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Friday, October 30, 2009

Freestyle Battle - TheSaurus vs Illmaculate

From Battle of the Bay 5, this is the battle of TheSaurus taking on Illmaculate. This was a really heated battle since both these rappers know each other very well personally, lyrically and they were also rhyme partners that won the World Rap Championships together. In this battle TheSaurus was going for the short jokes and Illmaculate was going for jokes about TheSaurus' rap career. The battle was so heated that at the end of the third round, the crowd was asking for OT. After the OT, Illmaculate was declared the winner.

FYI: This is the same Illmaculate that Jin called out to battle. As you can see, Illmaculate is no joke and he's a lyrical force to be reckoned with. Personally, I'm really eager to see him and Jin battle this mid November, if/when it happens.

Chinx is the winner of the 50Mics New York Tournament!

50Mics New York Tournament winner Chinx

I just got word from Chinx that he has won the 50Mics Tournament in New York, sponsored by The Source Magazine and Digiwaxx! The 50mics Tournament is a nationwide search in the United States for the best independent hip hop talent. For all the artists that were qualified for the 50 Mics Tournament, they performed in front of a live audience and were then critiqued by the judges. And of course, the judges chose Chinx as the winner for the tournament.

From a facebook message from Chinx:
nyc was crazy bro.. we went there, did our set and ppl loved it. we won the whole competition
The tournament was also filmed by MTV and when I get a hold the footage, I'll definitely be posting the videos up! Big ups to Chinx for holdin it down and representing the movement!!! Chinx is making some major moves!! Y'all better watch out for this kid!!

If you guys haven't yet downloaded the latest mixtape from the Drunken Fists crew yet, by all means, download the Open Bar Drinks On Us mixtape here.

50Mics Tournament Poster:

Jin's clarification about the upcoming Jin vs Dizaster battle

Jin says if the battle with Dizaster is about to happen, it would have to be on November 16th or 17th. That's when he will be in LA and then after he will be flying back to Hong Kong.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jin accept's Dizaster's challenge in a freestyle battle AND wants to battle Illmaculate on the same day!

(shoutouts to a-Tunes for the heads up on this!)

BIG NEWS! Jin has just accepted Dizaster's challenge to a FREESTYLE BATTLE! He will battle Dizaster on 3 conditions:

#1 The battle is to be held in LA (he is scheduled to be there in mid November)
#2 Unlimited time rounds
#3 He gets to battle Illmaculate on the same day.

Dizaster calling out Jin:

Dizaster ain't no walk in the park. He has made quite a name for himself in the Grind Time freestyle battle league. Furthermore, Jin wants to battle Illmaculate too? Both Dizaster and Illmaculate are MONSTERS when it comes to battling. To top that off, the freestyle battle game has drastically changed since Jin has left the freestyle battle circuit. Since the blowing up of Grind Time, freestyle battles now are more "writtens" rather than actual freestyles. So I don't really know how Jin would fare against these "new school" battle veterans. Whatever the case maybe, I can't wait for Jin to make his comeback!!

DS455 - Tha DPG With Tha DSC feat Daz Dillinger (Japanese G-Funk)

From DS455's latest album released in the summer of 2009 celebrating their 20th anniversary called Check Tha Number, here is a collabo track they did with Daz Dillinger from DPG called Tha DPG With Tha DSC.

DS455 a.k.a DSC (Dubstar Clique) a.ka. Baysside Ridaz is a Japanese hip hop group from Yokohama consisting of DJ PMX who produces G-funk beats and Kayzabro, who raps over the beats. They have been active in the Japanese hip hop scene since 1989.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mainland Chinese commercial: God's Hand Bra (makes your boobs look bigger)

Check out this trashy assed "in your face" commercial from Mainland China that's advertising a new bra called God's Hand that makes breasts look bigger. By the power of God's Hand bra (lol at the name...) it can make B cups turn into C cups or even D cups. How does it work you ask? The bra has buttons on on the front. When you press the buttons, it MAGICALLY inflates the magical padding inside the bra....

The girls in the video are quite something aren't they? Hell yeah! All of em look smokin hot and they all have a ho-ish kinda look to them. It's really refreshing to see Chinese girls "packaging" themselves like this instead of the typical big-eyed and child-like kind of look that most Chinese girls try to pull off.

Rookadamus' letter from prison


As reported on a-Tunes, one of Rook's hand-written letters dated September 26, 2009, was recently posted on his MySpace page. Rook wrote the letter from a prison in Golden, Colorado, where he is still currently serving time. For a guy that raps about the grimey street life, Rook's hand printing surprisingly super neat and tidy.

The letter:

Rookadamus' letter from prison
(click to enlarge)

Rook's music video, All I Know:

You can write to Rook at:

Cyril Kim
PO Box 16700
Golden, CO 80402-6700

*Photographs may be received in personal correspondence or package. No Polaroids. Only 3 photos at a time.

*The jail will no longer accept books or magazines by mail

Tablo and Kang Hye Jung are officially married!

Tablo with Kang Hye Jung

Tablo from Epik High and actress Kang Hye Jung has officially tied the knot and are now officially husband and wife. They wedded yesterday in a private ceremony with family and friends. The newlywed couple are currently in Europe for their Honeymoon and are expecting a baby in the next year. I wish them all the happiness in the world and a love to last a lifetime!!

To celebrate this joyous occasion, Tablo has just released a free song for download called Love 16 for all his fans.

DOWNLOAD: Tablo - Love 16

In related Epik High news.....

Epik High has released a follow-up music video for 트로트 + High Technology. This music video is part 2 of their parody of the Korean movie The Host.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Dumbfoundead - She Don't Care (Acoustic Version)

Here's a clip of Dumbfoundead doing a live performance of She Don't Care to Vince Gyre's acoustic guitar at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Fransisco. Don't they kinda remind you of buskers when they are performing under that bright yellow light? =))

LADdoubleE, AS & Wizdom - R.O.M. (Pinoy rap from Germany)

Check out this song by LADdoubleE, AS & Wizdom from Gütersloh, Germany called R.O.M. which is an abreviation of "rap ohne mich" (rap without me). This song was produced by Wizdom.

From an email from Wizdom:
Rap ohne mich means "Rap without me".
We are spittin about, what Rap would be without us.

For example, the 2nd rapper (AS) is spittin the line

"Rap ohne mich ist wie X-Men ohne Wolverine"
translated "Rap without me is like X-Men without Wolverine"...




Prince Supreme - Dirty Game MV (Khmer Rap)

Prince Supreme - Legacy

Dirty Game is a street single from Prince Supreme's album Legacy, released in 2008. The song is about life on the streets.

Prince Supreme is a Khmer rapper born on January 28th, 1979. His family left Cambodia in 1981 to escape the Vietnam war and eventually they landed in the East Coast of the United States. Prince Supreme was raised in Rhode Island and grew up playing basketball.

Prince Supreme's MySpace:

Dirty Game music video:

Triangle Offense - TGIF

Triangle Offense - TGIF

Triangle Offense (a rap trio from Jersey City, New Jersey consisting of Adonis, Sci and Finesse) has released a new single called TGIF. This track will be on their upcoming mixtape called The Courting.

Description (from the Triangle Offense blog):
TGIF is a ode to what’s “fresh” to us. Being “fresh” isn’t about having certain types or brands of clothing. It’s about self-confidence. It’s about self-awareness – knowing how great you are and acknowledging yourself. We all need to take time to do that. It’s healthy! I remember being young and listening to Michael Jackson. I would lip-sync his songs and copy his dances in the mirror and it made me feel like I was THE KING. [I specifically remember listening and dancing to "Bad" + "Smooth Criminal" and feeling like I was the shit!] I want to be able to give someone that same feeling. I want them to play this song while getting dressed to go out with their friends. Pick out your outfit to this. Look into the mirror and confidently sing along, “Thank God I’m Fresh!” No matter who you are, where you are, or where you’re from…don’t let anyone dictate what “fresh” is. Being “fresh” is what you make it. Be who you are. Individuality is what gives color to life. Thank God for THAT.

DOWNLOAD: Triangle Offense - TGIF

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Work Hard Play Hard Vol.1 [OFFICIAL TRAILER]

The FIRST EVER Asian-American street hip hop DVD Hard Play Hard Vol. 1 featuring 450 Gang, Jimmy Boi, Gumby aka Pryce, and GookstaZ will be droppin Nov. 3, 2009. Make sure you copp that!!

Order Hard Play Hard Vol. 1 from:

BoA - Bump Bump! feat Verbal MV

BoA - Bump Bump! feat Verbal

BoA hooked up with Verbal again for her latest Japanese single called Bump Bump!. I'm diggin this cut! And the music video is awesome. It has a a real organic feel to it. I thought at first that the music video was going into a Black Eyed Peas kind of direction, but no... its quite Jpop-ish actually. BoA is also sporting a new haircut. A short-haired BoA? I thought I'd never see the day. I like the new look though. Its fresh. And Verbal never ceases to amaze me. He always seems to wear the most outrageous and flamboyant gear and still looks fly. Verbal's fashion-sense is literally out of this world. He really, really reminds me of a Japanese Shock-G (from Digital Underground). Shock-G also wore some really funky gear back in the Digital Underground days.

If the instrumental sounds familiar to you...that's because Bump Bump! samples the very same Soul Power '74 by Maceo & The Macks, as Jennifer Lopez's 2005 smash-hit: Get Right.

Bump Bump! music video:

Soul Power '74 by Maceo & The Macks (the song that Bump Bump! sampled):

Asian Hip Hop Sumit - North American Tour 2009

Asian Hip Hop Sumit - North American Tour 2009
(click to ENLAGE)

A bit late on this..... but then again better late than never! YOURS TRULY might slide through to check out the Vancouver concert this Saturday, October 24th! Check for the date when the Asian Hip Hop Summit tour comes to a city near you!

Asian Hip Hop Summit in Vancouver

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

50 Cent doubts he'll ever work with Game

In this this interview clip, 50 Cent says he doubts he'll ever work with Game...

50 also says that in beginning of Game's career, Game tried to start a beef with Jay-Z when his debut album, The Documentary was just launched.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dumbfoundead Collabo Contest (for 18 and under)

Dumbfoundead has a contest for all you young aspiring rappers (18 and under) to have a chance to collaborate with him on an original beat by Tripmaster Monk. The deadline for submission is November 20, 2009. If you ever wanted to collab with Dumbfoundead and get him on your next mixtape or upcoming album, here's your chance!

1. Download the instrumental from the link above
2. Record your original song to the track
3. Submit your track to


1. Participants MUST be 18 or UNDER
2. All submissions must be in by November 20, 2009
3. Be creative (Don't be afraid to think! - Creative Concept)


1. Contestant wins TripMaster Monk's beat
2. Dumbfoundead will collaborate, on the winning song.

DOWNLOAD (THE INSTRUMENTAL): alright is everthing.wav

Monday, October 19, 2009

Asian Babe - Elise Estrada

Elise Estrada is Canada's newest pop sensation that has been churning out hit singles in the Canadian music charts for quite some time now. She is from Filipino descent and is from Vancouver, British Columbia (my hometown yay!).

Here's her debut hit single called Insatiable, which was released in the summer of 2007. The music video of Insatiable is about a stalker of hers. The funny thing about this music video is that in the opening when the stalker calls her and just breathes heavily, she hangs up and then breaks into a dance.

Poison is a more recent hit from Elise Estrada. This song was released in the summer of 2009. In this music video, Elise shows her naughty and wild side. There's even a scene of her dancing around in dominatrix costume. I think this song is about her trying to break out from her strict Catholic high school upbringing... :D

Dumbfoundead chillin with Timothy DelaGhetto (Traphik)

Here's a clip of Dumbfoundead doing a lightweight interview with Timothy DelaGhetto (Traphik) in his family's Thai restaurant in Long Beach, California

Smells like a Dumbfoundead and Traphik collaboration brewing up!!

Far East Movement - Animal (Cyberpunkers Remix)

(shout out to a-tunes for the link!)

GET YOUR GLOWSTICKS OUT!!! This is the official remix of the Far East Movement's Animal done by Italian elctro music producers Cyberpunkers. This track will be in the Far East Movement's upcoming mixtape called PARTY ANIMAL that will be released on November 5th.

Soft Lipa - 收斂水 (Lotion) MV

This is Soft Lipa's latest music video for 收斂水 (Lotion).

Thaitanium - "No Stoppin Us" Feat. Blahzay Blahzay & Lil Fame (from M.O.P.) MV

Thaitanium with Blahzay Blahzay and Lil Fame

Thaitanium has released a new music video out featuring Brooklyn rappers Blahzay Blahzay and Lil Fame (from M.O.P.) for their new single called No Stoppin Us. This track which samples classical Chinese orchestra music (I can hear the Bamboo flutes), was produced by KON (Knowledge Over Nonsense). No Stoppin Us is the first single off Thaitanium's upcoming album Still Resisting which will be released on November 3oth.

Press Release:
Thaitanium the dynamic trio has their eyes set on spreading the essence of good music once again throughout Asia and worldwide. Thaitanium has been in the studio this year congering up a brand new collection of classic tracks on their new album entitled "Still Resisting" set to release on November 30th. To introduce the album Thaitay linked up with long time friend and mentor Blahzay Blahzay alongside "The Firing Squad" Lil Fame from M.O.P. to drop the first single on the album. "No Stoppin Us" this street joint takes the group back to their roots in Brooklyn, Ny. the borough in which they recorded all of their 4 Lp's to date and were they call home. The music video was directed by Nick Barbieri of Myfake Productions and was shot in Brooklyn and Manhattan with feature appearances by Strictly Live artist Juganot, Mike Frank151, and of course Blahzay and Lil Fame. With East New York and Bangkok behind them Thaitaniuim is sure to take the world by storm in 2010!

DOWNLOAD MP3: Thaitanium - No Stoppin Us Feat. Blahzay Blahzay & Lil Fame (from M.O.P.)

Music Video (shot in Brookyln & Mahattan):

The studio sessions with KON:

Chinx and J.Reyez freestyle to krNfx's beatbox

Here's a lil freestyle session with Chinx and J.Reyez over krNfx's beatbox. Shout outs to the T Dot!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hot Korean Girl With Hairy Armpits (FUNNY VIDEO!!!)

This is a funny prank pulled on someone in what looks like a (blind?) date. The girl is super cute but has really hairy armpits.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Drunken Fists - Open Bar Drinks on Us

Drunken Fists - Open Bar Drinks on Us front

Drunken Fists - Open Bar Drinks on Us back

Drunken Fists (Chinx's label) has a released a compilation mixtape out called Open Bar Drinks on Us.

About Chinx (from his MySpace page):

Entertainment label Drunken Fists has influenced the urban world through music by giving independent artists an outlet to showcase their talents. Drunken Fists recording artist “C.H.I.N.X” is the product of the labels’ success. Although taking on the responsibility in directing the Drunken Fists movement, music is his real passion. Being an Asian artist in an urban market has been both his biggest advantage and disadvantage. In his own words, C.H.I.N.X wants to be “the face of his race” leading by example for us that nothing is impossible. The artist's very own name reflects his culture and background. C.H.I.N.X is an acronym for Chinese History Is Now Explained. His inspiration for music comes from his experiences’ as an Asian artist. C.H.I.N.X’s music is a representation of life, giving all listeners a something they can relate too.

The artist known today as C.H.I.N.X is far from the boy who started out freestyling and battling classmates through the school hallways. After meeting producer Big Smouse in 2001, C.H.I.N.X recorded his first track at the age of 16. As time went on, he found himself entering into various local MC battles and talent showcases. He realized that music was something he could pursue after winning first place at many of these events. By 2006, C.H.I.N.X had a large buzz with the completion of two mixtapes’ with his Drunken Fists family. It wasn’t until he travelled to Chicago, where he learned that there is more to music then music itself. After learning the business side of the industry C.H.I.N.X returned home to Toronto and really began to apply his knowledge towards the Drunken Fists movement. Upon his return, C.H.I.N.X teamed up with label mate Prestege and released their first album. The company’s rookie album “Road to Stardom” released March 2008, included all star appearances such as Lindo P, Moka Only and Glasses Malone of Cash Money Records. After thousands of units sold internationally, it is evident that C.H.I.N.X and the Drunken Fists team are truly on the road to stardom. But every artist knows that there is never enough to be accomplished.

Currently, C.H.I.N.X manages two studios used by the Drunken Fists team and various aspiring artists in Toronto. He also produces and writes music for a number of R&B artists in Canada. Among many other accomplishments, C.H.I.N.X has been crowned champion in plenty of battles, sold thousands of units internationally, completed two music videos, performed in hundreds of clubs and venues all over North America. In 2009, C.H.I.N.X is focussed for his debut solo release titled “All In”, which stands for everything he has put into his music work. With smashing street singles like “Keep it Movin” featuring Toronto’s own Renny Holladae and radio hits like “Eye Candy”, C.H.I.N.X is taking urban music to a level and sound it has never experienced.

DOWNLOAD: Drunken Fists - Open Bar Drinks on Us

Track Listing:

01 Drunken Fists - Take Advice (Produced by Big Smouse)
02 Drunken Fists - Fortified Fists (Produced by Big Smouse)
03 Drunken Fists - S.O.S. (Same Old Samething) (Produced by Vocab)
04 Drunken Fists - Love 4 Me (Produced by Suave)
05 Drunken Fists - Rock Steady (Produced by Rajeev Bling)
06 Drunken Fists - Life (Produced by Keeno)
07 Drunken Fists - Million Dolla Dream (Produced by Curt B)
08 Drunken Fists - Gotta Get It (Produced by Big Smouse)
09 Drunken Fists - Midnight Movements (Produced by Amir)
10 Drunken Fists - Party On and On (Produced by Amir)
11 Drunken Fists - Jamacian Rum (Produced by Omar)
12 Drunken Fists - All in the Game (Produced by Big Smouse)
13 Drunken Fists - It's Our Time (Produced by Suave)
14 Drunken Fists - Art of War (Produced by Badroc)
15 Drunken Fists - Big Bossin' (Produced by Amir)
16 Drunken Fists - Come Around (Produced by Suave)
17 Drunken Fists - La Familia (Produced by Amir)

Work Hard Play Hard Vol. 1 Mixtape

Work Hard Play Hard Vol. 1 Mixtape

Impak asked me to share this mixtape with you guys... so here it is!

This is the Work Hard Play Hard Vol. 1 promotional compilation mixtape featuring music from Jimmy Boi, Gumby aka Pryce, GookstaZ and 450 Gang.

DOWNLOAD: Work Hard Play Hard Vol 1 Mixtape

Track Listing:

01 Jimmy Boi - Other Shit
03 Gookstaz - 8th in the Glove Case
04 Gumby feat. Bird Throw Yo Hood Up
05 JimmyBoi feat. T-Dub L2H Thang Remix
06 P.G. - Game Over
07 450 - Raw Dawg
08 Gumby - I Am Da Streets
09 Gookstaz - Only Thing
10 GookstaZ - Lovin Dat Taste ft.Nini
11 JimmyBoi - PILL FLIPPA
12 Gumby - Rock Radio
13 GookstaZ - Just the Way It Iz ft. Cashiz Raye
14 Jimmy Boi - Better days

Work Hard Play Hard Vol. 1 Documentary Trailers

Here are 4 trailers for an upcoming documentary called Work Hard Play Hard Vol. 1 from Jug-A-Knot Entertainment. Work Hard Play Hard is a documentary series that documents the daily hustle and grind of Asian-American rappers and the hoods they that come from. The first volume in this documentary series features 450 Gang, Jimmy Boi, Gumby aka Pryce, and GookstaZ. The DVD will be released on November 3rd. Be on the lookout when it is released!

450 Gang, from Rochester, New York:

Jimmy Boi from Houston, Texas:

Gumby aka Pryce from Minnesota, Minneapolis:

GookstaZ from Bay Area, California:

XL Middleton - Middle Class Blues Mixtape Edition

XL Middleton - Middle Class Blues Mixtape Edition

Pasenda's XL Middleton hooked up with DJ Age in a joint release of the mixtape edition Middle Class Blues. The underlying theme of Middle Class Blues is about the daily life and struggles of middle class Americans who are facing the current economic recession. XL Middleton has produced for some real prolific rappers out in the west coast such as Crooked I, Cashis, Young Keno, and Suga Free, so you know this mixtape definitely has some of that REAL west coast G-funk flava!!

Press Release:
XL Middleton is back with his first solo project in two years. Entitled Middle Class Blues, the album plays out like a story that many people have already experienced first hand - the reality of having to deal with a troubled economy. Titles such as "Waitin On A Check" and "Unemployment" exemplify this, but in typical XL fashion, the album ends on a high note, with party records such as "Every Time I Ride By" and the previously-released "Single" bringing the silver lining behind the clouds as XL looks to a more positive future. The album is available for free download, courtesy of DJ Age who brings us Middle Class Blues: The Mixtape Edition. The un-tagged album version will be available from digital outlets such as iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby within the month, and is available now from XL's freshly-revamped site

DOWNLOAD: XL Middleton - Middle Class Blues Mixtape Edition

Track Listing:

02. XL MIDDLETON- Waitin On A Check
04. XL MIDDLETON- Middle Class Blues
07. DJ-AGE- Chronic Break
08. XL MIDDLETON- Vossi On The Rocks
09. XL MIDDLETON Ft. NON-CENTS- Drunk Dialin
11. XL MIDDLETON Ft. E.D- Filthy
12. XL MIDDLETON Ft. SHAME & REV- Swim Or Sink
13. XL MIDDLETON- We're Fucked Anyway
14. XL MIDDLETON- Ends Of The Earth
16. XL MIDDLETON- Now That You Got Thin
17. XL MIDDLETON Ft. MIKE TROY- Every Time I Ride By
19. XL MIDDLETON Ft. BLACK & MILD- Closing Credits

Friday, October 16, 2009

Trailer of Jin's New HK Movie: 死神傻了 (Split Second Murders)

Split Second Murders movie poster-- Jin is 2nd to the left in the 1st row
(pic from ayojin)

The trailer for Jin's new movie, 死神傻了 (Split Second Murders) is out. From what I gather from the trailer, it looks a thriller-comedy film. 6-Wing from the Hong Kong rap group Fama plays the lead role.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pictures of Cute Baby Monkey from Xishuangbanna, Yunnan

Here are some photos taken of a cute 2-month-old baby monkey from Xishuangbanna Dai Park in Yunnan, China.


(pictures from Xinhua)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Internet Dating Tips for Women

Need help in capturing Mr. Right? Here are some internet dating tips for women, endorsed by yours truly!

ALWAYS BE READY to go whenever he calls.

When waiting for his call, ensure you are BAKING something delicious to give him when you see him.

ALWAYS look pretty and smell HATE IT when you aren't

Ask him if he needs his laundry done or his house LOVE that!

Be prepared to PICK UP THE TAB at the end of a date out, this signals a man that you are sexually interested.

Give up on your friends and available for your man ALWAYS...this shows your unswerving commitment

Send him weekly gifts of beer and auto truly LOVE these things!

When in the bedroom, ALWAYS act like a slut!....NEVER forget to swallow.

NEVER criticize your man..even when he's wrong...this shows flagrant disobedience.

BE PEPARED to give up your job and have many children.

ALWAYS treat your man like a KING and know you are but a loyal and faithful servant to his many needs.

If you are walking in the rain and see a puddle ahead, HURL yourself into that puddle. It is best that your man walk over you rather than get his feet wet.

Regular massages, back rubs, and foot massages show your undying loyalty and devotion.


Pilar Arlando is Miss Singapore World 2009!!

Miss Singapore 2009: Pilar Arlando

ERM Marketing has officially chosen Pilar Arlando as the new Miss Singapore World 2009. She will be representing Singapore in the Miss World 2009 beauty pageant in South Africa. Pilar Arlando is an exotic mix of Chinese, Indian, Portuguese and Dutch ancestry.

More pictures of Pilar Arlando from the Miss Singapore World beauty pageant:

Her interview with Razor TV conducted during the pageant:

Thai Ngo's 2009 Promo for his NEW ALBUM

This is Thai Ngo's promo for his new album filmed in the Empire Recordings studio. This video clip was released on January 31, 2009.

Thai!! When's that album coming out?! Let a brother know.....

Filipina hip hop duo 1st Quarter Storm's "Pag-Ibig" & "Abante"

1st Quarter Storm

1st Quarter Storm is a Filipina/Pinay hip hop duo from Seattle, Washington. The duo consists of El Dia and Rouge Pinay. The subject matter that they rap about ranges from social justice to gender politics. They also have been featured in in The Seattle Weekly last year.

Here's a couple of tracks from 1st Quarter Storm. The first track is Abante (Rise Up), produced by Cure. The second track Pag-Ibig (Love) is produced by Geologic from Blue Scholars.

DOWNLOAD MP3: 1st Quarter Storm - Abante | 1st Quarter Storm - Pag-Ibig

You can check out 1st Quater Storm's MySpace at:

Chinx - Eye Candy feat Oriana

Here is a fresh new track dedicated to ladies called Eye Candy by Toronto rapper Chinx featuring Oriana.

Caution: This video is kindaaaaaa NOT SAFE FOR WORK....... don't say I didn't warn ya......

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

China hip hop - 龙咆 (Dragon Roar) Vol 9 mixtape

龙咆 (Dragon Roar) Vol 9 mixtape front

龙咆 (Dragon Roar) Vol 9 mixtape back

This is the latest mixtape in the 龙咆 (Dragon Roar) series featuring the best of Mainland China's underground hip hop.

DOWNLOAD: 龙咆 (Dragon Roar) Vol 9 mixtape

Track Listing:

01、Intro(Prod By DJ Gen)
02、政客 - Just to be different
03、Devil Son&T.M.G - Street sunrise(Auto-Tune版)
04、Mr.Young - 这是谁谁
05、浪人LanYor(Of 黑桃团体) - 我会永远在你们身边
06、RPS&Mr.Trouble&Jiva - No better love
07、格林派 - 在雨停之后
08、格林派 Feat.MC小佐 - 因为有梦
09、影流 - 熬
10、乱战门Family - Non-workday
11、杨冰(Prod By 陈军宏) - 如果我有一把手枪
12、Piggsea(Of 戏社) - Dream on
13、新街口组合 - 花掉你的钱
14、MC L.L.T小小汤 - Llt妖女Shake
15、Young mai Feat.伍行、Gem - Let it rock(Remix)
16、麒麟堂 - 夜被点燃
17、伍行 - 孤军奋战
18、bozo boyz - 你是我的菜
19、手斤口 Feat.阿国、Harmony - Fire
20、L.C.T - 愚者天堂
21、A Plus - 毕业
22、MC小佐&J-LOC - 雨
23、Kony Feat.Joon - Crazy world
24、丐帮 - 我知道
25、道奇(Of 伍行) - Baby
26、Outro(Prod By DJ Gen)

Freestyle Battle - Dumbfoundead vs PH (Pumpkin Head)

In this freestyle battle for Grind Time, Dumbfoundead takes on PH (Pumpkin Head). Dumbfoundead was really hittin PH with age and pumpkin jokes. Dumbfoundead wins in the OT.

Overtime + interview with Dumbfoundead and PH after the battle:

China Hip Hop Mixtape - 龙咆 (Dragon Roar) Vol.8

龙咆 (Dragon Roar) Vol. 8 front

龙咆 (Dragon Roar) Vol. 8 back

龙咆 (Dragon Roar) is a series of hip hop mixtapes from China featuring underground rappers compiled by Hell's Dragon Productions in Guangdong. In this particular volume, most of the tracks have a jazz hip hop feel to it. There are 29 tracks in total. The album is primarily in Mandarin, although there are a some tracks in Cantonese and at least one in Mongolian. There are quite a number of solid tracks in the mixtape and I must say that the mixtape as a whole exceeded my expectations of Mainland Chinese hip hop. If you want to hear how they do hip hop in China, you should definitely check this out.

Here's a really cool and mellow track from the mixtape that I am definitely feelin. It is a Cantonese rap song called Mo liu mic jo gor by Future.G(Of 字游军):

DOWNLOAD: 龙咆 (Dragon Roar) Vol. 8

Track Listing:

01、Eddie(Of 少先队)(Intro)
02、Devil Son&T.M.G - Diggin a payment
03、手斤口 Feat.Rosa - 忘记你
04、麒麟堂 - 流浪花
05、RPS - 人生的插曲
06、L.C.T - Bring you da sky
07、北斗 - 叼!吾系讲笑
08、GREEN CLAN格林派 - 一个人的空房间
09、馒头(Of A Plus) - 秘密
10、石头(Of 戏社) - 站起来
11、Jornson - 走过这条街
12、卷儿(Of 乱战门Family) - 我们
13、MC小佐 - 家的入口
14、D-Yosef - 旅程
15、反犬良 Feat.Lil8 - 回到
16、Future.G(Of 字游军) - Mo liu mic jo gor
17、璐人 - Song for my angel
18、Lui - 男孩
19、咔吐 - One night stand
20、欧阳正萌 Feat.Lordmo R - 现实太假
21、丐帮 - 我的生活Hipa
22、张兮&EmMcCain - Booty time
23、Bozo Boyz - 大家下载我
24、Devil Son&T.M.G - Another
25、政客 - The realest n the illest
26、伍行 - Rain day
27、Stone Feat.TOD - 辩解
28、Twoday - 黑白
29、马戏团小丑(Of 少先队)(Outro)

China Woman's Rights 2009 Mixtape

China Woman's Rights 2009 Mixtape

China Woman's Rights 2009 Mixtape

Here's a mixtape compilation of Chinese female rappers from all across mainland China called 女权运动2009 (China Woman's Rights 2009). The mixtape was complied by Hell's Dragon Productions from Guangdong, China.

DOWNLOAD: China Woman's Rights 2009 Mixtape

Track Listing:

01、呆宝静 Feat.杨帆 - 傻X II
02、Rainbow - Rainbow biz
03、Rap.Tz&魂 - 功夫蟑螂
04、Lil'Q&沼泽&迪迪 - 职业不分贵贱
05、Chyna Apple - 豹哥和Suicide
06、VEDA - 优等后进生
07、JoHo - 死结的礼物
08、小妖SUE - 还有你
09、爱爱&CK - 对你的好
10、娃娃&Miumiu&璐人 - 选择离开
11、PUPU Feat.Mr积 - Summer's wind
12、Niki婷 - 那种甜
13、王蓓&MC李小龙 - Rock with us
14、Lacedoll&Jassy - We could luv
15、ZERO - 安静的累了
16、影子RJ - 什么HIPHOP
17、JING Feat.娃娃 - My holiday
18、丸 - 一些人一些事
19、伊子木木 - Go away
20、李曦瑶 - 把生活泡在雪花里

Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Day Canada!!

Today Canadians from all across Canada are ready to roast their turkeys for thanksgiving day. Thanksgiving is a holiday where Canadians traditionally eat oven-roasted turkey that day but, what is even more important than the turkey is the mindset that this holiday it reminds us to have. It reminds us to reflect and be thankful for all things given to us. This helps us not to take things for granted. And to be real with you guys.... shiet. I really feel like I take waaaaay too many things for granted. And come to think of it, I should be thankful for all the good company in my life, all the good times, all the opportunities, and all the valuable life experiences given to me this year!! I should be thankful not only today, but everyday! Anyways to end this little blog, here's a an old Christian hymn that has been running through my head this morning that I like to share with you guys. It is called Count Your Blessings. I don't know if people actually sing this song on thanksgiving day, but it the song teaches that focusing on blessings in your life will help keep you in a happy and joyful mood. How true it is!!

Count Your Blessings:
When upon life’s billows you are tempest tossed,
When you are discouraged, thinking all is lost,
Count your many blessings, name them one by one,
And it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.


Count your blessings, name them one by one,
Count your blessings, see what God hath done!
Count your blessings, name them one by one,
And it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.

Are you ever burdened with a load of care?
Does the cross seem heavy you are called to bear?
Count your many blessings, every doubt will fly,
And you will keep singing as the days go by.


When you look at others with their lands and gold,
Think that Christ has promised you His wealth untold;
Count your many blessings. Wealth can never buy
Your reward in heaven, nor your home on high.


So, amid the conflict whether great or small,
Do not be disheartened, God is over all;
Count your many blessings, angels will attend,
Help and comfort give you to your journey’s end.



Sunday, October 11, 2009

Poetic Ammo - Who Be The Player MV

Ladies and gentelmen, may I present to you the music video of Poetic Ammo's Who Be The Player. I first saw this music video back in the summer of 2000 during my vacation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. When I first saw it I was like, wow......this shit is sooooo dope!!! The music video for Who Be The Player takes place in a futuristic Kuala Lumpur where the 4 members of Poetic Ammo are all engaging in an epic battle to protect Malaysian hip hop. By all means, go check out the music video!

Asian Rap Worldwide Presents: The LS Mixtape

The LS Mixtape front

The LS Mixtape back

I'm very proud to announce that Asian Rap Worldwide has just released its very first mixtape called The LS Mixtape!! The LS mixtape features 12 songs from LS, a Chinese-American rapper from New York that rapped about his life experiences in the streets of New York's Chinatown. He was coming up in the rap game around the same time when Asian-American rappers such as Jin, Chan and Shogunna were also coming up. That was in the early millenium which marked the beginning stages of an Asian-American hip hop movement, which LS was a part of. If you haven't heard any new songs from LS lately, that is because LS is not rapping anymore (or at least is putting his rapping on hold for a while). LS explains it all in this the email he sent to me:

Wuts good Royal? Sorry bout the delay, after i got out the hospital n all i had to catch up on mad shit but i didn't forget about you... i appreciate the luv fam... i juss wanna let you kno that, i haven't been in the game for a minute now... it seems my time has come and gone... it's funny because when i was younger i had dreams of making it big but i never thought it could ever happen... then when it really did start happening n things started to take off it kinda took me by surprise because it was happening so fast and i didn't really kno what to do with it, all the visions i was having was coming tru but i wasn't really taking it that seriously when i should of been... but thats how life is sumtimes... whether i decide to pursue music again or not i could say say that i've definitely made my mark... even with the limited amount of songs that i put out there, i'm still arguably one of the best asian american artist that did it... it was definitely fun while it lasted and who knows, maybe i'll pick up the mic again n show these niggas wuts up lol... HOLLA AT THE KID!


Well... you heard it straight from LS. Now about the mixtape. The LS Mixtape is a mix of some originals, some covers over instrumental beats and some collaborations with other Asian rappers. I have already covered quite a few of LS's songs already that will be on the mixtape (search: LS). Another song that you should definitely give a listen to is Life Or Death featuring Ailee. That song is pretty deep and you can tell that LS wrote that song based on his own life struggles.

DOWNLOAD: Asian Rap Worldwide Presents -The LS Mixtape

Track listing:

01 I'm Back
02 Mr. Right Mr. Wrong feat Jin
03 Checkmate feat Jay Chou
04 Long Road Ahead
05 Notorious (Chinatown)
06 Still A Chink feat Jin, Shogunna, Chan, Rookadamus & Young Mac
07 4th Chamber feat Jin & Chan
08 Protect Ya Neck Remix feat Jin, Young Mac, Thai Streets, SouthStar, Chan & FM
09 Life I Chose
10 Life or Death feat Ailee
11 Last Laugh feat Jay Uno
12 Changes

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Korean First Lady Feeds Kimchi To Japanese First Lady

Hereeeeeee comes the kimchiiiiii...
(picture from Korea Times)

Here's a cute picture of the Korean first lady, Kim Yoon-Ok putting a piece of kimchi in the mouth of Hatoyama Miyuki, the new first lady of Japan, during Hatoyama Miyuki's visit to Seoul, Korea on Friday, October 9th. That red stuff in their hands is kimchi residue.

Can someone caption this photo?

Vasco - 덤벼라 세상아 (Attack the World) MV

Vasco - 덤벼라 세상아 (Attack the World)

This is Korean rapper Vasco's 2007 hit song 덤벼라 세상아 (Attack the World) from his 2nd album with the same title. The music video of 덤벼라 세상아 looks like it is based on some futuristic Orwellian/apocalyptic Korean society. And in it Vasco plays some sort of hero that breaks the mold of conformity to the society's dimise.

덤벼라 세상아 (Attack the World) music video:

Friday, October 09, 2009

Drunken Tiger - 축하해 Welcome to the World, Lil' Homie feat. Jordan Suh MV

Drunken Tiger - Feel gHood Muzik

Drunken Tiger has a new music video out called 축하해 Welcome to the World, Lil' Homie featuring Jordan Suh (the name of Tiger JK's son). The song is about Tiger JK celebrating little Jordan's life. In the music video you can see Tiger JK playing with little Jordan. There are also some cameo appearances in the music video made by some members of The Movement such as Dynamic Duo and Epik High in a scene which looks like a taping of Jordan's birthday. 축하해 Welcome to the World, Lil' Homie is from Drunken Tiger's Feel gHood Muzik album.

축하해 Welcome to the World, Lil' Homie music video:

For more pictures of Tiger JK and his son Jordan click here.

Ris Low's tell-all interview with Razor TV

Ris Low during her Razor TV interview

Resuming from where we left off since the Singaporean press were headlining Ris Low's credit card fraud case, the funny talking and credit card snatching beauty queen voluntarily gave up her Miss Singapore crown and is now no longer Miss Singapore World. Ris Low also did a very recently, a no-holds-barred interview with Razor TV to address all the controversies surrounding her: from her command of English, to her Miss Singapore World video interview, to her bipolar disorder, to her credit card fraud, and everything else in between.

I must say that from watching this interview, my perception of Ris Low has really changed, as in how she talks and how handles herself in the public eye. Having seen her "boomz" interview and now recent interview with Razor TV, wow... it's like... she has become a totally different person. Despite that her credit card fraud and identity theft case was fully blown-up by the media, added to the fact that the media was slamming her non-stop for the past 3 months-- despite all of this she still holds her poise very, very well. She seems to have stepped up in her English verbalization too as well (to my surprise). She still speaks with a Singaporean accent, but she sounds more refined now compared to the previous interview. Whatever English training she took since "boomz", really paid off. Anyways with that aside, I'll let the interview speak for itself.

Part 1. Ris Low talks about what it is like being in the limelight.

Part 2: Ris Low talks about her credit card fraud and how she got the cards in the first place.

Part 3: Ris Low talks about her bi-polar disorder and how it affects her.

Part 4: Ris Low talks about giving up her Miss Singapore world crown and addresses the rumours about her "paying" for her Miss Singapore World crown.

Part 5: Ris Low talks about her relationship with 1st runner-up Claire Lee. Ris Low is still sticking to her guns claiming that it was of all people, Claire Lee that leaked out her credit card fraud case to the media.

Part 6: Ris Low talks about her grades in "O" Level English

Part 7: Ris Low answers questions that were asked by people.

Part 8: Ris Low talks about her career options after beauty pageants. She says she wants to act and she tries to "cry".

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Michael Bublé's new music video "Haven't Met You Yet" was shot in Killarney Market!!

Yeah I know this isn't hip hop...but Michael Bublé's newest music video, Haven't Met You Yet by was shot in Killarney Market!! I grew up near Killarney Market!! If you guys didn't know Michael Bublé was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia and I think it's really cool that he came back to his hometown in Vancouver to shoot a music video in a local supermarket. Anyways....about the song... I think it's a pretty cool song. It's classy and not too overtly sexual, which is refreshing for a change.

Hey Michael, I gotta ask you: while you were grocery shopping, did you manage to see a box of Rapper-O's in the breakfast cereal section? Hahahahaha....

Kato - Shakers


Kato from Chicago, Illinois has song out called Shakers where he not only raps, but also showcases his cello playing in the song. This song has a more jazzy feel to it rather than hip hop; it sounds like the type of music you would hear in the background while you're inside a Starbucks coffee shop. If you listen to it, you'll know what I mean...

DOWNLOAD MP3: Kato - Shakers