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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

sci - Week 38: amasian

sci is on week 38 of his sci: year one project and has released his 38th song of the week called amasian. You can read the details about this track on sci's blog.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hangul Rap - Learn the Korean Alphabet

Here's a Hangul "rap song" by Hangul (한글) is the Korean alphabet.

No offense to any Koreans, but when she was saying each of the vowels twice, it sounded like porn. Hahaha!

KlapYaHandz on TRACE TV

TRACE TV did a feature on local hip hop development in Cambodia. Here's a 4 minute segment about KlapYaHandz, which is one of the biggest local hip hop labels in Cambodia. The KlapYaHandz label is well-known for integrating traditional Khmer music in their hip hop productions to give it a Khmer feel and remind the youth of their traditional music. KlapYaHandz artists Yungsterz and Pou Khlaing are featured in this segment.

Gang - Watch Yo Neck feat. Mai Kash

Here's a music video from the KlapYaHandz label in Cambodia. The song is called Watch Yo Neck and its by Gang, a Khmer rapper featuring Mai Kash, a French rapper. The instrumental beat was produced Illuminaire producer Xfacta.

Japanese Beatboxer - 18 year old Daichi

Here's a Daichi, an 18 year old beatboxer from Japan showcasing his amazing beatboxing skills for the Beatbox Battle Wildcard contest. This video of Daichi has gone viral and has been posted in many other websites and blogs. Who knows? Maybe Daichi will win the contest. I'll post about it if he does.

Chuckie Akenz - Friends Till We Die Instrumental

If you are looking for the instrumental beat for Chuckie Akenz's Friends Till We Die, you can download the instrumental here. This beat was made by DJ Tavo from Hamilton, Ontario.

Here are DJ Tavo's websites:

Friday, April 24, 2009

Chuckie A - Friends Till We Die Feat. Andree Right Hand & Annie

Chuckie A has leaked out a new song called Friends Till We Die featuring fellow Jane and Finch Vietnamese rapper Andree Right Hand and Annie, who sings the hook. This song is about the falling out between close friends. There is speculation that Chuckie's verse in Friends Till We Die is about Burnz, Chuckie's old rhyme partner. Burnz and Chuckie had a fallout that was documented in the Lost In The Struggle documentary.

Download the MP3 of Friends Till We Die here.

There will be 4 more songs that Chuckie A will leak out from his new album, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hmong Rap - Hilltribe - Do It Again

Hilltribe is a Hmong rap group from Twin Cities, Minnesota consisting of three members: Duoa, Knowstalgic and Triagonometry. Here's a music video of their song Do It Again. This song was sampled from Let's Do It Again, by the Staple Singers. Do It Again is a song reminiscing about childhood memories. The part of the chorus where the children speak in Hmong is from a tag/hide-n-seek game where everyone puts a finger on someone's palm. When the last word is said, everyone must remove their fingers from the palm. The last person who removes the finger from the palm is the caught by the hand and that person is "it".

You can check out Hilltribe's MySpace at:

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

MC Hotdog - 請拍手 (Please Clap)

MC Hotdog - Mr Almost

Here's a music video for MC Hotdog's 請拍手, which means "Please Clap" when translated in English. 請拍手 is an uplifting song for people going through difficult times. The song was produced by Soft Lipa, who is well-known for producing jazzy hip hop instrumentals. 請拍手 is the 3rd single from MC Hotdog's Mr. Almost Album.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy 4:20!

For all of you guys who celebrate 4:20....Happy 4:20!! * PUFF PUFF PASS *

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Earna Mill - This is How We Have to Live

Earna Mill is a Khmer rapper from Lowell, Massachusetts. Here is a song he did with 3rd World Entertainment Production called This is How We Have to Live, which is about his life struggles.

Freestyle Battle - A-Class vs Imaredo

Here is a video of A-Class, a Korean rapper from Baltimore, Maryland taking on Imaredo in a freestyle battle for Grind Time New York. In the freestyle battle, A-Class used a lot of multi's (multi-syllable rhymes) which the crowd seemed to like. One funny line A-Class said was "I might be Asian, but I don't try to hide it/ And this dude's dick is smaller than my eye-lids/." Lol. He threw in a lot of Latino jokes too. As for can I say? That guy is cold-blooded when he spits! He lost momentum in the final round when he went off the top and kept on saying "mutha fucka", which the judges didn't like too much. A-Class had more heat though. A-Class took the victory.

Here is A-Class' MySpace:

sci - sci: year one


sci is Filipino, who grew up in Queens, New York and currently lives in Jersey City, New Jersey. He is an upcoming rapper, singer and producer for Jersey Boys Music. sci is currently working on a project called sci: year one. In the project, sci will release a new song every week for the duration of one year. By the end of the year, he will have 52 tracks for the 52 weeks of the year. sci's main purpose for sci: year one is to keep him constantly writing and recording. sci is currently in week 37 and has released 37 out of 52 songs for the year.

sci also has written some background information on the Jersey Boys Music blog for every song he released, sharing with the listeners what was the concept behind the song or what was the creative process like for him to create the song. This is all about developing a personal connection with the listener and giving them an inside look about what sci is all about and how he goes about things. By all means, go check out his blog!

Here are sci's tracks for sci: year one

Here are sci's websites:

official website:

Saturday, April 18, 2009

24Herbs - 激光中 (Within the Laser) feat. Charmaine Fong

24Herbs have released a new music video of their song 激光中 (which means something to the effect of "Within the Laser"). For the instrumental of
激光中, 24Herbs sampled the original version of 激光中 which was a popular flamboyant song in Hong Kong during the 1980's by the Godfather of Cantopop, Roman Tam (he was rapping in the original version too! lol). I guess what 24Herbs tried to, was to re-create some of the fun, silliness and flamboyant-ness of the original 激光中. One small quibble I have about the 24Herbs version of 激光中 is that Ghost Style's verse didn't really flow that well.

24Herbs is a hip hop group in Hong Kong. They are named after a bitter Chinese herbal drink 廿四味 (24Herbs in English). 24Herbs has six members: Dor Yuk, Drunk, Sir-Eats-a-lot, Ghost Style, Ah Kit and Ah Phat. Ah Kit and Ah Phat are former members of the rock-rap group, LMF. 24Herbs have only one self-titled album that was released in 2008 and they are currently working on their sophomore album.

Here are the websites for 24Herbs:

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

DJ Gekokujo - History DVD promo

Japanese producer DJ Munari of Gekokujo NYC will be releasing a DVD which showcases his tour of the five buroughs of NYC. The legendary Kool G Rap and all the members of D-Block: Jadakiss, Styles P and Sheek Louch are also featured!

The DVD is called HISTORY and will be released along with a mix CD. HISTORY will be out on 05.20.2009.

Way on MFP6News

I saw this on, an Asian hip hop blog. Check em out!

MFP6News caught up with Way of Thaitanium, and Way laid the smackdown on the news reporter guy.
"What do you have there? It's a screenplay? You are going to do a movie?"

"Yea its called F*BLEEP* You! Mother F*BLEEP*er!!"


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dynamic Duo - Beyond the Wall Feat. Supreme Team

Dynamic Duo - Ballad For Fallen Soul Part 1

Korean hip hop group, Dynamic Duo has released a new single called Ballad For Fallen Soul Part 1 with new up-and-coming group, Supreme Team. The Supreme Team is hip hop duo comprised of Simon Dominic and E-Sens. The concept behind Ballad For Fallen Soul Part 1 is primarily inspirational music for "fallen souls". The album cover looks kinda freaky. There's a decapitated naked woman (notice the lego-looking "tits" on the body) lying in a pool of blood and the guy in the magenta shirt (I can't tell whether that's Choiza or Gaeiko) is holding her head. How that got passed in the ultra squeaky clean Korean censorship is beyond me!!!

The first release off the single is Beyond the Wall, which is an uplifting, funky-soul type of hip hop for people going through difficult times.

Here are the English translation lyrics of Dynamic Duo's Beyond the Wall

Jin - Worst Enemy (Demo)

Jin has released a demo version of a his new rap song called Worst Enemy. This is an introspective song from Jin about how can be, and is his own worst enemy. Ugggh... I think everyone can relate to this song at one time or another.

Here are the lyrics of Jin's Worst Enemy.

Chuckie Akenz - Q & A Part 1

Here's a YouTube video of Chuckie Akenz answering a series of questions for his fans. There were a lot of reoccuring questions.

Here's the breakdown of things that Chuckie Akenz talked about:
  • Chuckie is currently facing some legal issues and so he cannot travel outside Canada
  • Chuckie's new album From the Beginning will be available this summer and the album will be available for purchase in his MySpace.
  • Jin and Tupac motivated him to make rap music.
  • There's a possibility of a You Got Beef 3 music video coming out.
  • Chuckie grew up around a lot of black people and so the when he uses the word "nigga" around his friends, he means "homie".
  • Chuckie says believes in God, but does not follow a religion.

Far East Movement - Dance like Michael Jackson

Far East Movement - Animal

Dance like Michael Jackson is a song by the Far East Movement that pays tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. The lyrics of Dance like Michael Jackson are all related to Michael Jackson's hit songs and dance moves. The music video, directed by Wong Fu Productions, features Quest Dance Crew, Brian Tee and Amber Nimedez all doing Michael Jackson style dance moves. Dance like Michael Jackson is from Far East Movement's Animal album.

Monday, April 13, 2009

She wants her shark fin soup...

Here's some crazy bitch in Hong Kong throwing a tantrum because there is no more shark fin soup.... Enjoy this one folks :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Unco Chin and Unco Same THE COMEBACK: CLUBBING 102

From Just Kidding Films....Unco Chin and Unco Same gives you the rundown on what to do in the clubs. Btw... that "girl" that Unco Same was going to approach looks kinda masculine from behind, especially from the way "she" flipped her hair..... LOL

CHINX - Keep it Movin' feat. Renny Holladae

CHINX is a Chinese rapper from Toronto, Ontario. The name "CHINX" is an acronym for "Chinese History Now eXplained. CHINX has released a music video for his song Keep it Movin' featuring Renny Holladae. Keep it Movin' is a song about CHINX's hustle and grind to make it big.

You can check out CHINX's MySpace at:

DJ Honda & Problemz - Da Payback

DJ Honda & Problemz - All Killa No Filla

World-famous DJ Honda from Tokyo, Japan is back!! DJ Honda has released a new hip hop album called All Killa No Filla with Brooklyn rapper, Problemz (from Missing Linx and Big City) who rips all of the beats on the album! All Killa No Filla is not a conceptual album, just sick-ass rhymes and DJ Honda's raw beats and scratches.

Here's a taste of one of the songs from All Killa No Filla by DJ Honda and Problemz, entitled Da Payback. Turn up the bass and volume on this one!!

Here are their MySpace pages:

Friday, April 10, 2009

ARIA - Depature feat AK-69

ARIA - Feat. "Mr.&Ms" BEST!

Departure is a trance dance single by ARIA, a Japanese female R&B singer featuring rapper AK-69 (a.k.a. Kalassy Nikoff when he sings R&B). ARIA originally released Departure as a single in April 2008 and it was re-released on her newest features album: Feat. "Mr.&Ms" BEST! that was released in March, 2009.

Freestyle Battle - Al P. vs Lil Farnum

Korean rapper Al. P from Atlanta, Georgia takes on 15-year-old Lil Farnum from Tampa, Florida on Grind Time Florida. Its age jokes versus Asian jokes. Al. P was nice but Lil Farnum delivered his lines with a little more heat. Lil Farnum takes the victory.

Al. P has a MySpace at:

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Jin - Top 5 (Dead or Alive)

Jin - Emcee's Properganda

Top 5 (Dead or Alive) is a hip hop song by Jin that deals with the question: who are the top 5 emcees in the rap game, dead or alive? In the song, Jin shouts a list of all the major rappers and rap groups that have made an impact on hip hop culture with their music. The message that Jin was trying to get across in Top 5 (Dead or Alive) is that everyone has their own personal list of Top 5 emcees of all time and so there will never be an agreement of this issue. The music video of Top 5 (Dead or Alive) was filmed in the streets of New York city and it had people showing their written list of their personal top 5 emcees. Top 5 (Dead or Alive) is from Jin's Emcee's Properganda released in 2005.

.......aaaaaand now.......the Top 5 Emcees, Dead or Alive of Yours Truly ;)


2. NAS




Epik High - Live from the Map Lab

Epik High, MYK and Asher (the keyboardist) have released a live performance of their newest book-album 魂: Map the Soul in the "Map Lab". Epik High calls their studio the "Map Lab" because it was where the 魂: Map the Soul album was produced. Epik High also gave a short talk on each song before performing them so that their fans can get some background information on the songs from the 魂: Map the Soul album. English subtitles are provided during the talks for those who don't understand Korean.

Part 1

1. Intro
2. Believe
3. Top Gun

Part 2

4. Map the Soul (Worldwide Version) Acoustic Remix
5. Cipher

Part 3

6. Free Music
7. Scenario (피해망상 Part 2)

Part 4

8. Map the Soul (Feat. MYK)

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Wizdom & LAD - Der Grund/So Hört Sich Das An

Wizdom and LAD of LADdoubleE

LADdoubleE (Wizdom and LAD) from Gütersloh, Germany have released a new music video for two of their battle rap songs Der Grund (The Reason) and So Hört Sich Das An (It Sounds Like That). Wizdom and LAD are the same guys made the Philippines MPVs Pinoy anthem music video I posted a while back.

Here are their MySpace pages:

Monday, April 06, 2009

Kato - Digital


Kato is a Chinese rapper and producer from Chicago, Illinois with a very progressive sound. He also has a musical background as a cellist. Kato played the cello for 10 years ever since he was 7 years old. He has a rap song called Digital which features an instrumental using nostalgic 8-bit Nintendo sounds.

Kato has a MySpace at:

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Jimmyboi - All I Know

Jimmyboi is a Vietnamese rapper from Houston, Texas. He has a new music video out called All I Know which is referring to his daily hustle and grind. Fellow Vietnamese hip hop celebrity Johnny Dang a.k.a "TV Johnny" made a cameo appearance in the video. He's the other Asian guy with the big grills throwing money in the air in the "raining money" scene. Johnny Dang is well-known for making custom ghetto-fabulous chains, grills and other custom jewelry for many rappers and hip hop celebrities.

Jimmyboi will be releasing I Do it For The Hustlaz in April and Jimmy Boi DVD in May this year.

Check out Jimmyboi's MySpace:

Chuckie A. - Before I Begin (Unofficial Album)

Chuckie A. - Before I Begin

Chuckie Akenz (a.k.a. Chuckie A.) has released a free "unofficial album" called Before I Begin. This unofficial album is a promotion for his yet-to-be-released album From the Beginning which is scheduled to be released sometime in 2009. Most of the songs from Before I Begin are Chuckie's songs from 2008. You can get Chuckie A.'s Before I Begin from Nevesys' blog.

Here's one of the songs from Chuckie's album called Time and Time Again. Its about Chuckie A.'s life struggles.

Far East Movement - Girls on the Dance Floor

Far East Movement - Animal

Congratulations to the Far East Movement for being featured on the top charts of Los Angeles radio station Power 106 FM!! As of April 02, 2009 the Far East Movement's new clubbing and dance single, Girls on The Dance Floor is currently listed as #2 on TOP 4@4 and #4 on POWER 7@7. Girls on The Dance Floor is from the Far East Movement's second album, Animal. If you like the song Girls on The Dance Floor, by all means, support the Far East Movement by voting for them!

The Far East Movement (also known as FM) is an Asian American rap group from Koreatown in Los Angeles, California. The group consists of 3 members who were highschool friends: Prohgress and J-Spliff who both are Korean, andKev Nish who is half-Chinese and half-Japanese. They have released two albums so far: Folk Music in 2006 and Animal in 2008.

You can check out the Far East Movement's websites at:

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Kwizyne Rhema - Acquired Taste Mixtape [Prototype]

Kwizyne Rhema - Acquired Taste Mixtape [Prototype]

Kwizyne Rhema (pronounced as "Kwi'zeen Rey'mah") is a Kenyan-born Filipino rapper that lived in Hong Kong for most of his life before moving to Singapore in 2000. He is making some serious moves in the Singaporean hip hop scene. He has just released a mixtape that's free for download called Acquired Taste Mixtape [Prototype].

Here is a freestyle promo for Kwizyne Rhema's Acquired Taste Mixtape [Prototype] album.

Kwizyne Rhema's websites:

Chino Chill - Chill Factor Mixtape

Chino Chill - Chill Factor

Chino Chill from Fayetteville, North Carolina has released a mixtape called Chill Factor. Chino Chill not only raps, but he also produces instrumental beats. You can download Chill Factor for free from Chino Chill's MySpace.

Here's one of the tracks from the mixtape album called Get Back featuring J-One.