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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Drunken Fists - Open Bar Drinks on Us

Drunken Fists - Open Bar Drinks on Us front

Drunken Fists - Open Bar Drinks on Us back

Drunken Fists (Chinx's label) has a released a compilation mixtape out called Open Bar Drinks on Us.

About Chinx (from his MySpace page):

Entertainment label Drunken Fists has influenced the urban world through music by giving independent artists an outlet to showcase their talents. Drunken Fists recording artist “C.H.I.N.X” is the product of the labels’ success. Although taking on the responsibility in directing the Drunken Fists movement, music is his real passion. Being an Asian artist in an urban market has been both his biggest advantage and disadvantage. In his own words, C.H.I.N.X wants to be “the face of his race” leading by example for us that nothing is impossible. The artist's very own name reflects his culture and background. C.H.I.N.X is an acronym for Chinese History Is Now Explained. His inspiration for music comes from his experiences’ as an Asian artist. C.H.I.N.X’s music is a representation of life, giving all listeners a something they can relate too.

The artist known today as C.H.I.N.X is far from the boy who started out freestyling and battling classmates through the school hallways. After meeting producer Big Smouse in 2001, C.H.I.N.X recorded his first track at the age of 16. As time went on, he found himself entering into various local MC battles and talent showcases. He realized that music was something he could pursue after winning first place at many of these events. By 2006, C.H.I.N.X had a large buzz with the completion of two mixtapes’ with his Drunken Fists family. It wasn’t until he travelled to Chicago, where he learned that there is more to music then music itself. After learning the business side of the industry C.H.I.N.X returned home to Toronto and really began to apply his knowledge towards the Drunken Fists movement. Upon his return, C.H.I.N.X teamed up with label mate Prestege and released their first album. The company’s rookie album “Road to Stardom” released March 2008, included all star appearances such as Lindo P, Moka Only and Glasses Malone of Cash Money Records. After thousands of units sold internationally, it is evident that C.H.I.N.X and the Drunken Fists team are truly on the road to stardom. But every artist knows that there is never enough to be accomplished.

Currently, C.H.I.N.X manages two studios used by the Drunken Fists team and various aspiring artists in Toronto. He also produces and writes music for a number of R&B artists in Canada. Among many other accomplishments, C.H.I.N.X has been crowned champion in plenty of battles, sold thousands of units internationally, completed two music videos, performed in hundreds of clubs and venues all over North America. In 2009, C.H.I.N.X is focussed for his debut solo release titled “All In”, which stands for everything he has put into his music work. With smashing street singles like “Keep it Movin” featuring Toronto’s own Renny Holladae and radio hits like “Eye Candy”, C.H.I.N.X is taking urban music to a level and sound it has never experienced.

DOWNLOAD: Drunken Fists - Open Bar Drinks on Us

Track Listing:

01 Drunken Fists - Take Advice (Produced by Big Smouse)
02 Drunken Fists - Fortified Fists (Produced by Big Smouse)
03 Drunken Fists - S.O.S. (Same Old Samething) (Produced by Vocab)
04 Drunken Fists - Love 4 Me (Produced by Suave)
05 Drunken Fists - Rock Steady (Produced by Rajeev Bling)
06 Drunken Fists - Life (Produced by Keeno)
07 Drunken Fists - Million Dolla Dream (Produced by Curt B)
08 Drunken Fists - Gotta Get It (Produced by Big Smouse)
09 Drunken Fists - Midnight Movements (Produced by Amir)
10 Drunken Fists - Party On and On (Produced by Amir)
11 Drunken Fists - Jamacian Rum (Produced by Omar)
12 Drunken Fists - All in the Game (Produced by Big Smouse)
13 Drunken Fists - It's Our Time (Produced by Suave)
14 Drunken Fists - Art of War (Produced by Badroc)
15 Drunken Fists - Big Bossin' (Produced by Amir)
16 Drunken Fists - Come Around (Produced by Suave)
17 Drunken Fists - La Familia (Produced by Amir)