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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

China Woman's Rights 2009 Mixtape

China Woman's Rights 2009 Mixtape

China Woman's Rights 2009 Mixtape

Here's a mixtape compilation of Chinese female rappers from all across mainland China called 女权运动2009 (China Woman's Rights 2009). The mixtape was complied by Hell's Dragon Productions from Guangdong, China.

DOWNLOAD: China Woman's Rights 2009 Mixtape

Track Listing:

01、呆宝静 Feat.杨帆 - 傻X II
02、Rainbow - Rainbow biz
03、Rap.Tz&魂 - 功夫蟑螂
04、Lil'Q&沼泽&迪迪 - 职业不分贵贱
05、Chyna Apple - 豹哥和Suicide
06、VEDA - 优等后进生
07、JoHo - 死结的礼物
08、小妖SUE - 还有你
09、爱爱&CK - 对你的好
10、娃娃&Miumiu&璐人 - 选择离开
11、PUPU Feat.Mr积 - Summer's wind
12、Niki婷 - 那种甜
13、王蓓&MC李小龙 - Rock with us
14、Lacedoll&Jassy - We could luv
15、ZERO - 安静的累了
16、影子RJ - 什么HIPHOP
17、JING Feat.娃娃 - My holiday
18、丸 - 一些人一些事
19、伊子木木 - Go away
20、李曦瑶 - 把生活泡在雪花里


Yellow Jarrett said...

nice mixtape, where can i fine more stuff like this. coz i've searched one or 2 of the artist on youtube n i haven't found anything. n i dont speak any of the Chinese languages lol.

(Phil Jarrett)

ROYAL said...

What do you mean by "more stuff like this"? Do you mean Chinese rap? or Asian female rappers?

Yellow Jarrett said...

both to be honest. i'm a fan of both asian hip hop and general female hip hop. i can imagine there's more asian hip hop around i just dont know where to find it outside of this site.

Yellow Jarrett said...

in fact if you know where i can find anything specifically from 呆宝静 (i'm guessing thats her name) coz i really liked her track.