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Friday, February 20, 2009

Maestro Fresh Wes with Chuckie Akenz

Here's a clip of Maestro Fresh Wes who came to Jane and Finch to give some words of advice for Chuckie Akenz. For all of you that don't know, Maestro is known as the "Godfather of Canadian hip hop" who was representing Canadian hip hop ever since his hit single Let Your Backbone Slide back in 1989. Maestro is Canada's most successful and best-selling Canadian rapper of all time. In this video clip Maestro tells Chuckie about the challenges he faced when he was coming up, when nobody else was really holding it down for Canada and also gives some words of encouragement to Chuckie. This video clip was shot on December 15, 2005. I think its really cool that Maestro, a rapper of high-stature in Canada, would take the time to talk to up and coming rappers like Chuckie Akenz.

My favourite song from Maestro is Stick to Your Vision, which samples the song These Eyes by Guess Who. This a song about Maestro's hip hop career.