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Friday, July 03, 2009

Dumbfoundead interviews Tablo from Epik High

After completing his Map The Soul tour in the United States, Tablo from Epik High did an interview with Dumbfoundead on behalf of The Urban Decadance right in Dumbfoundead's crib. It's a real short interview and the duration is about 6 and a half minutes. Its really interesting to see both Tablo and Dumbfoundead mesh together in this interview because on one hand, they are both Koreans who share the love of hip hop, but on the other hand they are shaped by two completely different cultures and different music scenes. When asked about the Korean music industry, Tablo said that that there isn't much diversity of music genres and everything is basically pop music. To top that off, Tablo was saying that because the way the Korean media is structured, it leaves no room for underground rap artists to get any media attention. Tablo also said that he was working on some tracks in Dumbfoundead's crib (collaboration track, hint hint).

You can read the article about Tablo's interview on The Urban Decadence blog here.