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Saturday, September 12, 2009

TVXQ/Tohoshinki BUTCHERS m-flo's "Been So Long"

TVXQ (lol)

TVXQ (東方神起 or Tohoshinki), a Korean boyband from Japan, remade m-flo's Been So Long, one of my favorite songs from m-flo. And they BUTCHERED IT. Now that's just WRONG! The TVXQ version sounds like some soul-less wussy boy band song. The singing part was meant to be sung a by a girl. I don't know which fag was singing Lisa's part but it just sounds so wrong on so many levels!!! No guy in the right mind will publicly sing Lisa's part of the song!! Man... there should be a punishment for blaspheming Been So Long. Please someone.... kick em in the balls (if they have any) when you get the chance.  This song unfortunately will be on m-flo's 10th anniversary TRIBUTE album.

LISTEN: TVQX - Been So Long


Anonymous said...

they didn't butcher it.
and i'm sure there are many people who would love it for you to keep your opinions to yourself.

refrain from making rude comments about artists you don't know.

Anonymous said...

LOL, your'e telling someone to not give their opinion on a song on THEIR blog?

What's there to know about the artist and song? He didn't like it and that's fine, not everyone is going to like the same thing you do.

ROYAL said...

Here's the English translation lyrics of "been so long". If you read the lyrics, you'll realize that the singing part was meant for a girl. Or effeminate guy. LOL

m-flo – been so long:

I’ve been waiting for so long
Hey, are you really okay with that?
Broken promises, your sweet talk’s not fooling me, yeah

I pay my periphery no mind ’cause it’s full of obstacles
The melody they’re talking about is inside my head
Like a large scale model
Ate too many delicious MC’s, I got canker sores
The fly residents stay troopin’
Tokyo’s 23 wards with love, prisoners of sound
So throw up your hands, the tech’s no joke
Urbannite flow, m-flo dialect

You know it didn’t have to be this way
Don’t say another word
Even though this pain won’t heal
I still don’t wanna hear your consoling words

With all my heart, with all my soul
Let’s just forget the past
With all my mind, with all my strength,
And let it wash away with my tears

**I’ve been waiting for so long
As time goes by it’ll all disappear
Broken promises, your sweet talk’s not fooling me, yeah

Strobelite, it’s a state of emergency
I’ll burn up all your nonsense
It’s tragic how many rappers come and go, call this the guard dog flow
MC’s best look out, my vocab’s mental

Remember me? I’m the one you used to doubt
But I’m nothing like the others
Now’s the time, talk of the past doesn’t matter
Ya heard? It’s U.N.I.K.A.

It’s pay day, yell out my stage name, it’s Verbal, I rearrange
Designing this while they play tricks
Move over ’cause it’s sick
Flowing transparently like an undentified light comin’ yo way

Many skyscrapers graze the sky
And encompass the sound we bring you

Let me rock your cradle
You’ll never figure out this fluorescent
Maze-like rhyme scheme


Why can’t I ever forget…sing it, sing it girl
The scars in my heart?… Unlearn is the word, truth manifests
Why ask why?… Why? Got no time for games
I won’t hear you excuses…(that’s right) Let me hear what your heart feels
Please god, grant me my wildest dreams
‘Cause you can light up my world

Coming out of nowhere you hear a sound
From the underground to a scene that is minus 10 degrees
It’s cold, we heat it up
This flow’s got not limits, forever unforgettable
Yes, yes, on and on to the
No complaints when I flush down your lyrics
We doin’ this one step ahead, we formulatin’
Touch with wisdom, yo what’s your station I.D.?
Listen to this new combination

With all my heart
With all my soul
With all my mind
With all my strength

With all my heart
With all my soul
With all my strength


Anonymous said...

they did butcher it. its dbsk, a generic untalented boyband. everything they TOUCH, they butcher.

Anonymous said...

hey, You post a english lyric, but how you can say that the singing part was meant for a girl while you dont understand the Japanese lyric. The remade song is sung in Japanese, not in English right?

And dont curse them that bad, TVXQ is a famous asian boyband who has win many awards in Korea as well as Asia. And in addition,i dont know who m-flo are!

shigekazu said...

no..u wrong..dbsk so talented u know... =p

Anonymous said...

for people who diss dbsk u dont know shit. dbsk soo talented u dont know anything so shut your trap. and the person who open this forum sure stupid if u dont like it just say u dont like it no one appreciate your stupid and rude comment.

Anonymous said...

dbsk is so talented. i dont know why u people think they are not. sure some anti stuff going on here. and for the person who post this should not make any lame comments no one want to read it

Anonymous said...

who is mflo anywyas, dbsk is pretty popular in japan and korea. and when listening to the song they only sing a few verse the rapper is not their voice at all. so if u dont know them dont talk

Anonymous said...

oh god. I went on youtube to listen to m-flo's older songs and I came across a comment saying 'soulmate did a better job' and I was like...soulmate? who are they? thinking they were some awesome group or something so I listened and I was like "..." The rapping sounded not bad but WHO THE HECK WAS SINGING LISA'S PART??!?!? I was like wtf. butchered. sorry.

jesa said...

fyi, the rapping part is their voices too -_- its yuchun. and i think ITS GREAT.

they didnt kill the song at all. in fact i think its even better. tvxq/dbsk/tohoshinki isnt a generic boyband. they actually have the talent to both sing and dance well. and please give some credits to jejung for being able to sing Lisa's parts in its original keys without going off-pitch... which i think he SANG HER PARTS REALLY WELL TOO :) sure it doesnt really make sense when a guy sings her part but its nice. who cares bout the lyrics when the melody and voice is more important in a song. u LISTEN to a song, not read. how many people who aren't japanese truly understand the song without looking at translation?

Anonymous said...

i lol'd.

firstly, i've been swimming in the same type of online asian music circles for too long so it surprised me that there were still people out there who listened to asian music but didn't know who tvxq was.

secondly, uh yes, jaejoong does sound like a fag, that's why you crazy closet lesbian fangirls like him and his pretty face and voice so much.

thirdly, it wasn't THAT bad. while yoochun's flow isn't exactly the best, at least his voice sounds nice. and manly. in comparison.

Anonymous said...

lalala.. u dun knw them either. thy r korean, not japanese. thy r talented, either in dancing & singing. dun comment lik tat whn u only listen to few of their song =.=

choclatteteluver said...

first of all you are being an asshole! you really don't know much about them to insult them like that!

secondly i damn love this version & i think jejung's voice is sweeter than lisa. ( i heard jaechun's version first & since you all were bullshiting about hero's voice ,i listened to lisa's version') so yeah, i like jae's voice.

for the one who called him a fag you are a jerk ,what right do you have to decide that his voice is girly, it is just softer. i hate people who insult jae just because he is damn handsome ,nice and because all the girls love him.
btw i am a girl and straight and i am a big fan of jae & dbsk!