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Friday, March 12, 2010

First Filipino Rap Battle League - Fuego vs. Protege (English Conference Battle)

First Filipino Rap Battle League
(English Conference Battle)
Fuego vs. Protege

The first I’ve watched these videos I was laughing;

Can you see in the end they are both laughing;

They’re sick with brains like mad scientists;

At the end of the video all I can do is throw up my fist.

---sorry if my rhymes are lame haha... i just got carried away by the video.

This is the English Battle Category for The First Filipino Rap Battle League. It showcases the freestyle rap talent of some of the finest Underground Rappers in the Philippines. It has both English and Filipino (Tagalog) Categories. Check out the battle.

Check out FlipTop Battles:

Posted by madshock, blogging from the Philippines. Props to Royal of Asian Rap Worldwide. Also check out Rapista @ for other Pinoy Rap updates.


ROYAL said...

dope battle.

the host sounds kinda Irish. and Fuego and Protege sound kinda like Americans.

Unknown said...

Yeah man. They are really fluent when it comes to English Freestyle Battle. Funny punchlines though.

Anonymous said...

it aint freestyle. its copying the grindtime type format. written. second battle gonna be this saturday. some ill shit!

Unknown said...

u mean this is not a freestyle?

dude said...

that fuego guy got slayed!!!!! haha and he took off his shirt when the other dude said that checkers punchline HAHAH

Anonymous said...

yeah. its written. except round 3 when fuego decided to freestyle, so jon did too.

Anonymous said...

is jon protege's real name??? that jon-knee-cage line was sickwitit , Fuego got bars!! the dude actually has character ,, he's cool. protege's sick too. props!!

Jason said...

Put proto in grind time

Unknown said...

check out this video and tell me what you guys think

MisfitMarx said...

I din't know that Fip top had people who spoke english