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Monday, July 27, 2009

Supreme Team - Supermagic

Supreme Team - Supreme Team Guide to Excellent Adventure

Supreme Team is a Korean rap group consisting of Simon Domonic and E-Sens. They have just released their debut mini-album called Supreme Team Guide To Excellent Adventure. (Dude!) The album cover of Supreme Team Guide to Excellent Adventure looks strikingly similar to the movie poster for Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure with the pose and telephone booth and all. I loved that movie!!!!!!

The first single of Supreme Team Guide to Excellent Adventure is Supermagic, a dance/party-type song. The music video for this song is based on a house party setting. There's some interesting characters that were invited to the party such as a Michael Jackson (RIP) impersonator, Spongebob Squarepants, Toucan Sam, and an astronaut (wtf?). Dynamic Duo also made a cameo appearance.


Anonymous said...

ahhhh finally my boys SUPREME TEAM, e-sens and simon is finally featured on here!! woot woot i was waiting on this report!

Anonymous said...

i really liked when they were featured (separately) in dynamic duo's songs :) and now i'm liking 아리따움 ft dynamic duo!