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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dice & K9 Mobbstarr - Eargasmic

Dice & K9 Mobbstarr - Time Space Rhythm Stars

Dice & K9 Mobbstarr is hip hop group from the city of Cebu that is considered "hip hop royalty" in the Philippines. The group began as a hip hop duo in 2002 called Dice & K9. Later, two new members Hi-5 (vocals) and Trapp joined the group, and the group was renamed as Dice & K9 Mobbstarr as "Mobbstarr" was the name of their second album. Later K9 left the group but the group still retained the name Dice & K9 Mobbstarr. Eventually Trapp also left the group. Klumcee, the newest member joined Dice & K9 Mobbstarr and the group is now officially a trio. As a group, Dice & K9 Mobbstarr is known to be experimental in their music clearly showing influences from Japanese pop, techno and the Neptunes. Mobbstarr Dice & K9 has released four albums so far: Mobbmusic (2002), Mobbstarr (2004), Tha Journey (2006), and Time Space Rhythm Stars (2008).

Eargasmic is a hit-single from Dice & K9 Mobbstarr's Time Space Rhythm Stars album. Its a very popular song in the Philippines right now. It has a really cool instrumental which is a blend of house and trance. Eargasmic is a clubbing/dance song which features drug references and sexual innuendo. Eargasmic is also nominated for an award for the 2009 MYX awards in the Phillipines.

Here are the lyrics for Dice & K9 Mobstarr - Eargasmic

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