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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chuckie A - From The Beginning

Chuckie A - From The Beginning

From The Beginning is Chuckie A's debut album and it has a whopping 27 tracks in total. The digital version Chuckie sent me doesn't have any numbers on the file names so I don't know what is the official track order. A lot of the songs from this album are about Chuckie's pains, struggles and aspirations, hence the title From The Beginning. There are a number of songs in this album that were previously released in his Before I Begin album.

If you a fan of Chuckie, by all means go hit him up at to get a digital copy of From The Beginning for $5.

Track Listing (in Alphabetical order):

Chuckie - Like A Love Song
Chuckie A - Annie
Chuckie A - Chasing My Dreams
Chuckie A - Everywhere We Go
Chuckie A - From The Beginning
Chuckie A - How We Living
Chuckie A - Music Is My Life
Chuckie A - My Paradise
Chuckie A - One Way Out
Chuckie A - This Is For
Chuckie A - Time and Time Again
Chuckie A - Watch Out
Chuckie A - We Cry
Chuckie A Ft. Andree, Annie - Friends
Chuckie A Ft. BabyT. Smile
Chuckie A ft. Christopher Charles - Love Hurts
Chuckie A Ft. Duane Star - Uptown
Chuckie A Ft. Gamble - Steal The Show
Chuckie A Ft. KB - Inhale Fresh Air
Chuckie A Ft. Migo, Boogz - All We Know
Chuckie A Ft. S.Y - Tell me
Chuckie A Ft. Tony Atlis - Who You Are
Chuckie A w.FA - Be With You
Chuckie A, J.Reyez, Benny Blacc - Let Em Know
Chuckie A. Ft. Queeny - All Alone
Chuckie Ft. Loc - Ok
V.I.P - Duane Starr Ft. Rochester, Chuckie A

Friday, January 29, 2010

Triangle Offense - The Alarm

Triangle Offense

Triangle Offense
have released a new single for the clubs called The Alarm.

Press Release:

Triangle Offense Releases New Single "The Alarm" Ahead of Next Mixtape

Hours before taking the stage at the Bad Boy Street Showcase in Brooklyn, Jersey City natives Triangle Offense will be releasing their next single, "The Alarm." The single, a collaborative effort between T.O. and Envision Nightlife's ( DJ Nano, is featured on their next mixtape "The Courting," which is set to be drop for free download on their website,

"Nano and I met when we were young. Growing up, I always thought he had a good ear for music," recounts T.O. member Finesse. "While working with him on this song, Nano gave us a lot of insight on what people in the club like and don't like. Getting his co-sign on our music meant a lot."

The ambiance of the record is dark while still finding a party atmosphere within ominous electronic sounds. "We wanted people to hear the song and taste alcohol on their breath and feel the warmth of an overly packed club," says Nemo, half of Jersey Boys Music. "I think we accomplished that."

"The Courting is going to take you on a night out with Triangle Offense," describes Finesse. "The Alarm sets the stage. When you hear the alarm, you'll know you're in the club."

To promote the song, DJ Nano has been including it in his set while spinning at clubs across Manhattan, including Club Rewind and Gramercy Room. Triangle Offense gave partygoers a preview of the song when they performed it alongside DJ Nano at SPiNYC this winter.

Triangle Offense continues to promote themselves on the road to releasing The Courting, recently earning a spot on the Bad Boy Street Showcase by beating out 17 other hopefuls during an audition hosted by Indie Elite Promotions.

DOWNLOAD: Triangle Offense - The Alarm

M.L. - Wat U Like


M.L. has a new track called Wat U Like for the New Year 2010.

T-Cha - Never Give In

Hmong rapper T-Cha wants you guys to hear and know that he's packin' heat. His track Never Give In is also up for download.

DOWNLOAD: T-Cha - Never Give In

Introducing China's new replacement for Google-- Goojje!

I'm sure many of you have already heard the announcement from Google, that they are considering to leave China due to cyber attacks against them they claim that is originating from China. What will happen if Google really leaves? Fear not China, Goojje is here to the rescue!

Goojje.... W T F.

In case you are not familiar with that blue paw with the "J" in it, that blue paw is actually taken from Baidu, China's #1 search engine. Could Goojje is the love child between Google and Baidu? LOL. China, you guys have gone TOO FAR! I wouldn't be surprised if this is the last straw, causing Google to permenently leave China.

Check out the site. It is at


According to an article from Conde Nast Magazine's February edition, Vancouver has the BEST CHINESE FOOD IN THE WORLD. What?! Vancouver's Chinese food even beats Hong Kong, Taiwan and China? Lol, take that motherland!

Check out the article:
Canada Wins Chinese Gold

by Mark Schatzker

Vancouver may be hosting the WInter Olympics, but it also seems to triumph in dumpling devouring. Over 38 meals in 12 restaurants, our indefatigable writer beholds the thrill of noodle pulling. (Warning: Don't read this on an empty stomach)

Forget about dumpling hunting in San Francisco. Cancel that pilgrimage to Flushing, Queens, for fish ball soup. If it's Chinese food you're after, pack your chopsticks for Vancouver—and say a silent thanks to geopolitics as your plane lands. It was 1997's repatriation of Hong Kong that began the mass influx of Chinese to British Columbia's lower mainland, a migration which continues to this day, fueled in part by Canada's immigrant-friendly policies. Today, almost one in five of Vancouver's two million residents is ethnically Chinese.

Combine those demographics with the city's legendary seafood and you have the recipe for an outsize number of extremely good Cantonese, Shanghainese, and Szechuan restaurants. According to local Chinese food critic and writer Stephanie Yuen—who was born in Hong Kong and has eaten extensively there, in mainland China, and in Taiwan—Vancouver is home to the best Chinese food in the world. Period. Perhaps that explains why visitors from Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou have started showing up in Vancouver just to eat the food they so love. Maybe it's time you did likewise.


Feature on Global TV:

Saturday, January 23, 2010

85up - 85Crew MV

This is 85up2's latest music video called 85Crew.

Kraft performing "Diamonds" for XFM's X-Gig Xtended

Check out this performance of upcoming Malaysian rapper Kraft doing a live performance of his song Diamonds for XFM's X-Gig Xtended. Wow. This kid has an amazing stage presence. The instrumental is pretty rockin too. It sounds like something Michael Jackson would spin around and dance too.

Kensho Kuma performing at the 2007 DMC Finals in Shanghai

Kensho Kuma sent me this recently edited footage of him performing live at the 2007 DMC Finals in Shanghai.

DJ Ames & Jackie Chain - Instant Classic Mixtape

DJ Ames & Jackie Chain - Instant Classic Mixtape front

DJ Ames & Jackie Chain - Instant Classic Mixtape back

DJ Ames from the UK hosts Jackie Chain's latest mixtape called Instant Classic. Most of Jackie Chain's biggest hits such as Diamonds & Cadillacs, Dodgin and Rollin' are on this mixtape. There are also two new exclusive tracks.

Track listing:




DOWNLOAD: DJ Ames & Jackie Chain - Instant Classic Mixtape

Joe Flizzow - Do it Duit MV

Joe Flizzow - President

My sister sent me this link a couple of days ago. She's starring in Joe Flizzow's new music video Do it Duit. The music video was sponsored by the Johor Tourism Ministry and was shot in Pulau Rawa and the Johor Golf Club. The guys from Kartel Records and as well as Sheikh Heikel, a Singaporean MC, made a cameo appearance. Check it out!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jin says he is NOT going to battle Dizaster

So Jin says in this video entitled Closure that he is NOT going to battle Dizaster after all, thus bringing a closure to this episode. Rats! And I was really looking forward to this battle too! Too bad it won't happen. This is definitely disappointing news for hip hop fans. On the flip side, I'm happy that Jin is in a new chapter in his life and things are working well for him over in Hong Kong.

龙咆 (Dragon Roar) - China Hip Hop Mixtape Vol 10

龙咆 (Dragon Roar) Vol 10 mixtape

龙咆 (Dragon Roar) Vol 10 mixtape

This is the 10th volume of the 龙咆 hip hop mixtape series featuring a compilation hip hop artists from all across China.


01、Jason'L - Last night(Intro)
02、LMF - _紧中指
03、政客 Feat.Tbc未完待续 - Sky is the limit
04、T.M.G - Put on
05、Young Mai Feat.Coney - Life show
06、影流 - 她说啥
07、Hyuk(Of 乱战门) - 抓住这种感觉
08、政客 - You gotta feel me
09、Green Clan格林派 - 走走停停
10、T.M.G - Beautiful
11、君临天下(JohnnyD.M.X Feat.Eaven) - Live my own life
12、海男 - 迷幻城市(Interlude 1)
13、MC咚子&MC小硕啡 - 欠骂的崽子
14、FatKan Feat.Mow Robin - I need ya pussy
15、M.House(Of 轮环) - 现实,世界
16、茶米 - Do you like hiphop
17、ABD&Skeewe&Coney - 吹口哨儿
18、TMC Feat.Dirty.R - Save hiphop for real
19、R.P.S Feat.Baby Queen - Every day is my day
20、Naggy(Of 政客) - Angel in my life
21、Beerco&浪人Lan Yor&Izzy - 讲乜都得
22、卷儿(Of 乱战门) - I still dream
23、Eddie(Of 少先队) - I wanna see you(Interlude 2)
24、Young Mai - Callin' me daddy
25、影流 - You are the one
26、呆宝静(Of 天王星) - 有味(哑乌梅)
27、CZZC Feat.小突 - Homies
28、浪人Lan Yor&Beerco - 堕落,快乐,寂寞
29、Bramble - Living alone
30、Crazy Rubbit - Lucy
31、aJun(Of 启社) - 逸(Outro)

DOWNLOAD: 龙咆 (Dragon Roar) - China Hip Hop Mixtape Vol 10

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yangyang Cheng teaches the song "I'm A Little Teapot"

The teacher in this clip Yangyang Cheng, is really cute isn't she? I can't tell if this clip was meant for kids or if it was meant for lonely old Chinese men. Is it just me or does she sound kinda naughty whenever she says "I'm a little teapot"? I don't why she does that. There's nothing sexy at all about teapots nor tipping them over and pouring them out (or however that metaphor works for that matter). Maybe Yangyang thinks the song is some sort of sexual innuendo, or maybe she's just trying to seduce men into buying DVDs. This clip almost Gravure-like, you know, seemingly perverted but not really, lol.

Yangyang also teaches Chinese to English speakers. You can see more of her videos on her YouTube channel called sloppycheng (no I didn't make up that name, but I wish I did).

Monday, January 18, 2010

SonaOne - 2010 Randomness

Just a freestyle from Malaysian rapper, SonaOne to kick off year 2010.

1 VS 99 - Hong Kong Hip Hop documentary

The Swiss film-makers from have produced a 4-part documentary called 1 VS 99 , a documentary on the development of Hong Kong hip hop culture featuring interviews with the leading pioneers of Hong Kong hip hop.

Part 1 with MC YAN, the Godfather of Hong Kong Hip Hop movement at his house in the new territories. About how he get into touch with Hip Hop, the Hong Kong Graffiti cluture and some thoughts about Revolution.

Part 2 with 24HERBS at their Jiu Jo Music Video shooting for AIDS concern. Local Hong Kong Hip Hop group about the Music industry, Mainstream Music and the Future of local Hip Hop.

Part 3 REAL UNDERGROUND with Buddy crew, sanGfan, B-Boy Monkey and MastaMic, about whats going on behind the shining lights of Hong Kong, in the underground.

Part 4 HIP HOP ENTREPRENEURS with Internet Radio Dada and Graffiti Supply store Dirty Panda, about spreading Hip Hop in Hong Kong and the problems that they face with their projects.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Filipina Shawty (MTV) by Greedy & Andez

Title: Filipina Shawty (Like Mine)
Artist: Greedy feat. Andez (Mid Nasty)

Mid Nasty members includes: Greedy, Andez, Fry, Early, Cloud and Kurt. Mid Nasty is one of the winners of MTV Emerge (, showcased by the Philippine Department of Tourism and Jeepney Music by's (of Black Eyed Peas).

According to MTV Emerge website:
MTV Emerge is a platform for unsigned music talent in the Philippines to showcase their work and to be given an opportunity to win a one-year recording contract with Jeepney Music.

Collaborating with the Department of Tourism (DOT) and Jeepney Music, MTV Emerge not only aims to hunt for the hottest unsigned music talent from all genres of music (indie, rock, hip-hop, R&B, metal, solo artists, DJs, etc), it is also an online music community where new music from the Philippines can be discovered.
Based on his myspace info:
"Greedy, a young talented rapper from Dumaguete City, Oriental Negros, Philippines. Catering filipino flow hiphop music. The name "Greedy" was originally taken from his hood name "Hakug" a term used by the people in his neighborhood to describe hustlin youngsters. Despite being in the slum and hard struggles in the streets, this Filipino rapper performs with a positive outlook in life. He believes that despite being in a 3rd world country, he can make it out and achieve whatever he wants with the right grinding. Being aware of his surroundings, Greedy also strives to influence the youth to be responsible to the community and have the right perspective in life. He believes that music is a great instrument to dissolve the cultural boundaries of the world and that music itself, is more powerful than any artillery created. His music is inspired by what his surroundings present and put them on the positive groove of things. "Being in the ghetto doesn't mean you have to spend everyday mourning about where you are, instead, find a way to get out of the slum." Other than his talent in music, he also presents talent in photography, graphic designing, videography, painting & video editing."
Another winner is DRP or Dirty Room Production with their song titled "Huminga (Breathe)".

You can check their entry at:

According to the personal info stated by DRP on MTV EMERGE:
"It’s a sad fact that local hip hop is almost synonymous with the word “JOLOGS” (Jologs is a Filipino Slang and Street Term for someone who acts like punks from the slum area, squatter or street.) or “BADUY” (Baduy is another Filipino Slang and Street Term for someone who is uncool, not in style, low class, often synonymous with Jologs.) here in the Philippines. DRP Music means to change this with the unmistakable sound and flavor of FILIPINO HIP HOP and RnB that are equal to the likes of international artists in our genre."
Posted by madshock, blogging from the Philippines. Props to Royal of Asian Rap Worldwide for giving me the opportunity to share what is happening in the Philippine Hiphop Scene. Thanks.

Also check Rapista for other Filipino Rappers mostly from the Underground:

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Soft Lipa - 少年維持著煩惱 MV

Soft Lipa - Winter Sweet

少年維持著煩惱 is about story of a troubled and stressed out young boy.

Soft Lipa without doubt, an amazing artist. His rap flow and production is top notch and, most importantly, his songs actually have SUBSTANCE to them. Just from hearing the song Winter Sweet and this song, I'm totally amazed about how much he stepped up his production compared to his last album. I think, without a doubt, Soft Lipa is the #1 rapper in Taiwan right now. Whatever he's doing, I think is incredible for Taiwanese and Mandarin hip hop. I'm definitely picking this album up!

You can order Soft Lipa's Winter Sweet album at (website is in Chinese):

Big Will - I Can Tell MV

Here's a new music video from a Chinese rapper/singer from California who goes by the name Big Will. He's also the editor of WWS Magazine and currently in a cojoined venture with Akon and The Gang.

Big Will's links:

Trailer for KONEKTADO DVD MAGAZINE ISSUE #3 (directed by Mike Swift & J Hon)

If you haven't heard of these two Brooklyn MCs who has been making noise with their work in Konektado, you did now.

Besides their involvement in the TO THE BILLBOARD Movement, Mike Swift and J hon has been running around as camera gangsters documenting lives across the globe with an effort to bridge the gap in hip hop through out the world. Their current projects also include Business Plan DVD which is currently being looked over by G-Unit and To The Billboard (the film). Enjoy the trailer for part 3 which is set to launch in Manila sometime in February 2010. Stay posted for more news coming soon!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Japanese whaling boat collides with Ady Gil

In news today, a Bat Mobile-looking boat called Ady Gil with anti-whaling protesters on board and a Japanese whaling ship Shonan Maru No. 2 have crashed into each other causing quite a bit of wreckage on the bow of Ady Gil. Both sides blame the other party for deliberately crashing into each other. From looking at the YouTube footage, it's quite difficult to see who is at fault.

Let's ask an onlooking whale at the scene of the accident about what REALLY HAPPENED shall we?

"WWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRR!! I don't want to die!! I don't want to be turned into sushi!! So let's just blame the Japanese whaling ship!"

Thank you Shamu. There you have it ladies, and gentlemen. The Japanese whaling ship was at fault. Now that's some FOOD FOR THOUGHT. Err oops--- did I say food? I meant research. Yes... research for thought.

亂流 TB - Last Exit Mixtape

亂流 TB - Last Exit Mixtape

亂流 TB is a Taiwanese rapper that has created quite a buzz for himself in the Chinese-speaking community in Vancouver. 亂流 TB not only raps, he also beatboxes and does a bit of production himself. 亂流 TB has released a mixtape in the late of December 2009 called Last Exit.


Comfortable Wind (편안한 바람) feat Na-T, L.I, and KENJI ASTRO:

Track listing:

1. READY OR NOT (李玟 remix)
2. Messed Up World feat. Na-T (亂流製作)
3. DROP! feat. KENJI ASTRO (亂流製作)
4. Welcome to Facebook!
5. 無名正妹
7. 牛肉麵
8. Daydreamin’ feat. Na-T (亂流製作)
9. 愛台灣.com feat. YUNG
10. Addictive Melody feat. L.I & Na-T (亂流製作)
11. ONE DAY (柯有綸 remix)
12. 分手歌 (亂流製作)
13. 告訴我為什麼 feat. YUNG & 大風颱
14. DROP! Original MV version (亂流製作)
15. Comfortable Wind (KENJI CLUB REMIX) feat. Na-T, L.I, KENJI ASTRO

DOWNLOAD: 亂流 TB - Last Exit Mixtape

Taiwanese press Poking Fun of Taiwan's New Year Message: Taiwan Up

Yeah.... NOTHING gets by the Taiwanese media. Lol @ the political mob chanting "Taiwan up! Taiwan up!"

Jin - Christmas Mixtape

Jin - Christmas Mixtape

Yeah, I know Christmas is over... but here is Jin's Christmas mixtape. The mixtape was a free release in Hong Kong.

Track Listing:

01. 聖誕Rap
02. 曬命
03. Okay It's KT
04. 頂頂大名
05. Amezing
06. 入屋
07. 711 feat. KT
08. o靚模 vs. Normal (Remix) feat. KT
09. 有限公司 feat. KT
10. 2010 feat. KT
11. VLT澀得起 就係我
12. Encore VLT 錫蘭檸檬茶

DOWNLOAD: Jin - Christmas Mixtape

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Album Cover for Point Blanc's 2nd Album: The Turning Point

Point Blanc - The Turning Point

Point Blanc's second album The Turning Point is finally released! This album will primarily be English with 1 or 2 non-English songs.

You can order The Turning Point at

Friday, January 01, 2010

Say Yes to NOH!

...just what are you trying to say here?!

I thought I should share this pic with you guys. I took this pic at T&T Supermarket.

Chinx - Celebration feat. Ke'eno


Chinx has a new song out called Celebration featuring Ke'eno. Its a feel good track with a soul-vibe to it. I'm liking this one.

DOWNLOAD MP3: Chinx - Celebration feat. Ke'eno

MC Yan Hong Kong Slam Jam [English subtitled]

Just a video of MC Yan rhyming out of his rhyme book in the streets of Hong Kong. English subtitles are provided.

No Jin vs Dizaster battle in the Battle of LA!

To sum things up, there was no Jin Vs Dizaster battle and no Jin vs Illmaculate battle at the Battle of LA. Jin says he wants to start his own freestyle battle league. Wow. Is he serious? WTF is going on?!

Canada beats USA 5-4 for the World Junior Hockey Championships

Canadian junior hockey team celebrating their victory
(The Canadian Press)

What an unbelievable game for New Year's Eve!! Canada was trailing 4-2 in the beginning of the 3rd period then we scored 2 goals tying it to 4-4. The game ended up in a shootout with Canada winning 5-4 against the USA. This was BY FAR one of the best hockey games I have seen in a long time!




Canada 5, United States 4 (Shootout)

First Period
1. Canada - Della Rovere (Adam, Caron), 2:03.
2. United States - McRae (D'Amigo) PP, 3:40.

Second Period
3. United States - Schroeder (Johnson) SH, 7:08
4. Canada - Eberle (Schenn, Scandella) 11:15
5. United States - Johnson, (D'Amigo) SH, 19:49

Third Period
6. United States - Kristo (Stepan), 1:01
7. Canada - Eberle (Schenn, McMillan), 10:03
8. Canada - Pietrangelo, SH, 15:45

No Scoring.

Canada - Eberle, Goal
United States - Kristo, Goal
Canada - Kadri, Goal
United States - Morin, Goal
Canada - Kozun, Goal
United States - Schroeder, Save

Starting Goaltenders
Canada - Jake Allen
USA - Jack Campbell