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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lakas Ng Pagbabago (James Layug Magdalo) - D-Coy feat. Artstrong

Title: Lakas Ng Pagbabago
Performed by: D-Coy feat. Artstrong
Written by: James Layug
Directed by: Bembol D.
Produced by: Dax

Philippine election is near, just few months away. Everybody are taking their stand, choosing their candidates carefully and supporting those candidates whom they believe is the best to lead the country. A nation with more than 90 million people and is composed of more than 7,100 islands is now gearing up for the country’s first automated election. Even hiphop crews, rappers, producers, singers, artists are taking their stand to be part of the Filipino nation’s democracy. D-Coy, Artstrong and the rest of their crew are also taking their stand in support of the candidacy of James Layug (Magdalo). Check out the video.

Posted by madshock, blogging from the Philippines. Props to Royal of Asian Rap Worldwide. Also check out Rapista @ for other Pinoy Rap updates.


ROYAL said...

Madshock, this song is not really that catchy IMHO. Sounds like they are trying to hypnotize ppl to vote for him. I thought D-Coy was rooting for Erap? Who is James Layug?

Unknown said...

Hey Royal, James Layug is a senatorial candidate from the party of Erap. He is one of the Magdalo group who launched the so-called Oakwood Mutiny in the Philippines and withdraw their support to the President of the Philippines Ms. Gloria Arroyo. Although unsuccessful, they have captured some hearts and minds of the Filipino People by saying their grudges and dismay in the way the Philippine government is handling the situation in Mindanao and the entire country as a whole. I think James Layug is very close to the Beatmathics I just don't know the relationship. I still don't know whom to vote man. Politics is driving me crazy lol. Thanks man.

ROYAL said...

For some reason every time I listen to this song, it makes me hella nervous and raises up my stress level. Maybe it is the beat??? lol.

Anyone else get the same feeling??