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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Interview with L.M. from Houston, Texas

L.M. is a rapper from Houston, Texas that was featured in Caprice's Fantasy Girls. He hit me up and I did an interview with him. Here is the interview for all of y'all!!!

ROYAL: Tell us who you are and where you are from.

L.M.: Wassup world? My name is L.M. and I’m hip hop recording artist/songwriter from Houston, TX (USA)

ROYAL: What do the initials "L.M." stand for?

L.M.: L.M. actually stands for "Lil Mike". Its a name I was given when I was a young'n so that’s what people knew me by. When I first initially wanted to use it as my stage name, there were too many Lil's already in the game and I wanted to be different so I just ran with L.M. So that’s pretty much the story behind that.

ROYAL: What is the hip hop scene like where you at?

L.M.: In America the hip hop culture/scene has taken over completely and has been able to spread across the world. Its amazing to me how much hip hop as a genre of music has grown not just here in America but the whole world. Places that you never knew hip hop even existed at are now some of the biggest markets and are responsible for a majority of the record sales and downloads etc. To me personally hip hop is a way life, my way of life.

ROYAL: How long have you been doing this rapping for?

L.M.: I been rapping since my teen years but I've been at it strong now for about 6 years.

ROYAL: What kind of message or what kind of things do you rap about in your music?

L.M.: I deliver in my music only what I know and what I have seen in my everyday life rather it be Love, Hate or Success. When you hear L.M. your not listening or looking at an actor or character, your actually getting the real me. I write my life, so the message I send to the people is authentic. I feel like when people listen to my music especially alot of my deeper records that they can actually feel like they know personally.

ROYAL: I want ask you about your thoughts on the "N Word", because are some Asian rappers out there that incorporate the word "nigga" in their raps. Some Asian rappers go so far as to call themselves "niggas" too. What are your thoughts on Asians using the word "nigga" in their raps? And in your opinion are there any Asian niggas out there?

L.M.: Lol..Wow!! You just taught me something I didn’t know at all. But to answer your question I don’t think there are any Asian "niggas" out there what so ever. A lot of people dont really know what the word "nigga" means or where it came from. I’m personally not offended by it but at the same time I do feel like if you are going to use the word "nigga" at least know and understand the history behind it because everyone might not feel the same way I do about it. Where I’m from its an everyday thing.

ROYAL: Tell us the story on how you, Caprice and Sofia Legend hooked up for Fantasy Girls.

L.M.: Actually Caprice reached out to me thru my MySpace and told me about the project and the ideas he had for it and I was all in. I recorded my verse, shot my part of the music video and had it back to him within 48 hrs. He had discussed some things with my business partner Floss P who had recently did a clothing sponsor (Real Serious Paper Clothing) with Sofia Legend so we all came together and made it happen. Shouts out to Caprice and Sofia Legend!!

ROYAL: So I checked the Malaysian charts, Fantasy Girls was #1 song on the charts and now its #2 for this week. Congratulations! I know a lot of rappers talking about international this and international that, but you are really doing it! How does it feel having a hit song in Malaysia and having new fans from Malaysia?

L.M.: WOW!! I appreciate that. Thats a real good look. I had no idea the song was buzzin like that. It feels real good to know that I have a hit song on the radio in a place that I never been before but I look forward to coming over to Malaysia real soon and hitting the stage and actually get to meet some of my fans. It's crazy because I actually get MySpace and Facebook messages from fans in Malaysia telling me how much they love the song and how they want me to come visit Malaysia and perform live in concert. So that’s a good look. I just spoke to Caprice the other day though, so look out for some new music from me and him coming real soon including Fantasy Girls Pt. 2!!! It’s gonna be bigger and better.

ROYAL: Do you have a albums or mixtapes out? Where can we get your music?

L.M.: No current mixtapes out right now, but my single "Don’t Stop" ft Mateo Amarei will be hitting I-tunes real soon.

ROYAL: So what is L.M. working on right now? Are there any new projects or new singles on the way?

L.M.: Right now I’m working on a mixtape/street album called Almost Famous: The Come Up and I’m getting DJ Drama to host it. Also, I’m in the process of doing a remix to my current single "Don’t Stop" with DJ Khaled and Pleasure P so I’m real ecstatic about that. In between time I will be dropping a lot of mixtape exclusives and promo singles. I just released a snippet of my street single last week called "Dear Hater"(I Know) so stay tuned!

ROYAL: Shout out your MySpace and your websites for people that wanna reach out to you.

Facebook email :

I'm everywhere so hit me up!! Lol

ROYAL: Any last words for the readers of Asian Rap Worldwide?

L.M.: I appreciate all the love and continued support!! Shouts out to Royal for having me!! For more info about L.M. log on to