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Saturday, November 08, 2008

LS - Still a Chink Remix feat. Jin, Shogunna, Snacky Chan, Rookadamus and Young Mac


LS aka "Lyrical Specialist" is Chinese rapper from Chinatown, New York. He gained a lot of exposure when Blender Magazine wrote an article about him called Big Trouble in Little China in April of 2004. The article goes in detail about a shooting incident where he heroically stood up for Jin when someone tried to "punk" Jin inside New York bar. LS ended up being shot in the back with a .40 caliber. Fortunately LS survived the shooting.

The song Still a Chink a socially conscious rap song that deals with the issue of racism and prejudice against Asian-Americans. Although the term "chink" is a derogatory name to discriminate the Chinese, this term has been used to insult Asians or anyone who looks Asian. In this remixed version of Still a Chink, this song is featuring Asian rap superstars: Jin, Shogunna, Snacky Chan, Rookadamus and Young Mac. Jin and and LS are the only Chinese rappers in this song, however the other Asian rappers (who are Korean and Vietnamese) featured in this song face the same stereotypes and are fighting in the same battle.

LS is working on a new mixtape. No word on when it will be officially released or what it is called. You can find LS's myspace at


J said...

Hey Royal, that was a great article from Blender. You've got a great blog BTW. Keep it up, dude. I never knew there was so much Asian Rap talent.

Anonymous said...