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Friday, July 10, 2009

Jin endorses Vita Lemon Tea

Jin's VITA Lemon Tea billboard @ Causeway Bay

Jin's new Lemon bling-bling, Pic 1

Jin's new Lemon bling-bling, Pic 2

(shoutouts to for the pics)

For all you guys wondering what is Jin doing nowadays and what is he up to-- well... Jin has a new a endorsement for Vita Lemon Tea! Looks like Vita is trying to use hip hop to advertise their lemon tea just like Coca-cola company used hip hop to advertise Sprite. Vita Lemon tea is quite a popular iced lemon tea in Hong Kong and its been around forever. Heck, I even remember a lot of the Chinese kids back in my elementary school days would be drinking this brand of lemon tea during lunch time. Not me though, my parents always got me apple juice for lunch instead hahaha. Most of you North Americans who will watch the commercial below will be culture-shocked. Yeah its a bit corny and cheesy but that's how they do in Hong Kong haha. Actually, quite a lot of things in Hong Kong's media are cheesy and corny. And I don't say this to purposely offend any of you guys who come from Hong Kong but it is what it is. And furthermore, this is commercial is a reflection on how the mainstream in Hong Kong perceives hip hop culture. It looks like Hong Kong hip hop has a lot of work to do and has a looooooong ways to go!