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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Royal @ The Wonder Girls Concert in Vancouver 6/30

The Wonder Girls

This blog post is dedicated to all the people that "accidentally" came to this blog through the tons and tons of K-Pop-related sites I'm linked with. To be honest, I'm not too fond of K-pop myself. Well.... okay I'll admit. I've had my But for the record, this blog is about Asian hip hop, not K-pop, not J-pop or Asian R&B. Don't get it twisted, I support Asian artists trying to make it in the music industry, but if it has nothing to do with hip hop or rap, there's no place for it here. However, if they have a song that includes some sort of rapping in it, you just might, just miiiiiight see it here. But if there isn't rapping in it, it will take a miracle for me to blog about it.

Well kids, today is your lucky day because your miracle has! Yaaay! So let me tell you a story. So the Korean pop group, the Wonder Girls have been touring all across North America promoting their music. On June 30th, the day the Wonder Girls were going to do their second concert in Vancouver's GM Place, yours truly decided to go to their concert on a hum-bug immediately after grocery shopping at the T&T supermarket on Keefer St, which was pretty much close to GM place anyways. So I found some scalpers selling tickets and skillfully haggled my way to get some nosebleed-section tickets, for a fraction of the price I might add! Luckily I had my Canucks cap on that day and so when I got inside GM place I proceeded to wear my cap even tighter in fears of someone recognizing me and saying: "OMG!! Hey, isn't that Royal from ASIAN RAP WORLDWIDE?! I love his site! What is he doing here? I thought he likes Asian hip hop, and not Asian pop!" Yeah so when the Wonder Girls were finally got on stage after an hour or so was I cheering for them, clapping for them and doing wolf-whistles and having a blast. Gotta show my Asian sisters that came all the way from Korea some moral support right? And also, isn't it fun to live someone else's dream of seeing the Wonder Girls live in concert and then start bragging to them that you saw them live in concert and that they didn't? Hahaha, I think so. Anyways the Wonder Girls only performed two songs: Tell Me and Nobody. And that was pretty much it.

So I took some pictures and videos with my cellphone from the nosebleed-section but there were blurry as heck because all I had with me was my cellphone with a 1-mega-pixel-or-so-camera. In other words, I didn't come prepared because I went there all on a hum-bug. Don't believe me? Hahaha. Fine. I will post them, for comedic purposes of course. The first video is an excerpt of the Wonder Girls performing Tell Me. The last video is an excerpt of them performing Nobody.

Disclaimer: There is tons feedback coming off from my cellphone's microphone. It sounds similiar to nails on a chalkboard. And you can't see much anyways! But this proves I was there! Watch at your own risk! LOL

If your ears are bleeding from the feedback, hey curiosity killed the cat. I also took some pics too. I couldn't even make out who's in it. Hahaha!! I am the WORST Wonder Girls fan (if I'm even considered a fan of the Wonder Girls), everrrrr. PERIOD. Here are the pics:

The Wonder Girls doing some sort dance for Tell Me or for Nobody

Either that is one of the Wonder Girls (don't know who), or its an angelic presence with a shimmering white aura that I have caught on camera.

Obviously there are better videos on YouTube and better pictures of the concert in the die-hard Wonder Girls fan blogs. But yeah... thought I'd share my little adventure with you guys. For the record, I have not gone to the dark-side and have become K-Pop-fanatic, I'm still hip hop all day. Rest assured, this blog will stay hip hop!! YEAAAAH!!! So..... this post was for the K-Pop fans. Hahaha. Thank you, come again.


ROYAL said...

This is, the WORST concert report ever. Period.