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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

China Hip Hop Mixtape - 龙咆 (Dragon Roar) Vol.8

龙咆 (Dragon Roar) Vol. 8 front

龙咆 (Dragon Roar) Vol. 8 back

龙咆 (Dragon Roar) is a series of hip hop mixtapes from China featuring underground rappers compiled by Hell's Dragon Productions in Guangdong. In this particular volume, most of the tracks have a jazz hip hop feel to it. There are 29 tracks in total. The album is primarily in Mandarin, although there are a some tracks in Cantonese and at least one in Mongolian. There are quite a number of solid tracks in the mixtape and I must say that the mixtape as a whole exceeded my expectations of Mainland Chinese hip hop. If you want to hear how they do hip hop in China, you should definitely check this out.

Here's a really cool and mellow track from the mixtape that I am definitely feelin. It is a Cantonese rap song called Mo liu mic jo gor by Future.G(Of 字游军):

DOWNLOAD: 龙咆 (Dragon Roar) Vol. 8

Track Listing:

01、Eddie(Of 少先队)(Intro)
02、Devil Son&T.M.G - Diggin a payment
03、手斤口 Feat.Rosa - 忘记你
04、麒麟堂 - 流浪花
05、RPS - 人生的插曲
06、L.C.T - Bring you da sky
07、北斗 - 叼!吾系讲笑
08、GREEN CLAN格林派 - 一个人的空房间
09、馒头(Of A Plus) - 秘密
10、石头(Of 戏社) - 站起来
11、Jornson - 走过这条街
12、卷儿(Of 乱战门Family) - 我们
13、MC小佐 - 家的入口
14、D-Yosef - 旅程
15、反犬良 Feat.Lil8 - 回到
16、Future.G(Of 字游军) - Mo liu mic jo gor
17、璐人 - Song for my angel
18、Lui - 男孩
19、咔吐 - One night stand
20、欧阳正萌 Feat.Lordmo R - 现实太假
21、丐帮 - 我的生活Hipa
22、张兮&EmMcCain - Booty time
23、Bozo Boyz - 大家下载我
24、Devil Son&T.M.G - Another
25、政客 - The realest n the illest
26、伍行 - Rain day
27、Stone Feat.TOD - 辩解
28、Twoday - 黑白
29、马戏团小丑(Of 少先队)(Outro)


Anonymous said...

Really feelin' that Future.G track. Thanks for the upload!