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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

m-flo celebrates their 10th Anniversary!

m-flo's new album cover??

Japanese hip hop group m-flo, comprising of Verbal as the rapper and Taku as the producer, celebrates their 10th anniversary today. Looking back at their history the group has divided m-flo's music into two different eras. The first era was the Tripod Era (1999-2002), when Lisa was part of the group. The second era was their Loves Era, (2003-2008) when they have collaborated with many popular Japanese artists.

Today, on their 10th anniversary, m-flo has released this video on YouTube:

Okay so...

  1. Topic 1. They released a what? Whatever it is, it is now available its online. For the first time ever! (Forgive my lack of Japanese comprehension but I think its referring to the m-flo music videos now available on YouTube. Can someone who speaks Japanese please fill me in on this? TIA)
  2. Topic 2. m-flo's Tribute album featuring many Japanese artists will be on sale on 9/16
  3. Topic 3. The fans can vote on what songs should be on m-flo's best album. The voting period is starts today and ends on 8/15.

Vote here:


Unknown said...

congrats to m-flo for 10 years for droppin the hot J-Rap