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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Mor Lam: The Original Lao Rap

Mor Lam is a form of traditional Laotian music that is similar to modern day rap music. You might as well call mor lam the original Lao rap. It is still popular music in Laos today. In mor lam, the singer sings in a rhythmic manner and is accompanied with a live instrumental band which plays a looped melody and drum beat, just like in rap music. In some live mor lam performances, some of the singers make up their songs on the spot just like freestyle rappers. It seems that there is also a type of hand gesture dance goes with mor lam.

I don't speak a word of Lao, but I think the guy who is singing in the video is trying to mack on the woman who is wearing the green dress. I think she liked it because she smiled back at him.


Anonymous said...

I cannot see, or hear any any connection between any lam style and 'rap'