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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Obama bows to Japanese Emperor Akihito!

Obama: "I am greatly dishonored Emperor Akihito, for owing you so much money!"

The press is going buck wild about Obama bowing to Emperor Akihito. Make what you want of it. Some say that Obama was showing a sign of respect, others say it was totally inappropriate and it was Obama showing the weakness of the USA. But I know the truth! Obama was thanking Emeror Akihito for buying MORE US government debt. As Bloomberg reported, Japan had bought AN ADDITIONAL $105 billion dollars of US Treasuries this year, which exceeded this year's amount of US debt that China bought. Hell, if I loaned someone $105 billion dollars, they better bow before me! Hahaha.

Check out this funny video that compares the Obama-Akihito meeting with Akihito shaking hands with politicians and royalties of other nations. Notice how the other politicians and royalties did not bow?


party said...

American President Obama do that..amazing i don't believe it..

Stephen said...

He is just building relationship.

Anonymous said...

wars maybe lost the real plan is behind close doors