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Saturday, November 07, 2009

MC Hotdog eats up his own words!!

Does anyone remember MC Hotdog's 韩流来袭 (Korean Wave Invasion) song where he was dissing Taiwanese pop singers and their corny love songs? Surprise, surprise. MC Hotdog's in one now. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! MC Hotdog must have fell off his tree and lost his mind. This song is sad sack of shit. I can't even fathom why he even agreed to be featured in this song.

What's the difference between Christine Fan Wei Qi and Yuki Hsu or A-mei or Coco Lee (who he dissing in 韩流来袭)? They all sound the same to me. They just sing love songs and maybe they like to make cute little poses once in a while. Don't tell me that Christine Fan Wei Qi's music is "realer" than Yuki Hsu or A-mei. Aww, give me a break!! Don't tell me that this song 1到10=我和你 (1 to 10=Me And You) has depth to it. It has NONE. There's no feel to it, no soul and no depth it AT ALL. It just sounds like it was meant for little kids or for Sesame Street. Anyways, I'm very disappointed in MC Hotdog for being in this shitty song and contradicting his message of bringing "real music" to Taiwan.

Here's further proof of how dumb this song is. Here's a clip of the singer, Christine Fan Wei Qi wearing a funky skirt and performing 1到10=我和你 for the oompa loompas behind her. LOL at the oopma loompa bouncing up and down in the far right.


Anonymous said...

haha wow you are so angry about this one.

i dunno much about MC hotdog, but i didn't think the song wasn't THAT bad haha

Anon said...

word, mc hotdog is sell out!