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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Flowsik - Represent

Flowsik - Jay Pak Flow Sik Mixtape

Flowsik is a Korean rapper from Queens, New York from the Illuminaire Status label. For those who have been following hip hop news, you guys know about Ice-T making headlines back in the summer of 2008 when he said "Fuck Soulja Boy! Eat a dick! This nigga single handedly killed hip hop.” Wow. Talk about controversial. For all you guys that already knew about it, yes, this is old news. What Ice-T meant was that the rappers that are in the limelight nowadays lack the content that makes hip hop exciting and fresh. This is not only Ice-T's view but there is a lot of talk nowadays that hip hop is stagnant. Even Nas said it with his song Hip Hop is Dead. In comes, Flowsik an Asian rapper. Ice-T seems to take a liking to Flowsik and even co-signed him. Whatever that Soulja Boy is missing, Flowsik definately makes up for it.

Here is a clip of Flowsik performing over Nas's classic Represent. This performance was held at the world famous Pyramid Club at the Lower East Side in New York where Ice-T was hosting the "End of the Weak", an open-mic event. If you go to the worldstarhiphop where Flowsik's video is hosted the title says "The Next Jin?". What? They don't even look alike!! Flowsik is Korean and Jin is Chinese. And they don't even rap the same. Ugh. Whatever. As long as Asian rappers can get some limelight and get some recognition that's fine. We all know how the industry treated Jin, being and Asian rapper and all. Let's hope they don't do the same for Flowsik, cuz this cat definately has talent.

Flowsik has a mixtape album out called Jay Pak Flow Sik. You can get it at his myspace at


Anonymous said...

that's my dawg Flowsik!!

Rekstizzy said...

lol what did the industry exactly do to jin? they gave him a chance.. nobody forced him to go in the booth and spit 'learn chinese'. from what i heard, he couldn't make a marketable single, so they went with that. don't confuse jin's lack of a vision for himself as an artist with the industry being racist. Its a business at the end of the day. Black rappers get jerked too, if they're not making the right songs. Try to see things beyond your Asian American perspective. I'm asian american as well, its easy to bitch, but lets be real, its ultimately up to the artist. Flowsik is cool, good job on writing about him. But make sure you support him because he's making real music, not because he's asian.