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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jin said the battle didn't happen because Grind Time wasn't ready!

In my last blog post about the Jin vs Dizaster battle, I thought that Jin stood Dizaster up but that was my own speculation. But in this new video, Jin clears everything up saying that he was in LA during mid-November and was ready to battle but the reason why the battle didn't happen was because Grind Time wasn't ready.

Grind Time you guys better not mess this up the second time! Make sure the Jin vs Dizaster battle will happen in the Battle Of LA!

Dizaster clowning on Jin (the Dizaster vs Jin battle hasn't happened yet!)

You guys are probably wondering, what happened to the Jin vs Dizaster battle? It was supposed to happen around mid-November in LA (which Jin stipulated). But the battle never happened!! So as you can imagine, Dizaster is choked that he got stood up by Jin so he decided to post a video of himself talking smack and clowning Jin a little bit. If you watch the video of Dizaster's silly antics, this might clue you in on Dizaster's material if or when he battles Jin. If the Jin vs Dizaster battle is ever going to happen, it just might happen around New Year's.

Thai - Long Road (live performance)

This is Thai doing a live performance of Long Road with Nick Le at the 2007 Tet Festival in San Diego.

Soft Lipa in the studio working on "Winter Sweet"

Here's a clip of Soft Lipa with saxophonist Dong Shun Wen working on a new project called Winter Sweet. The music they were working on sounds real chill. It almost sounds psychedelic in a way. Winter Sweet is scheduled to be released this coming December.

DOWNLOAD: Soft Lipa - Winter Sweet (sample)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Filipino hip hop documentary: "Lyrical Empire: Hip Hop in Metro Manila"

(Shout outs to SoulFiesta for the link!)

Here's the trailer for an upcoming documentary of the hip hop scene in Manila, Philippines called Lyrical Empire: Hip Hop in Metro Manila, directed by Mark Redondo Villegas. Some of the notable figures in the Filipino hip hop scene such as Chrizo from Turbulence Productions, MC Dash, and the 2008 World Hip Hop Dance champions the Philippine Allstars are featured in this documentary.

Commercial for XL Middleton's "Middle Class Blues"

Here's a commercial sampler for XL Middleton's Middle Class Blues. You can download the mixtape version here.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Freestyle Battle - Passda vs G Soldier

In this freestyle battle, Passda takes on G Soldier for Grind Time South, the Atlanta division. In that first round, Passda exposed G Soldier and his gun play rhymes. That was COLD!! In the second round, Passda made fun of G Soldier's appearance calling him "Slim Thug", hahaha. Passda's third round was hella weak though. As for G Soldier, his first round sounded like typical gun play, but nothing really hit. His second round was about Asian movie stereotypes which was alright... I wasn't really feelin much of that. G Soldier really stepped up in the third round and does a crazy multi rhyme which was really crazy. G Soldier wins after the 3rd round.

Personally, I would have liked to see an OT. I think the judges chose G Soldier as the winner because he had more stage presence and was spitting with fury. Poor Passda. He seems very quick-witted and he's a super funny guy, but he needs to something about his stage presence and rhyme delivery or else he'll lose again if he ever faces against another thug-like rapper.

Friday, November 20, 2009

MastaMic & Justic Family interview on ChooChooTV

Here is an interview of MastaMic and the Justice Family on ChooChooTv that was aired on November 6th, 2009. The interview is conducted all in English with MastaMic doing most of the talking for the Justice Family. In the interview, MastaMic talks about people's misconceptions about hip hop, the rise of freestyle rap in Cantonese, his response to people dissing his I love Hong Kong Girls music video, and his obsession with sneakers.

MastaMic is currently working on his mixtape so be on the lookout for it when it is released!!

Future.G - Mo Liu Mic Jo Gor feat. Hoax (Acoustic Version)

Future.G collabs with Hoax and his acoustic guitar for the acoustic version of Mo Liu Mic Jo Gor.

Listen to the original version of Mo Liu Mic Jo Gor here.

Matt Brevner - Top of the Globe (Live Performance)

Matt Brevner

I also met rapper and producer Matt Brevner (formerly known as MC-B and B Dot), at the Vancouver Asian Hip Hop Summit. Brevner is one of Vancouver's rising hip hop stars and is currently getting some spins in rotation on The Beat 94.5 FM, Vancouver's urban radio station. Brevner, who is half-Japanese, quarter Trinidadian and quarter German, was born and raised in New Westminster, British Columbia in the Metro Vancouver area.

After he finished his last song for his set at the Asian Hip Hop Summit, Brevner came and sat down with me. We were chillin and talking about the last song he performed (which was Top of the Globe, but I didn't know what was the song title at the time). Then he told me, "Yeah, chicks like that song." Hahaha, funny guy. Anyways, here's a video of Matt Brevner performing Top of the Globe live at Wild Coyote on June 12, 2009. Brevner also self-produced this song and I'm really diggin the production. Top of the Globe really grasps the feel of Vancouver's urban street culture, which is in dire need of representation. A lot of us urban youth from Vancouver have been waiting for a song like this to help put us on the map!

Matt Brevner's websites:

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Freestyle Battle - Fredo vs Decay

Fredo takes on Decay who came all the way from Brighton, UK for Battle of the Bay 5. Decay was making jokes about Fredo's weight and Fredo took the job of homeland security while poking fun of Decay's accent and about him being from the UK. Fredo takes the win after the 3rd round.

I have feeling that the crowd was a bit biased about the battle because they reacted more towards Fredo's lines and wasn't really feeling Decay's English accent and swagger. (I wasn't either.) You gotta give props to Decay though for not going through the racist route. Decay was going through the same route as Lyraflip's battle aginst Fredo with the fat jokes but it still wasn't enough for a victory. Fredo won mainly with his American bigotry. But if you want to compare both MC's skill-wise and bar for bar in this battle, Fredo had better lines and better delivery. His victory was well deserved.

Freestyle Battle - Kid Caustic vs A-Class

Kid Caustic from Union City, California takes on A-Class for Grind Time New York. A-Class comes in with a lot of multis and had some good rebuttals but he was rapping too fast for the judges. I could barely make half of what A-Class was saying myself. Kid Caustic was coming in with Asian jokes but his punch-lines were audible so the battle was given to Kid Caustic after the 3rd round. A-Class.... homie you gotta slow down!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Freestyle Battle - Dumbfoundead vs Kid Twist

Dumbfoundead makes his debut in King of the Dot and takes on Kid Twist. This freestyle battle is full of jokes and punch-lines. The crowd was reacted to almost every line from both rappers and that was a really annoying. Dumbfoundead called Kid Twist the guy from Twilight, lol. But that wasn't enough because Kid Twist had came really prepared and won the crowd. Kid Twist wins this freestyle battle.

Homies - Welcome to the Good Life MV feat. Jin, Joe Flizzow & Gabby

Check out this new music video by called Welcome to the Good Life by Taiwanese hip hop group called Homies featuring Jin, Joe Flizzow and Gabby. Welcome to the Good Life was produced by Terry Tye Lee. I gotta say, this is nice slow-tempo song for the clubs. I like music that celebrates the finer side of life. Its refeshing to hear Jin coming out with an English verse although I don't know if he ever did any club songs before. Malaysian rapper Joe Flizzow comes in the smoothest in this one. The two Chinese rappers need to slow down on the beat though. Both of them made a good effort but there's no swagger in their raps. Their rapping sounds a bit too harsh for me to be in club music. Oh and if you guys missed it, there's a Chinese Tupac in the music video. Tupac isn't dead. He's in Taiwan!

Pic of the Chinese Tupac:

Obama bows to Japanese Emperor Akihito!

Obama: "I am greatly dishonored Emperor Akihito, for owing you so much money!"

The press is going buck wild about Obama bowing to Emperor Akihito. Make what you want of it. Some say that Obama was showing a sign of respect, others say it was totally inappropriate and it was Obama showing the weakness of the USA. But I know the truth! Obama was thanking Emeror Akihito for buying MORE US government debt. As Bloomberg reported, Japan had bought AN ADDITIONAL $105 billion dollars of US Treasuries this year, which exceeded this year's amount of US debt that China bought. Hell, if I loaned someone $105 billion dollars, they better bow before me! Hahaha.

Check out this funny video that compares the Obama-Akihito meeting with Akihito shaking hands with politicians and royalties of other nations. Notice how the other politicians and royalties did not bow?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Drunken Fists - Big Bossin' MV

Chinx and Shynobi from Drunken Fists Ent have released a music video of Big Bossin' off the Open Bar Drinks on Us mixtape. When I heard first heard Big Bossin' I thought that Shynobi was black because of the way he enunciates his words. But after watching the music video it clear to me that he's actually Chinese. Lol, silly me. Cool MV though. Shout outs to Drunken Fists Ent!!

Doc Whispher - Negativity MV

Doc Whisper from Fullerton, California tells the story of negative people in his new music video called Negativity. This song is from Doc Whisper's Learn the Hard Way album.

LMF's new song "揸緊中指" and The Wild Lazy Tour

The Hong Kong rap-rock band LMF is back and they have released a new track called 揸緊中指. They are also planning a concert tour called The Wild Lazy Tour with a concert in Singapore on December 6th and a concert in Hong Kong on January 2, 2010.

All the original members of LMF will be part of the tour

MC Yan (vocal)
Kit (vocal)
Phat (vocal)
Wah (vocal)

DJ Tommy (turntable)
Davy (producer and guitar)
Prodip((Bass/guitar and artwork/design)
Jimmy (bass guitar)

The Chinese Capitalizing on Obama's visit

China is definitely no stranger to wacky marketing. As shown on Reuters, the Chinese are capitalizing on Obama's visit to China next week. An artist from Beijing has made a bronze effigy modeled after an issue of Time Magazine where Obama was on the front cover. This bronze effigy can be lit up to symbolize "Obama on fire" (in the good way). WTF. A hairdresser is shown advertising crew cuts as "Obama haircuts". And get this. In the boutiques they have a logo with Obama wearing Mao's cap and they call it "Oba Mao". Lol, that's a good one. After all, Obama has been pulling some textbook socialist moves since he got into power.

More of Oba Mao:

Monday, November 09, 2009

The Star-Spangled Banner in sung Chinese

Hahahaha! This guy has lost his marbles! But you gotta give him props for doing an excellent translation of The Star-Spangled Banner. The anthem has such a different feel when it's being sung in Chinese though....

Saturday, November 07, 2009

MC Hotdog eats up his own words!!

Does anyone remember MC Hotdog's 韩流来袭 (Korean Wave Invasion) song where he was dissing Taiwanese pop singers and their corny love songs? Surprise, surprise. MC Hotdog's in one now. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! MC Hotdog must have fell off his tree and lost his mind. This song is sad sack of shit. I can't even fathom why he even agreed to be featured in this song.

What's the difference between Christine Fan Wei Qi and Yuki Hsu or A-mei or Coco Lee (who he dissing in 韩流来袭)? They all sound the same to me. They just sing love songs and maybe they like to make cute little poses once in a while. Don't tell me that Christine Fan Wei Qi's music is "realer" than Yuki Hsu or A-mei. Aww, give me a break!! Don't tell me that this song 1到10=我和你 (1 to 10=Me And You) has depth to it. It has NONE. There's no feel to it, no soul and no depth it AT ALL. It just sounds like it was meant for little kids or for Sesame Street. Anyways, I'm very disappointed in MC Hotdog for being in this shitty song and contradicting his message of bringing "real music" to Taiwan.

Here's further proof of how dumb this song is. Here's a clip of the singer, Christine Fan Wei Qi wearing a funky skirt and performing 1到10=我和你 for the oompa loompas behind her. LOL at the oopma loompa bouncing up and down in the far right.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

GrooveWar Interviews Soft Lipa (in Chinese)

GrooveWar catches up with Soft Lipa for an interview. This interview is all in Chinese.

Part II: This segment follows Soft Lipa browsing in a CD and DVD retail store where they are selling his debut album 收斂水 (Lotion). Later, he goes to grab some snacks at the night market.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Video footage of Kensho Kuma performing in Tokyo, Japan

Here's video footage of Kensho Kuma performing live in Japan with Anom Flux back in July 2009. Most of the video footage is from Kensho's in-store performance inside Wenod Records in Ebisu, Tokyo. The remaining footage is Kensho doing a live concert in Club Game in Shibuya.

When you watch his performance, you can tell right off the bat that Kensho is very passionate about hip hop!!

Hong Kong uncle bumps into the busts of unsuspecting women on the streets

There's a pervert on the loose in the streets of Hong Kong known as the "chest-hitting uncle". What this chest-hitting uncle does is that he bumps into unsuspecting women with his shoulder and elbow, specifically targeting their bust area. The uncle does this very nonchalantly making look like he bumped into them by accident. Yes, because you can feel SOOO much with your shoulder and elbow.

The video footage you see above is from OnTV, showing how he bumps into the unsuspecting women. The camera guy was literally tailgating the perverted uncle and the uncle didn't even notice one bit. Smile! You're on candid camera!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Freaky Booth in McDonald's

I took this picture while sitting in a booth in McDonald's. Neat huh?