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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Poetic Ammo - Who Be The Player

Poetic Ammo - The World Is Yours

Poetic Ammo is a multi-ethnic rap group from Malaysia that mainly rap in English but they also have made tracks in Malay, Tamil and Chinese. The original members of Poetic Ammo were Land Slyde, his brother C. Loco, Yogi B and Point Blanc. After the release of their second album The World is Yours, Land Slyde and C. Loco have left Poetic Ammo. Land Slyde is now the lead singer and rapper for Dragon Red, a Malaysian rock-rap band. C. Loco is pursuing his own solo career. Poetic Ammo have released 3 albums so far: Its a Nice Day to Be Alive (1997), The World is Yours (2000), and Return of the Boombox (2003) was released by the remaining members Point Blanc and Yogi B. Both Point Blanc and Yogi B are still members of Poetic Ammo but they are purusing their own solo careers.

Who Be The Player is a rap song about lyrical supremacy. This is probably Poetic Ammo's most popular song. All four rappers in this song came in hard and the production of the song is top-notch. Who Be The Player can be found in Poetic Ammo' The World is Yours album. There is a really, really cool music video for Who Be The Player. Whoever has the music video, PLEASE SEND IT TO ME. My email is


Anonymous said...

Awesome song, been loving it since the first time I heard it