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Monday, November 10, 2008

Point Blanc - Meng Wan feat Uncle Real and MC Yan

Point Blanc - Straight to the Point

Meng Wan (命运 in Chinese) is a song by Point Blanc, featuring Uncle Real and Hong Kong rapper, MC Yan. This song is in the Cantonese language and it is about making one's own destiny. The instrumental of this song is really cool. It is sampled from one of the old school kung fu movies and has a really nice vintage feel to it. This song can be found on Point Blanc's Straight to the Point CD.

The music video of Meng Wan reminds me about the old kung fu movies. Its about a boy who goes off in a far away temple to train in kung fu. Because the boy trained hard, his kung fu master took a liking to him and that caused another trainee to be jealous of him. And so one day the other jealous trainee pushes the boy and then the boy's locket, which contains his mother's picture, falls to the floor. Fueled by anger, the boy starts fighting his fellow trainee and then the master discovers the two fighting. The master then decides to discipline the boy by making him do chores around the temple and balance rice bowls on his head and hands. In the end of the video, the boy regains the respect of the master and they both bowed to each other to signify that respect. This music video, is a metaphor for our lives. There will be many challenges and obstacles we will face before we can fulfill our destiny.