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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Slant Eyed Descendants - ReBirth

Slant Eyed Descendants

The Slant Eyed Descendants or SED is an Asian American rap group formed in 1998 by two Asian rappers: Menace and Rebel-E from Los Angeles, California. The name Slant Eyed Descendants comes from the stereotype that Asians have small eyes that "slant". Menace is Okinawan/Japanese and Rebel-E is Korean American. Their style is heavily influenced by west coast gangsta rap. They have released two EPs The Struggle and Snake. They are no longer active in the Asian rap scene.

The song ReBirth is about making a positive changes in oneself amidst the turmoil. Everyone goes through a time period in their life when they feel as if they are walking in darkness and need to get some better direction. Personally, I am really feelin this song because right now I am going through some personal issues myself and this song expresses the thoughts and emotions going through my head.

Both EPs by Slant Eyed Descendants is free for download.

You can download The Struggle from rapstation and Snake from soundclick.