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Monday, June 29, 2009

Drunken Tiger - Three Kingz Feat. Roscoe Umali & Styliztik Jones

Drunken Tiger - Feel gHood Musik: The 8th Wonder

Here's another THUMPIN track from Drunken Tiger's album release Feel gHood Musik: The 8th Wonder. The track is called Three Kingz and it features Roscoe Umali and Styliztik Jones. This song follows a similiar format and style as Knockout Kings but in Three Kingz, its turned up a couple more notches by adding more BASS and THUMP and CRAAAAAZIER LYRICS. Turn up the volume on this one!!!

Shogunna is back from Korea

(Shout outs to a-Tunes for the heads up!)

This is Shogunna's latest vlog. He's back in his hometown of Flushing, New York, fresh from his visit to Korea. Shogunna looks real hungry and pumped up to make things happen. Either that or he's overclocked from major jet lag. When sharing his experience in Korea, Shogunna says "you eat, drink, shit soju out there." Hahahaha. He's probably serious too.

Look out for Shogunna droppin Last Confession soon!

Drunken Tiger - Feel gHood Musik: The 8th Wonder / Monster

Drunken Tiger - Feel gHood Musik: The 8th Wonder

Drunken Tiger, has just released their 8th album entitled Feel gHood Musik: The 8th Wonder today. This time, the 8th album is a solo effort from Tiger JK since DJ Shine has left the group to pursue his own solo rap career. The album has 27 tracks on two compact discs. The concept of Feel gHood Musik: The 8th Wonder is that the two discs have very different sounds. The first CD, the "Feel Good Side", brings a mellow, easy-listening side of hip hop. The second CD, the "Feel Hood Side" has a bangin' hardcore hip hop sound for hip hop enthusiasts. Looking at the track listing, the album I noticed that Roscoe Umali made a couple of appearances in the album. Big ups to Roscoe!

Track listing:

01 [Feel Good Side] Feel Good Music
02 Jet Pack (Korean Version) [feat. Sef Cobane and Bizzy]
03 Magic (Work Plus Work is 3,2,1) [feat. Ann]
04 Congratulations [feat. Suh Jo Dan]/ 05. Don’t Cry [feat. Jin Bo]
05 Number Games
06 Skit [Crazy for Music Loptimist is Staying Up Tonight As Well]
07 True Romance [feat. T]
08 Doo Doo Doo Wap Ba Ba Ru [feat. Jungsshin and Sun]
09 Guitar Missing the 6th String/11/ Superfine (Step Aside)
10 Hip-Hop Craft/13. Question [feat. Ann]

01 [Feel Hood Side] Monster [Korean Ver.]
02 I Won’t Die Before I Die (What U Want) [feat. Bizzy and Palo Alto]
03 Rebel Music
04 Look At My Eyes [feat. Bizzy,YDG, and Jung In]
05 Frequency
06 Freaky Deaky Superstar [feat. Jungsshin, and Sun]
07 To Rub [feat. Bizzy, Palo A lot, Yanggang, 1kyne, and Samad]
08 Die Legend 2 [feat. Dynamic Duo, Dok2]
09 Jet Pack (English ver.) [feat. Stylistic Jones, Zeebra, and Sef Cobane]
10 Rest in Peace (Question) [Feat. Ann]
11 Three Kingz [feat Roscoe Umali, and Stylistic Jones]
12 Partner [feat. Palo Alto]
13 Crying In Grief Sound [feat. Sean2slow, Bizzy, Palo Alto, Double K, and Dok2]
14 Monster (English Ver) [feat. Rakka, Roscoe Umali, T, and Rakim]

Here's a leaked Mp3 from the "Feel Hood Side" CD, the English version of Monster. This track features Rakka from the Dilated Peoples, Roscoe Umali, T and The God MC himself, Rakim Allah.

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Drunken Tiger - Monster feat Rakka, Roscoe Umali, T and Rakim

Sunday, June 28, 2009

CPDRC Inmates' Tribute to Michael Jackson

The Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC), a maximum security prison in Cebu, Philippines have released a video dance tribute yesterday to the late Michael Jackson (may he rest in peace!). The CPDRC inmates are critically-acclaimed for making dance videos of popular songs and posting them on YouTube. I think their dances are a very cool thing because it helps the inmates beat the prison blues while they are serving time in prison. The YouTube description of their latest tribute to Michael Jackson says that this dance was completed 10 hours after receiving word of the King of Pop's passing. The songs they have done in order was: Ben, I'll Be There and finally We Are The World, a song that Michael Jackson co-wrote along with Lionel Richie. Choosing We Are The World as the last song for the tribute and waving around the many different flags of the world was a very nice touch. I was very moved by their performance.

Here is
the video that brought the CPDRC inmates international fame. It's a performance of Michael Jackson's Thriller. This video has over 26,000,0000 hits to this day!!

sci - week 47: murder house

sci has released this 47th song of the year entitled murder house. This song is a horror themed song about being a serial killer to other MCs.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Djaybuddah & Thaitanium Interviews DJ Clark Kent

Here's an interview that Djaybuddah and Thaitanium did with the living legend himself, DJ Clark Kent for AWhatUp Radio in Bangkok, Thailand. In the interview, they discussed a lot about hip hop culture. Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

  • Clark Kent considers Red Cafe, Curtains and Fabolous the hottest emcees right now that are from Brooklyn, New York
  • Clark Kent says that Jay-Z is the "best emcee" (and second best rapper) while Biggie is the "best rapper" (and second best emcee)
  • An emcee, according to Clark Kent, is all about lyricism and the substance behind the rhymes
  • A good rapper, according to Clark Kent, is one that makes great songs
  • Clark Kent says that Soulja Boy and Bow Wow are "great rappers", but they aren't emcees (and that they'll get "shitted on" if they go against Joe Budden in the booth)
  • Clark Kent claims to own 26,000 pairs of shoes
  • Clark Kent says that Grandmaster Flash got the "Grandmaster" part of his name from the original Grandmaster: Grandmaster Flowers from Brooklyn
  • Clark Kent has been buying records since he was 7 years old and claims to have 80,000 records in his collection

Watch the remaining parts 2 and 3 of the interview:

Jimmy Boi - Better Days / L2H Thang remix

Jimmy Boi - Puttin in Work Vol. 2

Houson's Jimmy Boi has released a music video for Better Days and the remix for L2H Thang. This video is also produced by Jug-A-Knot. Both Better Days and L2H Thang are from Jimmy Boi's Puttin in Work Vol. 2 mixtape.

Gumby aka Pryce - Rock Radio

Check out Gumby aka Pryce's new music video Rock Radio. This video was produced by Jug-A-Knot.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Roscoe Umali - Never Fallin'

Roscoe Umali

Roscoe Umali is out with a brand new track called Never Fallin' (produced by Fingazz) featuring One Block Radius and 1st Place. Never Fallin' has an 80's-retroish summer feel to it and samples the 80's hit: Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order. This track is just a taste of Roscoe's upcoming album: World's Finest. The radio-edit version of Never Fallin' is up for download (and the instrumental too, in case you guys wanna jump on the beat).

DOWNLOAD: Roscoe Umali - Never Fallin'

sci - week 46: go-ie pt. II [make it rain] feat. Finesse

sci has released his 46th song of the year called go-ie pt. II [make it rain] featuring Finesse. The instrumental used for this song is T.I.'s Swing Ya Rag.

Michael Jackson passed away

Michael Jackson

Breaking news guys.... the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson has died today from a cardiac arrest. He was 50 years old.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Funny Asian Freestyle Battle - Korean vs American

Here's a HILARIOUS freestyle battle between a Korean ESL student and an American that took place in a house party. I gotta give props to the Korean guy for trying to articulate himself in English, but apparently he's pretty smashed out of his mind. I think he had enough Soju for the day.

E1 Production - Vietnamese Pride (Mixtape)

E1 Production - Vietnamese Pride Mixtape

E1 Production has released a 15 track hip hop mixtape entitled Vietnamese Pride which features some of the biggest names in Vietnamese rap such as Thai Ngo, Gee Q, Khanh Nho, JimmyBoi and Chuckie A.


01. My Life & Rhymes (Vietnamese Version 2009) – Thai feat. Huy Toan
02. Dilemmas – GeeQ
03. U Turn – Stevie Hoang
04. Last Night (Ballade Remake & Prod. By Khoa D) - P. Diddy feat. Keyshia Cole
05. Breathless (Prod. By Khoa Le) – Nelson
06. Don’t Wanna B Alone – Roni Tran
07. Love Hurts (Acoustic Mix) – Chuckie A. feat. Christopher Charles
08. Gettin’ Mine - JimmyBoi
09. Friends With Money (Prod. By Tommy Gunnz) – Drake
10. Vietnamese Gang – Thai feat. Khanh Nho
11. Birthday Sex (Remix) – Bao Le feat. Jeremih
12. The Chosen One – Fawng Daw
13. Alone (Remix) – Viet Dreamerz feat. Chuckie A.
14. It's On - Thai

Bonus Track:

15. You Are The One (Techno Remix) – DJ Babyboi aka Khoa Nguyen Producer


MegaUpload - E1 Production - Vietnamese Pride (Mixtape)
ZShare - E1 Production - Vietnamese Pride (Mixtape)
MediaFire - E1 Production - Vietnamese Pride (Mixtape)

Photos from the Yellow shoot

Chino (Ty Won)

Ming (Mike Koo on left) & Mike Liu (Mike Lou)

Genghis (Peter Kim)

Doyers Street Chinatown

Monday, June 22, 2009

Yellow: American Dream, Chinese Ambition Teaser

Check out this trailer of this upcoming short film called Yellow: American Dream, Chinese Ambition. The film is about Chinese gangsters in New York city's Chinatown. The length of the short film is about 22 minutes. Tony Murphy, the producer and co-writer of Yellow, got in touch with me and told me that he is planning use this upcoming short film as a spring board to develop a one hour dramatic cable series like a Chinese-styled Sopranos set in Chinatown, New York. If all goes well the series will be airing on the like of HBO, Showtime or some other US cable network. His ultimate goal is to tell interesting compelling stories about the Chinese experience in New York while examining how Americans view Asians and how Asians view themselves. I also was very impressed that he had quite an extensive knowledge about the Chinese underground and how they operate. The man did his homework!

Here is a 1 minute behind the scenes video featuring leading actor Ty Won, who plays the part of "Chino", and the co-creators of Yellow, Troy Antonio and Tony Murphy:

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Turbulence Productions - Back 2 The New School (Free Download)

Turbulence Productions - Back 2 The New School Front Cover

Turbulence Productions - Back 2 The New School Back Cover

Shout outs to Mad Shock from Rapista, for the heads up on this one!

Turbulence Productions is a hip hop label from Manila, Philippines. The label has just released a digital hip hop compilation album called Back 2 The New School. This album free for download in the Soulfiesta blog.

Bebe Riz - Loving You (Demo Version)

Bebe Riz

Bebe Riz from New Zealand has released a demo version of her new track called Loving You. The song is about the dilemma of having to choose between someone you love and following your dreams.

DOWNLOAD/LISTEN: Bebe Riz - Loving You (Demo Version)

Check out Bebe Riz's websites:

Facebook: Bebe Riz Braga (

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Freestyle Battle - Lyraflip vs Rich for a Reason

Lyraflip takes on Rich for a Reason in this freestyle battle. Lyraflip is funny as hell. His swag kinda reminds me of a Filipino Bart Simpson. Here's something crazy disses Lyraflip said to Rich for a Reason in round 2:
Where did you get your knowledge from?/
You should be denied by the United Negro College fund/
This Uncle Tom isn't good at rap/
I'm stompin' this rookie flat/
His pops is mad because you always let the white man push you back/
You couldn't even put up your first up in the hood where your block is at/
How you gonna rep Black Panthers knowing damn well that you're a pussy cat?/

OUCH!! Lol. That was craaaaazy!! Lyraflip took the win on this battle.

Lyraflip's MySpace:

Freestyle Battle - Doc Whisper vs Celestial

This is freestyle battle is between Doc Whisper, a Korean rapper, and Celestial, a Bengali rapper. Doc Whisper raps like he is performing Shakespearean theater. I wonder if he ever took drama class before. Celestial had some funny lines satirizing Doc Whisper's name and then pummeled him with ethnic jokes. Doc Whisper was definitely outclassed in this battle. Celestial takes the win.

Doc Whisper's MySpace:

Freestyle Battle - Kimchee vs Sean Chris

In this freestyle battle its Kimchee taking on Sean Chris for the Bar Exam 3 and Grind Time West Tryouts at the R.E.H.A.B projects in Los Angeles, California. I was corresponding with Kimchee last week before the release of this video. It turns out that that he is actually Filipino, and not Korean. And here I thought all along he was a Korean with a tan hahaha. Kimchee told me that his real name sounds really close to Kimchee so that's why he chose that as his rap name. Anyways... moving on. Kimchee comes off a hard harder than his last battle with Tri Flaw and had some pretty crazy and random lines, which were hilarious!! He needs to work on his delivery though, because he tends to stutter a little bit. Kimchee takes the win in overtime.


Kimchee's MySpace:

Friday, June 19, 2009

UPT - Baby Baby

UPT - De Free

UPT has repackaged their 6th album New Era, and then added a twist on it renamed it De Free. WTF?!! LOL... Anyways, Baby Baby is their latest follow up single. Its a club-banger type song. It's a quite decent cut and it sounds waaaaaay better than their last hit: 흑기사 (Black Knight). The girls featured in this song aren't that bad either. Their names are Chrispy and Brownie. What cute names! I wonder if we will see or ever hear from them again?

In a recent article about UPT written in The Korean Herald on June 04, 2009, Chan was quoted in saying: "You never know who's going to be the next for Uptown because the group's so random."

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Khanh Nho & Phong Le - Vườn Hoa Hồng Đỏ (Garden of Roses) are looking a piece of Vietnamese rap history. This is the first ever Viet rap video. It dates back to the year 2000 (I think). This is Khanh Nho and Phong Le collaborating together in Vườn Hoa Hồng Đỏ (meaning "Garden of Roses" in English) which refers to the nickname of the city of Portland for its many rose gardens. The song can be classified as a Vietnamese gangsta rap song or a rap song about rebellious Vietnamese youth. The video for Vườn Hoa Hồng Đỏ was shot in Portland, Oregon. The video production is pretty corny and ghetto, but it pretty much captures the essence of daily life for Vietnamese youth over in Portland back in 2000. You gotta give both Khanh Nho and Phong Le props and respect for paving the way for Vietnamese rappers.

So.... yeah I've been wondering... what happened to Khanh Nho lately? I did some google sleuthing and I found this statement written by Phong Le on April 29, 2009 in the VietRapper forum about what Khanh Nho is up to now:

Khanh Nho Move to NC for a year now... He come to to Portland Oregon some time to visit 102vietrap boy....He is stop doing anything illegal or whatever he used to say in his old song.....He been working really hard... bought him self a brand new Lexus... help his family paying bills and shit....No more thug life....

He decided not to rap anymore.....become famous is not his goal anymore....That is why he is not in my "lay tien cho gai 2" album

To me, when Khanh Nho stop writing song is a big Lost for the vietrap world.....He is my biggest influence in most of my song.... he is my mentor for the last 6 years....

It used to be Khanh Nho and Phong Le trying make a name for our self.... but now it is only Me....

That is what happen to Khanh Nho


Wow... so I guess that's that huh. Khanh Nho isn't rapping anymore. But hey, you gotta give props to Khanh Nho for making a change and trying to do something positive in his life. If you wanna hear another classic track by Khanh Nho with Thai Ngo, check out Vietnamese Gang. That song is an Asian rap classic.

Jackie Chain - Diamonds & Cadillacs

Jackie Chain

Alabama's Jackie Chain released a hot new single called Diamonds & Cadillacs. I'm really diggin the crazy electric guitar solos in the instrumental beat. This song was produced by Djay Cas.

DOWNLOAD: Jackie Chain - Diamonds & Cadillacs

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gee Q on "mandatory vacation" / True Homeyz

Gee Q

I haven't found any new releases from the San Diego Vietnamese rapper Gee Q for a long time so I recently checked out his MySpace page. And oh wow. As reported on his MySpace blog on April 20, 2009, Gee Q is now in the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in San Diego. He also had a personal message for his fans:
"Much love and respect to everyone showin support! I've been on a mandatory vacation and will be back soon!"

Dang. Looks like Gee Q got caught up in the struggle. If you guys want to show your support for Gee Q, by all means, send your letters or pictures to Gee Q. You can get the mailing address from Gee Q's MySpace blog. In other news, the Payola Mixtape is scheduled to be released sometime in the summer of 2009. Here's a song by Gee Q called True Homeyz which is a a real deep and melancholic sounding song dedicated to one Gee Q's homies. This track was released in 2006

DOWNLOAD/LISTEN: Gee Q - True Homeyz
LYRICS: Gee Q - Tru Homeyz

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Adonis - not FACEBOOK


Adonis is a rapper that was born in the Philippines and was raised in Jersey City, New Jersey. He is currently back in the Philippines and is in his second year of medical school over there. Adonis has released an album called theADONIScomplex (produced by sci and finesse). You can check the album out on his blog: the COVERUP.

Here's one of his tracks called not FACEBOOK that was just released a couple days ago.

Check out Adonis' websites:

sci - week 45: night & day [remix] (feat. Lloyd)

sci has released his 45th song for the week. This time sci did a remix of Loyd's night & day. The track is very much like original except sci put in his 16 bars starting at 2:40.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Point Blanc announces next album called The Turning Point!

Point Blanc

Malaysia's Point Blanc has announced the title of his next album which will be called The Turning Point. Point Blanc has been laying low lately because his album is under the pre production stage. The first single from Point Blanc's new album will be released somewhere this month or in early July. The album will be primarily in English (yay!!) and there will be one or two non-English rap songs. The Turning Point is scheduled to be released in August 2009.

I'll post the single when it's released. Until then.....stay tuned!

Friday, June 12, 2009

RIP SLYME - Good Day

RIP SLYME - Journey

Its a good day, its a good day! RIP SLYME have just released their 7th album entitled Journey. Here's a music video from their newest single Good Day. The music video and their dancing is kinda corny albeit, but will put a big smile on your face =))))

For all the up-to-date news for RIP SLYME, by all means, go check out tina's blog: RIP SLYME Vibes.

M.L. - Special


M.L. has just released a new track called Special. Peep the track!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

ILL-J - Feel Good feat. Monique

ILL-J -Logic For Reason

ILL-J is a rapper from Las Pinas City in the Philippines. He got the rap name "ILL-J" when he was living in the United States and someone mistaken his real name RJ, as "ILL-J" and since then, the nickname got stuck. Upon returning to the Philippines in 1996, ILL-J became part of a hip hop group called the Sun Valley Crew (SVC) and they have released 3 albums together until they have disbanded in 2005. Now, ILL-J is a solo rap artist and he has released two albums, The Journey in 2006 and most recently Logic For Reason, released this year in 2009.

ILL-J spreads positive vibes in this chill track called Feel Good featuring Monique. This song is from ILL-J's second album Logic For Reason released in 2009.

(Thanks to SoulSonic TV for the link)

ILL-J has a MySpace at:

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Jay-Z - D.O.A. (Death of Auto Tune)


Jay-Z has leaked out a new track called D.O.A. (Death of Auto Tune) produced by No I.D and Kayne West. In this song Jay-Z declares the death of auto tune. Everyone is going nuts over the song!! Hahaha... Jay-Z is going in the same direction as Nas did when Nas did Hip Hop Is Dead a while back. A lot of rappers look up to Jay-Z so I wonder how they are gonna take this one. I'm not big a Jay-Z fan (I'm not a Jay-Z hater either) but I gotta say that I like this song. D.O.A. (Death of Auto Tune) will be on Jay-Z's new album: Blueprint III that will be released on September 11, 2009.

DOWNLOAD/LISTEN: Jay-Z - D.O.A. (Death of Auto Tune)

Shogunna - Forbidden City


In this song, Shogunna shows love for his city, Flushing, New York a.k.a "Forbidden City". Shogunna also shouts out a whole bunch of different crews from the area. This is a real mellow and solid track from Shogunna. Forbidden City was released in 2006 and is from Shogunna's Last Man Standing Volume II mixtape.

DOWNLOAD/LISTEN: Shogunna - Forbidden City

Saturday, June 06, 2009

DJ Honda & PMD - Rhyme 4 Me

DJ Honda & PMD - Underground Connection

Now, this is a cold, cold cut with some *THUMP* and some *OOMPH* to it by-- who else but DJ Honda? Rhyme 4 Me is a track off DJ Honda & PMD's Underground Connection, released in 2002. Turn up the bass on this one!!!

Listen: DJ Honda & PMD - Rhyme 4 Me

Joosuc - 6문자의 남자 (Front Line) Feat. Zeebra, Maccho

Joosuc - Welcome To The Infected Area

Here is Korea-Japan collaboration track called 6문자의 남자 (Front Line) by Joosuc, Zeebra, and Maccho (from Ozzrosaurus). What a dope collabo! I'm totally feeling the energy of this track! Joosuc even raps in Japanese in this track. Zeebra does a really crazy hook in this one and the instrumental is just banging! 6문자의 남자 (Front Line) is from Joosuc's 2002 album Welcome To The Infected Area.

Listen: Joosuc - 6문자의 남자 (Front Line) Feat. Zeebra, Maccho

sci - week 44: must be love [remix] (feat. Cassie)

sci has just released his 44th song of his 52 week project. This time, its a remix of must me love featuring Cassie. This one is for the ladies!

Friday, June 05, 2009

sci - week 43: incredible

sci has released his 43rd song called incredible. Its a lyrical thrashing-type song to display how strong his pen game is, similar to his week 42 song: kapowski in my audi.

Edison Chen breaks his silence on CNN

Its been over a year and then some since one of Hong Kong's biggest scandals: the internet release of sex photos involving Edison Chen with some of Hong Kong's biggest female celebrities. Now singer-actor (and rapper) Edison Chen finally breaks his silence on CNN's Talk Asia about the scandal, his death threats, his career and the whole schebang. The interviewer asked him a whole slew of gut-wrenching questions about the scandal and you could see all the awkwardness in Edison's facial expressions and body language in answering them. It was as if Edison was just reliving his nightmare again. I personally found the interview very awkward to watch.

Shogunna - City Life

Shogunna in front of Seoul Station in Seoul, Korea

Looks like Shogunna is making some major moves in Korea. He has released a new music video for his song called City Life, produced by Luka Lee. City Life is a soul-searching type song. Its a pretty decent cut. The music video was shot in Seoul, Korea.

Be on the lookout for Shogunna's new mixtape coming out soon called Last Confession!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Jin proposes to his girlfriend on his 27th birthday!

Jin celebrating his 27th birthday

Jin has just celebrated his 27th birthday. Happy birthday Jin! Wow... look at the scrumptious cake! As reported by a-Tunes, Jin also proposed to this girlfriend Carol on his 27th birthday.

Here's the Kodak moment!

Jin proposing to his girlfriend, Carol

Congratulations Jin and Carol!!!

sci - week 42: kapowski in my audi

sci has released his 42th song called kapowski in my audi for his 52 week project. In kapowski in my audi, sci is rapping over Asher Roth's Lark On My Go Kart. Check it out!

Jin - Same Cry

Jin - The Rest Is History

Same Cry is a song from Jin's debut album The Rest Is History featuring LT. This was one of the more serious songs from the album. In Same Cry, Jin gives a voice to the Chinese people by rapping about their struggles, pain and hardships. The first verse of Same Cry is soley dedicated Tiananmen Square incident on June 4th, 1989. Other issues that the song covers is the SARS epidemic, China's one-child-policy, Chinese refugees and sweatshops in China.

LISTEN: Jin - Same Cry
LYRICS: Jin - Same Cry

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

20th Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Incident

June 4th marks the the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square incident which was one of the darkest events in modern Chinese history. In 1989, hundreds of thousands of Chinese university students peacefully gathered in Tiananmen Square to protest about government corruption and demanded political reform. After six weeks of continued protests, on June 4th, 1989 the Chinese government rolled out military tanks and troops to crackdown on the student protesters. The exact number of deaths resulting from the incident are unknown. Some sources say its in the hundreds, others say its in the thousands.

By all means, watch this 2 part documentary by AlJazeera called It happened in Tiananmen Square. This documentary explains how the Tianamen Square incident unfolded and features some of the surviving protesters speaking out about their experience in Tiananmen Square.

24Herbs - Respect Tou Pok Kai

24Herbs -24Herbs

Respect Tou Pok Kai is the debut hit-single from 24Herbs. The phrase Respect Tou Pok Kai is an oxymoron. On one hand you have the word "respect" and on the other you have "Pok Kai". Pok Kai is a curse word in Cantonese which literally means "go drop dead on the street". And so when you put it all together, Respect Tou Pok Kai means respect till you drop dead LOL. Respect Tou Pok Kai song has really, really, really grown on me. I think this song is awesome. First of all, the song has a catchy beat and a catchy hook. Secondly, it has a really a positive message that advocates respect for all people. Third, the song has a bit of an edge, which is something refreshing amongst all the squeaky-clean and crappy Cantopop songs nowadays. Respect Tou Pok Kai can be found in 24Herbs' self-titled album released in 2008.


LISTEN: 24Herbs - Respect Tou Pok Kai

Monday, June 01, 2009

MastaMic - Cantonese freestyle

Here's a BEASTLY Cantonese freestyle rap by MastaMic. The freestyle starts at 1:21. You can tell he was going off the dome because he was handed random items and he rapped about them. Hong Kong hip hop stand up!!!