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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Jay Chou - Huo Yuan Jia

Jay Chou - Huo Yuan Jia

周杰伦 or Jay Chou is one of Taiwan's biggest pop superstars. He performs many different genres music and fuses of music such as rock, R&B, pop and rap and Chinese-esque music known as "Zhong Guo Feng". Jay Chou has released 8 studio albums up to date: Jay(2000), Fantasy (2001), Eight Dimensions (2002), Ye Hui Mei (2003), Common Jasmin Orange (2004), November's Chopin (2005), Still Fantasy (2006), On the Run (2007), and Capricorn (2008).

The song Huo Yuan Jia is about a 19th century martial artist from China that became famous by challenging foreign fighters during the time when China fell to foreign powers. This was the theme song to the movie Fearless starring Jet Li which was loosely based on Huo Yuan Jia's life. The song and instrumental is very China-esque. It features Jay Chou rapping and singing in a falsetto voice. The music video is very well done and you can see some scenes from Fearless and see Jay Chou's unique kung fu dance choreography. The song is from Jay Chou's 2006 EP with the same title, Huo Yuan Jia.