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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

XL Middleton - Vossi On The Rocks

XL Middleton - Middle Class Blues

XL Middleton has leaked another track called Vossi On The Rocks from his upcoming album Middle Class Blues. I'm definitely feelin this track. This is a smooth joint that really, really mellows you out.

Press release:
XL Middleton is back with another leak from his upcoming album Middle Class Blues. Sticking more to the theme of the album with this song, Vossi On The Rocks is all about dealing with the stress of living check-to-check with a little assistance from XL's favorite cognac. Speaking on the track, Middleton says, "It's unlike anything you're hearing in hip hop these days. Everyone else is in the club. You don't hear a lot of live chords and basslines anymore. People are gonna feel this music, they're gonna be able to zone out to the instrumental and relate to the lyrics at the same time." Backed by a rich, slow-rolling chord heavy arrangement, XL advises you to "get ya rent money, take it the store, no second thoughts" in order to get away from the harsh realities of today's economic situations.

Middle Class Blues is coming in two forms - the free-for-download mixtape version mixed by DJ Age, and the album version which will be available from digital retailers such as iTunes and Amazon, as well as in CD form. XL also recently released a digital compilation, Drunk Talk Vol. 1, with labelmate Black which is available now.

DOWNLOAD MP3: XL Middleton - Vossi On The Rocks

JimmyBoi - Orlando Blog Sept. 2k9

Here is JimmyBoi's latest video blog that was filmed while he was in Orlando for his I Do it For Tha Hustlaz mixtape tour.

JimmyBoi also has a new mixtape coming out soon called MDMA which stand for "Money Don't Matter Anymore".

"Blind Date" by KT Tatara [FUNNY!!]

Here's a funny skit called Blind Date, written by and starring comedian KT Tatara.

From the skit:
"Hi! What can I get for you guys?"

"Check please!"

HAHAHAHAHA... hilarious!!

Kensho Kuma - God Will

Kensho Kuma - God Will

Kensho Kuma
has just released his new online single called God Will.

DOWNLOAD MP3: Kensho Kuma - God Will

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 - Mama Filipina & U Can Dream MV U Can Dream feat Florante has two new music videos out for his new solo album. The first music video apl released is called Mama Filipina, which is a song dedicated to the Philippines. The second music video is U Can Dream featuring Florante, a popular Pinoy folk-rock artist. These songs will be in's upcoming solo effort album called U Can Dream.

Mama Filipina:

U Can Dream:

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Miss Singapore World Ris Low "Boomz" Again! This Time It's Credit Card Fraud!

Miss Singlish 2009: Ris "Boomz" Low

Here's some scandalous news from Singapore. Miss Singapore World 2009 Ris Low is in hot water again with the Singaporean press. Previously she stirred up a national controversy with the Singaporean media with her broken English (and her "boomz") in an interview with Razor TV. Because of that video, many Singaporeans were enraged over the fact someone with such an awkward command of English would be representing their country in the upcoming Miss World 2009 pageant in South Africa. If that wasn't enough, here's the kicker: the press has just recently uncovered that Ris Low was also found guilty of credit card fraud and identity theft this past May. Ris Low has publicly admitted with remorse that she indeed took part in credit card fraud and identity theft and now she is fighting to keep her crown to represent Singapore in the Miss World 2009 pageant.

Here is a clip from Razor TV finding out local Singaporeans' opinion of Ris Low as Miss Singapore World. Oh yeah, there's a Ris Low "boomz" remix of the Black Eyed Peas's Boom Boom Pow playing in the background.

Asian Babe - Taiwanese cutie 米恩 (Mian)

Behold....the epitome of Taiwanese cuteness 米恩 (Mian). She is a model and actress who is of Taiwanese aboriginal origin. She became popular with the Taiwanese media when she was featured in the show 我愛黑澀會 (Wo Ai Hei Se Hui), which was designed to help create new Taiwanese entertainers. Since then she has done some modeling and some acting in Taiwanese dramas.

米恩's Profile

Real name: 蒋美恩 (Chiang Mei Yan)
English name: Esther
Stage name: 米恩 (Mian)
Age: 21 years old
Date of Birth: 1988/1/22
Lunar Sign: Dragon
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Religion: Christian
Blood Type: O
Height: 161cm
Weight: 43kg
Measurements: 32B./23.5./36
Shoes: 23.5 Number and a half
Languages: Chinese and English
Interests: dance. Singing. Athletics. Swimming. Acting. Piano

Here is 米恩 performing a dance to Ciara's Get Up:

Thursday, September 24, 2009

15Malaysia - Slovak Sling [Funny Video!!]

Here's a hilaaaaarrious skit called Slovak Sling, which is a mock-guide to the art to bribery, directed by Malaysian director Woo Ming Jin.  This skit is sooooooo funny and it really reminds me of Stephen Chow Sing-Chi's (Hong Kong comedian-actor and director) kind of humor. Slovak Sling is from the 15Malaysia series which are 15 short films that deal with social and political issues in Malaysia.


A bootleg DVD seller gets an advanced warning that there will be a police raid in his area.  In the meanwhile he spies on a politician trying to bribe another politician to switch parties for the upcoming election.  The bootleg DVD seller watches enthusiastically from afar, hoping to learn the art of bribery.  Then suddenly the bootleg DVD seller's informant tells him told to immediately evacuate as the police are already in the area.  He tries to run away but he trips and is caught by the police.  Then he tries to re-enact what he has learned and tries to bribe the police officer (which is hilarious!!).

Here's the behind-the-scenes of Slovak Sling:

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gloc-9 - Upuan [English subtitled version]

Kpopcorner from YouTube has posted an English subtitled video of Gloc-9's Upuan. This song, with its haunting melody, uses the metaphor of a chair to address the corruption of the Philippine government.

On a related note you guys might want to check out an in-depth interview with Gloc-9 done by the staff at SoulSonic TV earlier on July 24th. Among some of the things brought up in the interview are: his newest album Matrikula, working with Jeazell in Upuan, his career and the current status of the Philippine hip hop scene.


Shing02 - 湾曲 (Waikyoku) feat. Emi Meyer & Motoki Yamaguchi

Shing02 - 湾曲 (Waikyoku)

Shing02 is a Japanese rapper that was born in Tokyo, Japan and was raised in Tanzania, England and Japan. When he was 15 years old, he landed in California and eventually got involved with hip hop music. In 1996 Shing02's music was promoted back in Japan and as a result he won many fans through his unique hip hop sound. Shing02 is also the inventor of the Vestex Faderboard, which is a keyboard-like instrument that uses faders.

Shing02 has released his highly anticipated album last year called 湾曲 (Waikyoku) which means "distortion" or "bend" in English.  The overall concept of 湾曲 (Waikyoku) is deals with the themes of being a human being and "overcoming the trials and tribulations of the spiritual side" (from Shing02's interview with ElectricSistaHood on 10/30/2008).  Here is the music video of the title track featuring Jazz singer Emi Meyer and drummer Motoki Yamaguchi.

Epik High - 따라해 (Wannabe) MV

Epik High - [e]

Epik High has a new music video out for 따라해 (Wannabe). The music video is a parody of the 2006 Korean blockbuster monster movie The Host. The Host is one of the most critically acclaimed and highest-grossing Korean films of all time.

Here's the trailer of The Host. You can see some how Epik High parodied some of the most gut-wrenching scenes from The Host. The monster in The Host looks really horrifying, but in the 따라해 (Wannabe) version they made the monster appear more like a cross-breed between Bowser and Domo-kun.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Jin - The Best [new Christian rap song]

Jin has just released another Gospel-themed rap called The Best which uses the instrumental of Drake's Best I Ever Had. Oh wow. This a reeaaally different Jin than the one I'm used to. If Jin's Welcome To The Light Club freestyle and his follow-up testimonial video didn't convince you about his new direction in life, this new song hits the nail on the head (no pun intended). This particular song sounds like a worship song to Jesus. Personally for me, Jin's transformation will take some time for me to get used to. If you want to download The Best the click on the link below.

DOWNLOAD MP3: Jin - The Best

I don't know if this is Holy rap
Christian rap
Gospel rap
I don't know what it's called
all I know is...

Jesus you're my everything
Youre all I ever wanted
You can do it real big
bigger then I ever done it
You rule over everything
the devil he ain't never on it
your love is forever
forever I'm dependin' on it

cause He hold me down every time I hit Him up
eternal life You promise that we gon live it up
make sure that I pray for it I just can't get enough
and I say the same thing every single time

said You really are the best
really are the best
really are the best
really are the best

You the best there ever was
best there ever was
best there ever was
best there ever was
said You really are the..

greatest individual to ever walk the face of earth
every 25th of December we celebrate your birth
three wise men seekin' out a stranger
right beneath the north star chillin' in your manger
the absolute truth no lies no deception
just joseph mary and the immaculate conception
God in physical form hear the angels sing
what a sight your divine right born to be a King
parents had to dip (why?) haters tryin' to get to them
Jesus of Nazareth but He was born in Bethlehem
as a child He was more annointed than most of 'em
not just a carpenter see the Holy Ghost in Him
mankind was sure in for a heck of a surprise
didn't have a clue he was our Father in disguise
was once a lost sheep not sure which way to go
until you lead the way I just had to let you know..

Jesus you're my everything
Youre all I ever wanted
You can do it real big
bigger then I ever done it
You rule over everything
the devil he ain't never on it
your love is forever
forever I'm dependin' on it

cause He hold me down every time I hit Him up
eternal life You promise that we gon live it up
make sure that I pray for it I just can't get enough
and I say the same thing every single time

said You really are the best
really are the best
really are the best
really are the best

You the best there ever was
best there ever was
best there ever was
best there ever was
said You really are the..

if you're looking for that Drake joint this is not the one
no disrespect to him this track was just the proper one
out of all the verses this might be the hottest one:
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son
who believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life
basically patiently waitin' for the return of Christ
name your top five all combined they ain't half as nice
besides He decided to make the ultimate sacrifice
fully forgiven thru his crucifixion
I'm finally able to seperate the truth from fiction
I use to drink Henny guzzle the whole bottle
now I don't just love Jesus I made Him my role model
helping out the needy that's just stuff that He likes to do
if you don't believe me shoot even His disciples knew
it's too much greatness to describe in one song
love me knowing that I've done wrong that's why..

Shout outs to ORANGE for giving me the heads up and posting this track in the forum

AK-69 Releases new album "The Cartel From Streets"

AK-69 - The Cartel From Streets

Japanese hip hop artist AK-69 (a.k.a. Kalassy Nikoff) has an album out now called The Cartel From Streets which was released on September 2nd. The Cartel From Streets debuted at #8 on the Oricon charts. One thing you guys should know about AK-69 that he is not signed to any major label. That's right, AK-69 is an independent artist that had an independently released hip hop album debut in the top ten on the Oricon charts. That is quite an amazing feat for an independent hip hop artist because in Japan the Oricon charts are heavily dominated by artists from major labels such as Sony and Avrex.

AK-69 already has two music videos out from his The Cartel From Streets album. One of them is for Only God Can Judge Me and another is for And I Love You So. Me personally, I'm really diggin' the song Only God Can Judge Me. I like AK-69's energy and delivery in the song and I totally dig the synthesized MIDI trumpet sounds. The MIDI trumpet sounds gives me a sense of nostalgia because it really reminds me of the BGM from the old skool SNES Beat 'em up games or the SNES sidescrollers I used to play.

Only God Can Judge Me:

And I Love You So:

Track Listing:

01. The Cartel From Streets
02. Only God Can Judge Me
03. FXXk Off
04. HIP HOP 4 Life feat. HOKT, Kayzabro, BIG RON
05. Around My Hood
06. WAYA
07. A to Z feat. ZANG HAOZI
08. They Don’t Know
09. 雨音 feat. LA BONO
10. CROWZ feat. Phobia Of Thug (Mr.OZ / Ganxta Cue), Lil’J
11. C・H・A・B・A・N
12. ダッチ
13. Skit ~追憶の夜~
14. And I Love You So
15. Sun Rise
16. Lookin’ In My Eyez
17. The Last Song ~My Love Epilogue~ feat. ARIA
18. 69 Party feat. DJ MOTO a.k.a. DON GRANDE

Dumbfoundead will be performing at the R-16 Festival in Korea

This is just a little video update from LA's Koreatown's Dumbfoundead.

He will be performing with Drunken Tiger, Epik High, Rakka, and Roscoe Umali in a concert at the R-16 Festival (b-boy festival) in Incheon, Korea on September 24th.

He's featured on the new Epik High album [e] in two songs: Maze and Rocksteady.

Also, Dumbfoundead will be battling Kid Twist on November 5th in Toronto for King of the Dot.

SACRAfice - Boarding Pass mixtape

SACRAfice - Boarding Pass mixtape

From his own words:
I go by the name of SACRAfice, and I'm just an upcoming Asian-American artist from Sacramento, CA. I'm an English speaking, Korean-American recording artist born in Seoul, Korea, that came to the states as an infant. I was raised in a lower to middle class neighborhood in Sacramento, CA. Surrounded by a blend of many ethnicities, I grew up in a environment full all types of cultural influences that directly & indirectly permeated into my music. I starting writing as a teenager but never made music until about a two years ago. And after joining a local Sacramento group called PCM in 2008, I gained access to new quality production and network support. And within a span of about of a year, I finished my debut project "Boarding Pass", which is like a prelude, or sampler to my album Foreign Exchange, due out 2010.

From a previous interview that SACRAfice did:
Why do I make my music?

I make music for so many reasons.

I make music because it supplements so many aspects of my life. I get so much from creating, and implementing a vision.

I make music because i feel like Asian Americans deserve and need positive role models to see, but not necessarily look up to. I just want to represent another option.

I make music for people that are proud of who there are. Regardless, of the good and bad.

I make music for the dreamers, and the underachievers, and anyone trying to better themselves.

I make music to sometimes take people away from life.

To be honest, I never imagined I'd become a recording artist. I was perfectly content being a fan. However, after listening to the music slowly dilute in content & skill over the years, i decided instead of complaining about it, I do something about it.

Especially after seeing so many corny Asians rappers out there, i couldn't take it.

What do I hope to accomplish?

I want to be able to create a career out of this. I want to emulate careers like Talib Kweli,

The Roots, Royce da 5.9. Those artists are full time artists and respected in the underground and accepted in parts of mainstream media. I don't want or expect to become a superstar but I hope that I have dual acceptance one day.

What does music means to you?

Music is an integral part of my life. It allows me to simultaneously fulfill so many areas of my life. It's like the soundtrack to my personality. It allows my voice to be heard.

Music makes me feel relevant.

Boarding Pass Track listing:

01 SACRAfice
02 All This For Me
03 Know My Name
04 I'm On It
05 Conquer It All
06 Not Ready (feat. Floe Montana)
07 I Work (feat. Chase Moore & Mahtie Bush)
08 Passport
09 A Mile In My Shoes (feat. Chase Moore & Cawzlos)
10 I Said Look
11 Don't Need Y'all
12 Hollywood (feat. Chase Moore)
13 I Think You Scared
14 Boss In The Booth (feat. Kel Cz)
15 Get Your Game Right (feat. Chase Moore & Kel Cz)
16 Hold Up (feat. Chase Moore & Al G)
17 Dream

SACRAfice's websites:


illmillion - Above & Beyond mixtape

illmillion - Above & Beyond mixtape

illmillion is a 16 year old rapper of Cambodian and Chinese decent from Hillsboro, Oregon. He has just released his latest mixtape called Above & Beyond. Check it out!

Track Listing:

01 - Above & Beyond Intro (1:35)
02 - None Of Your Business (featuring Moc Five) (3:15)
03 - It's Alright (4:36)
04 - Reality Check (2:46)
05 - I Don't Understand (featuring Jerrilyn) (3:43)
06 - Chillin (3:17)
07 - See You Wrong (featuring Jerrilyn) (4:44)
08 - Oregon Girls (4:31)
09 - Remember Her (3:23)
10 - Tell Me (5:00)
11 - Where Am I (3:45)
12 - Perfect Heartbreak (4:00)
13 - Tic Tac Toe (4:24)
14 - Wack MC's (featuring J-WAng, D-SePsHuN, & Antwann) (5:53)
15 - Send Me An Angel (featuring Antwann & D-SePsHuN) (4:37)
16 - Finish Line (3:52)
17 - Above & Beyond Outro (2:16)

Original production credits include: 10Beats, Rapitfly, VybeBeatz,
FlashBeats, Outsourced Beats, Tha Thuurd, HyGrade, BeatByRyan, & The
Shah Bros.

DOWNLOAD: illmillion - Above & Beyond

illmillion's websites:


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Blog Update: Asian Rap Worldwide has a forum now!!

Whats up readership!!! Just want to let you guys know Asian Rap Worldwide has an internet forum now. By all means, go sign in the forum and let's get this global form of communication on and crackin'!!

When you guys sign in, be sure to introduce yourself!!

the forum url is:

or you can click on the forum button on the blog.

Wolf Blitzer ends up with -$4600 on Celebrity Jeopardy

Wolf Blizter

Here's some funny news. Wolf Blitzer the host of CNN's The Situation Room was on Celebrity Jeopardy and ended up with a score of -$4600. On a related note big props to comedian-actor Andy Richter for dominating that same episode in which he ended up winning a total of $68,000 for his charity: St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Check out the video:

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hi-C poses nude for Playboy Philippines and launches her debut album "Body Talk"

Hi-C on the September cover of Playboy Philippines

For all you fans of Dice & K9 Mobbstarr, have you ever wondered about how Hi-C looks like in the nude? C'mon. Don't lie. Well you can find that out once you get your grubby little hands on this month's issue Playboy Philippines. Yep, that's Hi-C alright in the front cover of Playboy Philippines' September issue in UV black lighting with white body paint smeared all over her anatomy. Hi-C whose real name is Honeyleen Concepcion–Rosaroso, is from Cebu City in the Philippines (that would make her a "Cebuana") and she's the lead vocalist for the Filipino hip hop group Dice & K9 Mobbstarr. She also has recently released her debut solo dance-pop album called Body Talk.

Here's is a clip of Hi-C performing a remake of the 80's hit Physical at her Body Talk and Playboy issue launch in Metro Manila's LAX nightclub on 09/09/09. Physical will be Hi-C's first single off her Body Talk album.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Preview of Epik High's [e] album

epik high - [e]

Korean rap group Epik High has released a preview of their 6th album called [e] (it looks more like [é] to me....that's all I'm saying!). This album will be a 2 disc album with 30 songs in total. Dumbfoundead is featured in one of the songs called Rocksteady. That looks like an interesting collaboration. [e] will be available on September 16th.

Here's the preview of the album released by Epik High. As Tablo showed, [e] will be a book-album with the lyrics included. You even get to see how the dropping of an urn of pink sand was the result of the album cover of [e]. Shout outs to Epik High for always being creative and stepping their game up!

Track listing:

Disc 1 [e]motion
01 Oceans. Sands. Trees.
02 Slow Motion
03 Seonmul (ft. Park Ji Yoon) (선물 (ft. 박지윤))
04 No More Christmas
05 Maze (ft. Dumbfoundead, MYK)
06 Tonggita (Skit) (통기타 (Skit))
07 Teuroteu (트로트)
08 Emologue
09 Excuses (ft. MYK)
10 Moonwalker
11 Breathe (Mithra's Word) (ft. Han Hui Jeong) (ft. 한희정)
12 Happy Birthday to Me (ft. Ha Dong Kyun) (ft. 하동균)
13 Heaven (ft. MYK)
14 Owls. Shadows. Tears.
15 [BONUS] Slow [e] Motion

Disc 2 [e]nergy
01 Orchestras. Spotlights. Turntables. (ft. MYK)
02 Still Here (ft. Dok2)
03 Sensitive Thug (Skit)
04 Ttarahae (Wannabe) (ft. Mellow) (따라해)
05 Rocksteady (ft. Kero One, Dumbfoundead, MYK, Rakka (Dilated Peoples))
06 Madonna (ft. Mellow)
07 Mallomaen (말로맨)
08 Shopaholic
09 Supreme 100
10 High Technology
11 Rocksteady (Korean Version) (ft. Paloalto, Dok2, Beatbox DG, Beenzino)
12 High Skool Dropout (Banhanghaji Ma) (반항하지 마)
13 Hyung (ft. MYK, YDG, Dok2) (흉)
14 Lesson Four (Tablo's Word)
15 Organs. Screams. Televisions.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Is Jin now a Christian rapper?

(Shout outs to a-Tunes for the link)

"The journey is just getting started," says Jin in his latest YouTube video in reference to his new direction in life. In Jin's latest video he addressed all the internet speculation about him being a “Christian rapper” ever since he released his Welcome to the Light Club freestyle. In that freestyle Jin quotes a Bible verse, talks about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and his baptism in 2008. Furthermore, he closes the freestyle with an “amen”. These words that Jin used in Welcome to the Light Club as well as the subject matter of the freestyle sounded very Christian-oriented. And as a result of many hip hop websites began to label Jin as a “Christian rapper” and on the flipside, gospel rap sites and Christians began to embrace him as their own brother in Christ. Now in this new follow-up video, Jin clears all the smoke and declares that he is in fact now a Christian and he even gives his own personal testimony on his conversion to Christianity but he leaves it up to people to decide whether or not he’s a “Christian rapper”.

I give props to Jin for being a stand-up kind of person about his own faith but to be honest I’m really anxious about how being a publicized Christian will affect his music direction. If you have been following Jin's career in Hong Kong, its obvious that his Cantonese raps are watered-down due to the fact that Jin is trying to appeal to a general demographic in Hong Kong plus the fact that Jin is still new to rapping in Cantonese. Personally, I'm not a big fan of Jin's Cantonese raps. I still prefer his English raps. And now with his new-found faith, I'm really curious about how Jin's next next English album will sound.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

TVXQ/Tohoshinki BUTCHERS m-flo's "Been So Long"

TVXQ (lol)

TVXQ (東方神起 or Tohoshinki), a Korean boyband from Japan, remade m-flo's Been So Long, one of my favorite songs from m-flo. And they BUTCHERED IT. Now that's just WRONG! The TVXQ version sounds like some soul-less wussy boy band song. The singing part was meant to be sung a by a girl. I don't know which fag was singing Lisa's part but it just sounds so wrong on so many levels!!! No guy in the right mind will publicly sing Lisa's part of the song!! Man... there should be a punishment for blaspheming Been So Long. Please someone.... kick em in the balls (if they have any) when you get the chance.  This song unfortunately will be on m-flo's 10th anniversary TRIBUTE album.

LISTEN: TVQX - Been So Long

Supasang: In The Making [Profile of a Lao Rapper]

Supasang, a cholo-looking Lao rapper from Fullerton, California, shows us his hood and tells his life story in this short-film called Supasang: In The Making. This film was shot on August 17, 2008.

You can check out Supasang's MySpace at:

Aubrey O'Day and Roscoe Umali performing "Never Fallin'" at Azukar Lounge

Here is a video footage of Aubrey O'Day and Roscoe Umali rocking the crowd at the Azukar Lounge in Sacremento, California with their hit-single Never Fallin'.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Dumbfoundead - Rapper-O's MV

Dumbfoundead - Fun With Dumb

Dumbfoundead introduces a new cereal called Rapper-O's. This song has a really cheesy Leave It To Beaver feel to it. Haha you gotta love the intro of the song: "Rapper-O's? What the fuck is that?!" Rapper-O's is produced by Kato and is from Dumbfoundead's album Fun With Dumb.

Footage of Jin's 828 VLT Concert

Jin has uploaded his footage of his 828 Vita Lemon Tea concert. The concert is strictly in Cantonese. I think the songs Jin performed in this concert are from his ABC album. Part 3 starts with a a freestyle contest. Also, MastaMic and 24Herbs make a guest appearance to perform a couple of songs.

The rest of the concert:

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nah & [B.0.7] release new album "Doi" [Vietnamese Rap]

Nah & [B.0.7] - Doi

Vietnam's Nah has released an album with [B.0.7] called Doi which is free for digital download. The album is recorded entirely in Vietnamese. I covered the title track Doi (which means waiting) in a previous blog post.

Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Nhung Dem Dai Bat Tan - Nah, [B.0.7] & Ling
3. Kia Em Nhin Xem - [B.0.7]
4. Doi - Nah & [B.0.7]
5. Cau Vong Cho Em - [B.0.7]
6. Cong Chua Rap Khuon - [B.0.7] & Mai
7. Khong Giong Ai - Nah, [B.0.7], Karik, Rapsoul
8. Than Tho - Nah
9. Hi - [B.0.7]

DOWNLOAD: Nah & [B.0.7] - Doi

Monday, September 07, 2009

Top 10 Dirtiest Hotels in Asia

Planning a trip to Asia in the near future? Here is a list of hotels that you want to avoid like the plague. As voted by TripAdvisor viewers, here are the top 10 dirtiest hotels in Asia. And when I say "dirtiest hotels", I don't mean those with "happy endings". First on the top 10 list is First Hotel Bangkok. Wow. Okay that's what it's first in. First in filth, haha. And Singapore has not 1, not 2, but 3 hotels that made it to the top 10 dirtiest Asian hotels?! That's gonna put a dent Singapore's squeaky clean image, LOL!
1.First Hotel Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand
2.Hotel Grand Central, Singapore, Singapore
3.The Imperial Hotel, Hong Kong, China
4.Royal Peacock Hotel, Singapore, Singapore
5.Woraburi Sukhumvit Hotel and Resort, Bangkok, Thailand
6.Colmar Tropicale, A French-Themed Resort, Bentung, Malaysia
7.Oxford Hotel, Singapore, Singapore
8.City Gate Hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam
9.Royal Parkview Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
10.Aseania Resort Langkawi, Langkawi, Malaysia


Saturday, September 05, 2009

BoA - Universe feat Crystal Kay and Verbal [Live Performance]

BoA - Best & USA

Here is BoA, Crystal Kay and Verbal doing a live performance of the song Universe at some Japanese TV show. The single Universe was released in Japan in the 1st quarter of 2009. One interesting factoid about the three artists in this song is that they are all from Korean descent. BoA is a well-known Korean pop artist, Crystal Kay is half-Korean and half African-American, and Verbal is Zainichi (ethnic Korean in Japan).

Is it just me or does Verbal kinda remind you of a modern-day Japanese Shock G/Humpty Hump from Digital Underground? Here's a pic for comparison.

Shock G/Humpty Hump from Digital Underground

Yeah....I totally see the similiarities!! Hahahah.... what do you guys think?

Busty Heart crushing things with her boobs

In a related post to Hu Ge, here is Busty Heart crushing things with her boobs on the TV show America's Got Talent. WARNING: This video is not for the faint at heart!

24Herbs - Hu Ge MV

24Herbs has released their newest music video for one of their songs called Hu Ge. I thought at first the chorus of Hu Ge was either in Spanish or Portuguese because it kinda sounds like Spanish or Portuguese (due to my ignorance of both languages) and also because the song has a pseudo-kinda-sounding reggaeton instrumental. Then I read in between the lines of "Hu Ge Clea Va Ge I Li Ke Clea Va Ge," and a grin flashed across my face. The chorus is freakin' briliant!! One really cool thing about the Hu Ge music video is that it features 3D scenes of the girls (but you gotta wear those red-blue 3D glasses to see the 3D effects).

Shortly after the release of Hu Ge, 24Herbs producer Ghost Style wrote in his blog about how the song originated:
Last night we (24Herbs) released our new video "Hu Ge". I love this one. Shout-out to Mo, Wy and Wen who did a great job! Thanks guys! Pretty organic the way it came out and in my opinion that's the best way to write music. To create stuff that is original, an expression of u and that people can 'feel' on different levels is a gift and the best feeling. How it happened was we were driving and saw a fine woman wearing a 'deep v' top. JBS says, "Clea Va Ge", we all laughed and i added "Hu Ge!" haha It was kinda Latin sounding and so, always kept in my mind for a reggaton-type song. JBS comes up with crazy slang all day--this is one of his classics for sure. Thanks to 24Herbs and Revolution for being supportive from the get-go. They took a risk to make some real music. Love that. Another classic.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Chuckie A - For My People

This is the lastest YouTube leak from Chuckie A called For My People. Some of you might find the lyrics familiar as they are the same lyrics from Sometimes Angels Fall, one of Chuckie's older songs from way back he that did with Kangel.

In related news........ Chuckie A announced on his MySpace that he's selling digital copies of his newest album From The Beginning for $5 USD.

Chuckie A - From The Beginning

For more details, contact Chuckie A at:

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Ris Low, Miss Singapore World 2009 talks about fashion

Ris Low, the winner of Miss Singapore World 2009 talks about fashion on Strait Times Razor TV. When asked what she likes to wear when she feels naughty, Miss Singapore World said:
If I'm feeling naughty then I'll be wearing something RED and LOUD. know? BOOMS!

New Big L Documentary: Street Struck

Check out this new documentary trailer of one of the GREATEST rappers of all time Big L, may he rest in peace! Oh wow... and Jin is in the trailer too? I wonder what kind of role will he play in the documentary? The documentary will be called Street Struck: The Big L Story and its scheduled to drop on February 2010, to coincide with the 11th anniversary of Big L's untimely death.

Roscoe Umali - Never Fallin' Feat Aubrey O'Day

Eh... isn't it ironic that my next post is about Never Fallin'? I think this is a better affirmation (although its spoken in the negative form). Anyways, the blonde boobshell--err I mean bombshell Aubrey O'Day, formerly from the girl pop group Danity Kane, jumped on Roscoe Umali's Never Fallin' and in this version, Aubrey O'Day is singing the chorus and has a whole verse to herself addressing her haters and critics.

Space Cowboy - Fallin Down Remix feat. Far East Movement-

The Far East Movement are featured in Space Cowboy's latest remix of Fallin Down. This remix of Fallin Down sounds A LOT like Girls on The Dance Floor and 2 is Better.... and its pretty much the SAME SOUND (with the weird s-s-s-s-subiminal sug-g-g-g-g-gestions), and SAME SUBJECT MATTER about partying, drinking, dancing and boning drunk girls. For some strange reason, Fallin Down kinda reminds me of Effiel 65's Blue. It has that Euro-techno-dancish kinda sound to it.