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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chinese Netizens are all over Zhang Lu, Wen Jiabao's female translator

Zhang Lu, Wen Jiabao's translator

Chinese premier Wen Jiabao's translator, Zhang Lu (张璐) is now an internet celebrity in China. After translating accurately Wen Jiabao's quotation of classical Chinese poetry, she won the hearts of the Chinese media rose to stardom overnight. She is currently one of the top top search queries of people on China's search engines baidu and

Here's some of Zhang Lu's quick-witted translations (via NetEase):

1. “亦余心之所善兮,虽九死其犹未悔。”

For the ideal that I hold dear to my heart,I'd not regret a thousand times to die.

2. “人或加讪,心无疵兮。”

My conscience stays untainted in spite of rumors and slanders from the outside.

Zhang Lu was born and raised in Jinan and is in her early 30's. In her formative school years her nickname was "class flower". She is also the chief translator for the Chinese President, Hu Jintao.

More pictures of Zhang Lu:


Not bad, not bad. She looks well-poised and elegant. What's up with the bowl bob cut? I thought that went out in the 60's? Lol, I kid, I kid.

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