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Monday, March 29, 2010

Drew Deezy, Nump Trump & Thai - Go Hard MV

The music video for Go Hard by Drew Deezy, Nump Trump & Thai Ngo is out. Its pretty decent MV. The video was directed by Tha Razor from 454 Films.

On a non sequitur note: When I first saw Drew Deezy, I immediately thought that he looked like someone familiar...but I couldn't quite put my finger on who exactly. Now it just dawned on me. Drew Deezy looks just like Big Pun (may he rest in peace) BEFORE Big Pun gained weight!!!

Here's a side by side comparison. You be the judge!

LOLLL! Drew Deezy is actually Samoan, but he does pull off that Latino/Puerto Rican look pretty well with the corn-rows and all.


Anonymous said...

Eh maybe they look a little similar haha.. Anyways.. DAMNNNNNNN the girls in the video are gorgeous

twistedbone99 said...

stupid asian always trying to put up a samoan on the asian list. Just like you filipinos walking around thinking your samoan. We represent that POLYNESIAN MOVEMENT not asian, you filipinos keep repping for your asian peeps, but stop trying to be cool with us so you can think your are like us.

twistedbone99 said...

fucking filipino always want to be like us samoans. you guys are asian we are POLYNESIAN all you filipinos need to realize your asian and not like us and our culture. Your just wannabes man. why is a samoan on this asian website???