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Monday, July 27, 2009

Kato - T.I.M.E. Vol. 1 mixtape

Kato - T.I.M.E. Vol.1 front cover

Kato - T.I.M.E. Vol.1 back cover

Kato is a Korean-American hip hop producer and rapper that is originally from the suburbs of Virgina (not to be confused with the Chinese rapper Kato from Chicago, Illinois) and is now residing in Atlanta, Georgia.

Kato's latest mixtape is called T.I.M.E. Vol.1 (This is My Everything). The album features previously released, unreleased and remixes with features of Above Ave., Mike Petrone, Dumbfoundead, Lil' Scrappy, Mic Masters, Mojo Swagger. Kato produced all 19 tracks and only dropped a single verse throughout the whole mixtape.


01.) Intro (feat. Nima Haddadi)
02.) Mic Masters – Landslide (Produced by Kato)
03.) Grady – Everybody Hatin’ (Produced by Kato)
04.) Mike Petrone – Crank It (feat. Lil Scrappy & Iam) (Produced by Kato)
05.) Kanye West – Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Kato Remix)
06.) Above Ave. – Don’t Be Hard On Yourself (Produced by Kato)
07.) Adrift Da Belle – Real Song (Produced by Kato)
08.) Tommy Lee Soul – Go (feat. Kato) (Produced by Kato)
09.) Cheesecake Charger (feat. A’Leus) (Interlude)
10.) A’Leus – I Got (Produced by Kato)
11.) Dumbfoundead – Rapper-O’s (Produced by Kato)
12.) Adult Film Stars – The Joint (Produced by Kato)
13.) Mojo Swagger – Holla (Kato Remix)
14.) T.I.M.E. (Interlude)
15.) Mic Masters – Easy Come Easy Go (Produced by Kato)
16.) Mack Jones (Poe Mack & Case Jones) – Mack Jones Shit (Produced by Kato)
17.) Slick Audio – Action (Produced by Kato)
18.) Thirsty Fish – Party Snatchers (Produced by Kato)
19.) Mic Masters – Hot ‘N Cold (Kato Remix)

Download: Kato - T.I.M.E. Vol.1

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