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Friday, February 06, 2009

Kuai Ban: The Original Chinese Rap

Kuai Ban is a form of Chinese rap that was developed in China during the 1930s and 40s. Kuai Ban literally means 'fast board" which refers to the bamboo clappers that the performers use in their performance. In Kuai Ban, the performer uses the bamboo clappers as a beat and then simultaneously recites a rhythmic poem according to the beat of the bamboo clappers. There's also a lot of theatrics involved in Kuai Ban performances.

I'm sure to many African-Americans, and even within the Asian community, Asian rappers just seem like anomalies. Well the video posted below just blows everything out the water!! Hahahaha. In the video, there's two white Australians all dressed up in traditional Chinese attire and performing Kuai Ban in Chinese. Both are contestants for Chinese Bridge, a Chinese language proficiency contest for non-native Chinese speakers. I think they are pretty good actually. They even got the Kuai Ban "swag" spot on. At 3:25, there is a hella random Irish Riverdance performance mixed with the bamboo clappers. I don't know why its there.