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Friday, February 13, 2009

Drunken Tiger - 난 널 원해 (I want You)

I want to wish all the readers of Asian Rap Worldwide, a Happy Valentine's Day! ;))

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Drunken Tiger - The Year of the Tiger

난 널 원해 (I want You) is a love song by the Korean rap group Drunken tiger. Its one of Drunken Tiger's earlier hits from their debut album Year of the Tiger. I really like this song because it has a real dark and "drunken feel" to it, which is really fitting for a group which has the name "Drunken Tiger". What you are about to see is the music video version of 난 널 원해 (I want You) that was banned in Korea. In this music video, its tells a story about DJ Shine's adventure in one of Korea's red-light districts. He he falls in love with one of the girls there and tries to save her but in the end he gets shot by Tiger JK who's the guy that runs the whole operation. WOW. That's Korean drama for you hahahaha.

Here is where you can find English translation lyrics for Drunken Tiger - 난 널 원해 (I want You).