugly Chinaman" and Lu Xun's "Ah Q".