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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jin accept's Dizaster's challenge in a freestyle battle AND wants to battle Illmaculate on the same day!

(shoutouts to a-Tunes for the heads up on this!)

BIG NEWS! Jin has just accepted Dizaster's challenge to a FREESTYLE BATTLE! He will battle Dizaster on 3 conditions:

#1 The battle is to be held in LA (he is scheduled to be there in mid November)
#2 Unlimited time rounds
#3 He gets to battle Illmaculate on the same day.

Dizaster calling out Jin:

Dizaster ain't no walk in the park. He has made quite a name for himself in the Grind Time freestyle battle league. Furthermore, Jin wants to battle Illmaculate too? Both Dizaster and Illmaculate are MONSTERS when it comes to battling. To top that off, the freestyle battle game has drastically changed since Jin has left the freestyle battle circuit. Since the blowing up of Grind Time, freestyle battles now are more "writtens" rather than actual freestyles. So I don't really know how Jin would fare against these "new school" battle veterans. Whatever the case maybe, I can't wait for Jin to make his comeback!!


RCV said...

It's gonna be great to see Jin battle again, but I wonder if his personal life will change the type of stuff he will say in a battle. That will be an important factor in who will win.

Anonymous said...

^^that is not gonna be an important factor at all. that religion revelation thing is just like his "I quit" thing and rapping in Chinese thing. I honestly think Jin is a dead battler walking. Diz and Illmac have way too many personals on him and they're used to the format of the battles.