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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Is Jin now a Christian rapper?

(Shout outs to a-Tunes for the link)

"The journey is just getting started," says Jin in his latest YouTube video in reference to his new direction in life. In Jin's latest video he addressed all the internet speculation about him being a “Christian rapper” ever since he released his Welcome to the Light Club freestyle. In that freestyle Jin quotes a Bible verse, talks about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and his baptism in 2008. Furthermore, he closes the freestyle with an “amen”. These words that Jin used in Welcome to the Light Club as well as the subject matter of the freestyle sounded very Christian-oriented. And as a result of many hip hop websites began to label Jin as a “Christian rapper” and on the flipside, gospel rap sites and Christians began to embrace him as their own brother in Christ. Now in this new follow-up video, Jin clears all the smoke and declares that he is in fact now a Christian and he even gives his own personal testimony on his conversion to Christianity but he leaves it up to people to decide whether or not he’s a “Christian rapper”.

I give props to Jin for being a stand-up kind of person about his own faith but to be honest I’m really anxious about how being a publicized Christian will affect his music direction. If you have been following Jin's career in Hong Kong, its obvious that his Cantonese raps are watered-down due to the fact that Jin is trying to appeal to a general demographic in Hong Kong plus the fact that Jin is still new to rapping in Cantonese. Personally, I'm not a big fan of Jin's Cantonese raps. I still prefer his English raps. And now with his new-found faith, I'm really curious about how Jin's next next English album will sound.