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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Homies - Welcome to the Good Life MV feat. Jin, Joe Flizzow & Gabby

Check out this new music video by called Welcome to the Good Life by Taiwanese hip hop group called Homies featuring Jin, Joe Flizzow and Gabby. Welcome to the Good Life was produced by Terry Tye Lee. I gotta say, this is nice slow-tempo song for the clubs. I like music that celebrates the finer side of life. Its refeshing to hear Jin coming out with an English verse although I don't know if he ever did any club songs before. Malaysian rapper Joe Flizzow comes in the smoothest in this one. The two Chinese rappers need to slow down on the beat though. Both of them made a good effort but there's no swagger in their raps. Their rapping sounds a bit too harsh for me to be in club music. Oh and if you guys missed it, there's a Chinese Tupac in the music video. Tupac isn't dead. He's in Taiwan!

Pic of the Chinese Tupac:


Anonymous said...

Holy shit!! It's 2pac! LOL

Paul said...

Ya, Jin - Club Song from The Rest Is History lol