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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

m-flo released their "Tribute -maison de m-flo-" album

m-flo - Tribute -maison de m-flo-

m-flo's Tribute -maison de m-flo- album is out! This album features Japanese singers performing covers of m-flo's hit songs. I haven't listened to the album yet, but as you guys know I'm not too fond of TVXQ's cover of Been So Long. I just hope that the other songs aren't as butchered. If you have listened to the entire Tribute -maison de m-flo- album, kindly post your thoughts about it in the comment section.

Track Listing:

01 miss you / May J. & JONTE
02 come again / 青山テルマ
03 Planet Shining / COMA-CHI
04 Yours only, feat.WISE / 西野カナ
05 been so long / JEJUNG & YUCHUN (from 東方神起)
06 Simple & Lovely / misono
07 the Love Bug / YU-A
08 Come Back To Me / Marie
09 L..O.T. (Love or Truth) / BENI
10 let go / 清水翔太


ROYAL said...

TVXQ sucks.


sawa-chan said...

hmmm... I thought TVXQ's cover is just ok (the supposedly laughing part towards the end sounds fake).

The only song I like in this album is Shimizu Shota's cover of "let go". If this was an audition for a music show, I'd pick him.

?? said...

TVXQ sucks? Based on what? How many songs have you heard?

Disregard the comments, disregard the media, disregard the looks.

Can't you see the hardwork?

Good dance, good vocal, explosive stage presence. What's wrong with tvxq?

Are you being pretentious on your choice of music?

They might not have as much freedom or soul as drunken tiger or M-flo but they've got technic and passion.

Anonymous said...

i thought tvxq's cover for been so long was way better than the original.... the female vocalist sucks in the original version.