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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Freestyle Battle - Passda vs G Soldier

In this freestyle battle, Passda takes on G Soldier for Grind Time South, the Atlanta division. In that first round, Passda exposed G Soldier and his gun play rhymes. That was COLD!! In the second round, Passda made fun of G Soldier's appearance calling him "Slim Thug", hahaha. Passda's third round was hella weak though. As for G Soldier, his first round sounded like typical gun play, but nothing really hit. His second round was about Asian movie stereotypes which was alright... I wasn't really feelin much of that. G Soldier really stepped up in the third round and does a crazy multi rhyme which was really crazy. G Soldier wins after the 3rd round.

Personally, I would have liked to see an OT. I think the judges chose G Soldier as the winner because he had more stage presence and was spitting with fury. Poor Passda. He seems very quick-witted and he's a super funny guy, but he needs to something about his stage presence and rhyme delivery or else he'll lose again if he ever faces against another thug-like rapper.