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Friday, October 23, 2009

Triangle Offense - TGIF

Triangle Offense - TGIF

Triangle Offense (a rap trio from Jersey City, New Jersey consisting of Adonis, Sci and Finesse) has released a new single called TGIF. This track will be on their upcoming mixtape called The Courting.

Description (from the Triangle Offense blog):
TGIF is a ode to what’s “fresh” to us. Being “fresh” isn’t about having certain types or brands of clothing. It’s about self-confidence. It’s about self-awareness – knowing how great you are and acknowledging yourself. We all need to take time to do that. It’s healthy! I remember being young and listening to Michael Jackson. I would lip-sync his songs and copy his dances in the mirror and it made me feel like I was THE KING. [I specifically remember listening and dancing to "Bad" + "Smooth Criminal" and feeling like I was the shit!] I want to be able to give someone that same feeling. I want them to play this song while getting dressed to go out with their friends. Pick out your outfit to this. Look into the mirror and confidently sing along, “Thank God I’m Fresh!” No matter who you are, where you are, or where you’re from…don’t let anyone dictate what “fresh” is. Being “fresh” is what you make it. Be who you are. Individuality is what gives color to life. Thank God for THAT.

DOWNLOAD: Triangle Offense - TGIF