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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Meet Pepa's new boyfriend: Tom Lo

Pepa with her new boyfriend Tom Lo

Pepa (from Salt-n-Pepa), has found "love" with chef Tom Lo in her reality dating show Let's Talk About Pep. And daaaaaayum!! This guy is REALLY chinky.

Asian and black interracial dating is still considered a social taboo and them being an interracial couple will definitely turn heads around. Props for both of them trying to date outside the box though. I hope they aren't trying to pull a publicity stunt for TV ratings or whatever. I dunno, do you think they look good together as couple?

A clip of the finale:

Uggggh... I really dunno. But then again I'm not Pepa. It just might be his personality that Pepa is really into.


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you on this one. But hey, good for them if they're happy. Same thing is going on with John Cho and Gabrielle Union on Flash Forward, but that's a little easier to watch.

Anonymous said...

hahaha damn this dude is mad chinky... but good to see some asian/black relationships

Anonymous said...

ugh leave it the media to only showcase THE most chinky of chinese ppl there ARE around i mean its not even an accurate representation of the race....i'd say very few chinese ppl have eyes THAT squinty or look this unappetizing... even Lucy Lu as pretty as she was didnt look anything like HK or taiwan pop stars. but i guess thats wat makes the media popular, by enforcing stereotypes +ezagerating them!

but for all that, the look on her face, she's practically glowing with joy and excitment got that whole mushy honey mooner look already haha so its a relief and a refreshing change so see a celebrity pick someone outta personality. this means theres hope for us non-shallow average joes? but that look on her face says shes head over heels, and ain't that the sweetest thing for a couple?
good for them personality wins afteral

Anonymous said...

This nigga looks like a beefed up William Hung

Anonymous said...

yea he does lol but even so check out their pic as a couple! they look so happy together, so i guess it dont matter if he looks like an alien w/ sausage lips, or a beefed up will hung; cus they look so sweet +happy together thats wat matters in the end. chix aren;t half as picky about looks as guys r neway, tons of ugly dudes with hot chix all the time, but wat matters most is how happy they obvs are? the rest of us will just have to try to keep our food down

Anonymous said...

This bitch..What is she thinking? I'm sorry but she can do way better than that. He isn't the ugliest guy in the world but girl gots to be on something to find love in that. I think it's all for publicity.. damn.. what a shame.

Anonymous said...

Shoot i LOVE Asian men and I am happy for peppa! Shoot send one my way!