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Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Hip Hop Community in Xi'An

Our friends from DongTing have released a 5-part mini documentary about the young hip hop community in Xi'An, China.

Part 1: This clip about a rap crew called Chaos War Crew. Young Egg from the Chaos War Crew gives the tour of the Chaos War Crew headquarters and introduces his crew members.

Part 2: The first segment is about a rap group known as X.A.E.R. (Xi'An City Elite Rappers). Following X.A.E.R., is a segment by B.E.A.T., a beatbox crew. Next is DCW, a crip-walk crew doing their crip-walk for the camera.

Part 3: This whole clip is about One More Crew, a break dancing crew.

Part 4: This segment shows the hip-hop apparel that Xi'An offers. A.K.A. Mouse from Chaos Crew has his own hip hop clothing store and has been running it since 2000. The video closes with a freestyle from the Chaos War Crew.

Part 5: This segment features X.A.E.R., Chaos War Crew and Jessie from One Time Crew talking about about the current status of hip hop in Xi'An and they also talk about the challenges that the community faces as a whole.