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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Internet Dating Tips for Women

Need help in capturing Mr. Right? Here are some internet dating tips for women, endorsed by yours truly!

ALWAYS BE READY to go whenever he calls.

When waiting for his call, ensure you are BAKING something delicious to give him when you see him.

ALWAYS look pretty and smell HATE IT when you aren't

Ask him if he needs his laundry done or his house LOVE that!

Be prepared to PICK UP THE TAB at the end of a date out, this signals a man that you are sexually interested.

Give up on your friends and available for your man ALWAYS...this shows your unswerving commitment

Send him weekly gifts of beer and auto truly LOVE these things!

When in the bedroom, ALWAYS act like a slut!....NEVER forget to swallow.

NEVER criticize your man..even when he's wrong...this shows flagrant disobedience.

BE PEPARED to give up your job and have many children.

ALWAYS treat your man like a KING and know you are but a loyal and faithful servant to his many needs.

If you are walking in the rain and see a puddle ahead, HURL yourself into that puddle. It is best that your man walk over you rather than get his feet wet.

Regular massages, back rubs, and foot massages show your undying loyalty and devotion.



Dahliaaa said...

I thought this was SERIOUS for a second here. x)

Sadly, I'd make my man send me auto parts. LOL Gotta live the life of a tuner!

ROYAL said...


nonono it doesn't work that way. you must follow the instructions to the tee ;)

Dahliaaa said...

I have to admit, this was hilarious.

Dating said...

You must follow the instructions to the tee ;)

Anonymous said...

Respect my azn bruddahs but if they expect these things then they are truly bitch ass and need to move back home with their mothers.
nice try, funny shit.

Anonymous said...

^ Humor sir or madam, you must learn it.

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