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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dizaster clowning on Jin (the Dizaster vs Jin battle hasn't happened yet!)

You guys are probably wondering, what happened to the Jin vs Dizaster battle? It was supposed to happen around mid-November in LA (which Jin stipulated). But the battle never happened!! So as you can imagine, Dizaster is choked that he got stood up by Jin so he decided to post a video of himself talking smack and clowning Jin a little bit. If you watch the video of Dizaster's silly antics, this might clue you in on Dizaster's material if or when he battles Jin. If the Jin vs Dizaster battle is ever going to happen, it just might happen around New Year's.


JOHN said...

fuck this racist mother fucking ass bitch.

put on a shirt with your bird chess dizaster said...

dizaster can suck a big fat


little fagg like to yell, cant rap for shit, no record deal, weakasss white boy using words like irritates me, you so weak dizaster, LAST WEEK WEAK ASSS NINJA
stop yelling when you rap, over there in your litle shacked up one bedroom talking shittt, JIN about to KUNGPAO those peanuts looking teeth out your stinkasss mouth, use listerine white boy, i slap you fuckinng silly

GoGoSunie said...

wow i didn't know the point of calling people out and battling was to make yourself look ignorant. If I was Jin I wouldn't battle this off brand either.